For Him

Good morning!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  It was a very rainy weekend here in California but I still managed to have a wonderful weekend with friends.  And I bought some new succulents…so that’s a thing.

I do want to say that this story may be a little touchy to some people, so I want to warn you about that.  This is not inspired by any events that happened in my life, it is just a fictional story.  This is a Dark story.

For Him

For Him.jpg

The rain was pouring down from the sky above.  The sky was dark from all of the cloud cover, making everyone want to just stay inside and snuggle under the nearest blanket.  It was quiet, the only noise coming from the rain smacking against the pavement. A slight breeze picked up and swirled a small pile of leaves around and into the air, almost as if there was a small snow flurry 

Toni stood in the middle of the sidewalk with tears streaming down her cheeks.  The rain drenched her but she didn’t care. Her makeup was dripping down her face, leaving black mascara river marks on her face.  She watched him walk away from her, not turning back.

He had broken up with her.  Toni still wasn’t sure why he had broken up with her, he didn’t tell her.  But she was heartbroken.

She had dedicated everything to him.  She had moved across the country for him.  She had changed her job for him. She had left everyone that she knew and loved.

For him.

And now she was stuck in a city where she still didn’t know too many people.  Toni had lived with him for 2 months because he promised her everything. He promised to keep her safe and never leave her side. He promised they would be together forever.  He promised that nothing would ever happen to them. And now he destroyed everything.

Toni watched as he walked out of her sight.  He told her that he didn’t love her anymore. He told her that she had changed since they moved in together.  He told her that maybe if she had tried harder to make their relationship work, then maybe they would’ve worked out.  According to him, it was all her fault.

She wasn’t sure what to think.  Maybe he was right and everything was her fault.  Maybe she could’ve done better. Maybe their relationship wasn’t meant to work out in the first place.  Toni realized that she would have no way of knowing what actually caused the relationship to fail, especially now if he hated her guts.

She slowly turned to head back into her now lonely apartment.  Her feet dragged as she made her way to the front door. She reached out and carefully grabbed the drenched doorknob to let herself in.

The apartment was silent.  There wasn’t even the purr of a fan going, it was just silent.  Toni’s knees suddenly became weak and she crumpled to the floor in a pile of tears.  And the sound of her tears filled the silent apartment.



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