A Journal of My Thoughts (Part 1)

Good morning!  Is everyone ready for the weekend?  I am excited for the weekend because I have some exciting plans!  But I can’t tell you about them just yet, just keep an eye on my Instagram.

We are starting a new series!  I just started this one recently and I am excited to share this with you.  This one is a little bit different from what I normally write, but it has been fun to try something different.  So I hope you enjoy this Adventure!

A Journal of My Thoughts

December 10, 20–

Today was a very long day.  I was woken up at 2 am by the sound of my work phone ringing.  It was blaring in my ear and I quickly grabbed it off the table so my wife didn’t wake up.  I walked as quickly and quietly out of the room before answering.

It was my partner telling me there was a case that he wasn’t too sure about.  It seemed rather odd and he definitely wanted a second opinion on it. I remember asking him if it could wait until morning and he told me no.  I had to go down to the office right away to see what was going on.

I sighed and asked him why he was still at the office at 2 am.  I could hear him let out an exasperated breath and say that he didn’t realize it was 2 am.  He apologized and said that it could wait until morning if I didn’t want to come, but he was going to stay.  I shook my head, knowing that he couldn’t hear me, and told him that I would be down as soon as I could. As long as he didn’t mind that I came to the office in sweatpants and a tee shirt.

We hung up the phone and I tried to sneak into my bedroom as quietly as possible.  It didn’t work. Rose asked me what was going on and I told her. I didn’t like keeping secrets from my wife, especially ones about work.  She was almost like a third partner at the firm. I told her that James needed help at the office and I was going to help him. She agreed before rolling over and going back to sleep.

I got dressed and grabbed a couple of items for work in case I didn’t end up coming home before going back to work.  I kissed Rose goodbye before walking out the door and unlocking the car. I placed my clothes and briefcase in the passenger seat before moving over to the driver’s side and sliding in.  And with a turn of the key in the ignition, I was on my way to the law firm.

James had been working hard on this case for a while and I could understand why he was having some difficulty trying to find a way for our client to win.  It seemed obvious that we were defending the guilty party, but we had to find some way to say different. Our client has said from the beginning that he didn’t do it, but the evidence kept stacking up against him.  Unfortunately James was stuck with the case and the trial was happening in a matter of days. I wanted to do everything that I could to help him out.

I saw the lights still on in the third story office of our law firm.  Poor James was there through all hours of the night by himself. He had done it on more than one occasion but he always said that he was married to his work.  I pulled into my assigned parking space and quickly got out of my car to head inside.  

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the third floor I could hear very loud music blaring from James’ office.  It wasn’t my forte of music, but it was what James liked to listen to to decompress. I turned the corner into his office to see his head banging on the table.  I knocked on the doorframe and he looked up. There was a giant red mark on his forehead from hitting his head on the table so many times. James smiled a goofy smile before saying hi and turning down his pounding music.

I sat down in one of his client chairs and asked him what the problem was.  He showed me the file that was almost 3 inches thick from paperwork regarding the case.  He told me he was ruined. According to a new piece of evidence that was just brought up from the prosecuting attorney, there was absolutely no way that James was going to win the case.  The evidence showed that his client had attended therapy for his anger and didn’t get the signature saying that he passed. James looked like he was about ready to cry knowing that this was going to be one of the few cases that he didn’t win.  But this just put a nail in the coffin.

We worked through the night to see if there was anything that was missed.  Every time that one of us found something, the other would find something to contradict it.  We worked until the sun came up and ordered some UberEats breakfast before we started our actual work day.  I wasn’t sure what he was going to, but I was going to help him as much as I could.

The rest of the day went on like any other day.  I don’t remember what else happened except for the fact that I was exhausted.  We both left the office right on time because we were so tired. I think I had 5 cups of coffee in total for the day.  But when I left I went directly home to see Rose. The rest of the night was uneventful. But now I’m going to bed. G’night.



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