WW-Hospital Room

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Hospital Room


West’s head was pounding.  He slowly reached his hand up to his head and rubbed his temple.  He didn’t know where he was but all he knew that he hurt.

He slowly opened his eyes to a very bright room.  His eyes hurt from the brightness of the room. He blinked and saw his parents sitting across the room from him.  His mom stood up and rushed over to him. “Oh my goodness! I thought we lost you. Are you okay honey?”

West winced a bit as his mom wrapped her arms around him.  “Uh…I think so…what happened?”

His father stepped over and let out a long sigh.  “You…you were shot when we arrived at the house for the negotiation.  You were hit twice in your left leg but blacked out almost immediately. I’m sorry Bug…I should’ve made sure you were safe to go in…”

West looked down to see his left leg completely bandaged up.  No wonder he felt more pain in that part of his body. He groaned.  “It’s okay dad. You couldn’t have known that was going to happen. I had bulletproof vest but not bulletproof pants.  There’s no way we could’ve known the guy would shoot at us.”

“We knew he was dangerous.  I shouldn’t have sent you into that dangerous situation.  I just…” He sighed, obviously he was having a hard time accepting the fact that his son had gotten hurt under his watch.  “I should’ve told the chief you weren’t going to do it. I take full responsibility for this.”

West tried to sit up in the hospital bed as best as he could.  “Dad. You literally couldn’t have known. I was the one who accepted the challenge and I was the one who put my life on the line.  Please do not blame yourself for this.” He could see his father’s face drop a little. West knew his father will always blame himself if West got hurt.  But they couldn’t go back in time and change what happened.

He cleared his throat.  “So…did we get the guy?”

Anthony shook his head.  “No…in the midst of the gunfire he was able to get away with the girl.  Everyone was trying to figure out what happened when he somehow slipped out the back.  He managed to get past all of the officers while they were still ducking for cover.”

West groaned.  “Great. Well…since I don’t know when I will be out of the hospital, I can kind of help you with stuff.  I can try to find any information in the stuff we have to see where he possibly went.”

He watched his father turn around and grab a box off the ground.  “I was hoping you would say that. I brought the case file and your laptop just in case you would need it.  Thankfully Chief Dyner was willing to let the case leave the office for a while so you could take a look at it.”  He gently set the box on the side of the bed so West could grab what he needed.

West grabbed the file and started flipping through the pages.  “So what do we know about this guy?”

“His name is Connor Hayes.  He’s 28 years old and was a computer technician for Best Buy.  The Geek Squad? Anyway, he was fired a month ago for continuing to be late to work and according to his ex-girlfriend, he got super depressed because he gave away his weekends with his daughter for the whole month.  His roommate said he started drinking more than normal, but continued to look for jobs to get back on his feet. Also, according to his roommate, Connor was quite hot headed and had an awful temper on him.”

“Why did he kidnap his daughter?  What was his motive?” West and Anthony looked over at Sarah, who was sitting near the small window in the room.  She looked up at them. “What? Can I not participate?”

Anthony snickered.  “Of course you can participate sweetheart.  His motive to kidnap his daughter was that according to him his ex-girlfriend abuses the little girl.  Of course the ex denies everything but after talking to her and her roommate all of Connor’s allegations are wrong.  So in Connor’s mind he’s saving his daughter from a dangerous situation but is putting her in a more dangerous situation because now he is running from the police.”

“Who’s this Gregory Poloy?”

Anthony looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow.  “Uh…this is…oh…this is Connor’s best friend. Not a great guy.  He was arrested a couple times for DUI and possession of an illegal weapon.  He was released a couple of days ago and has been crashing on Connor’s couch since his release.  We have reason to believe that Gregory is actually the one who convinced Connor to go through with the plan.”

West shrugged.  “It could be. It could’ve also been the drinking.  It could’ve been another factor that we aren’t aware of.  The question now becomes where would Connor have gone.” He flipped through the pages to see if anything stood out.

There was a sigh from across the room.  “Hopefully he didn’t take her out of state.”

West shrugged.  “I don’t know mom.  He could’ve definitely fled the state or he could just be in a different town hiding out in a hotel.  It really depends on if there is any reason for him to leave the state. In Connor’s case, he doesn’t have anyone out of state.  His family is across the state, but he would still be in state boundaries. It just depends on what he plans on doing when he stops.”

Sarah looked out the window.  “What do you think he is planning on doing?  Do you think he’s going to try to change his identity?”

Anthony shifted uncomfortably.  “Hopefully nothing. But that means we have to solve this case sooner rather than later.  We have to save the life of a young child.”



WW-Hostage Situation

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Hostage Situation

The final bell rang and all of the students quickly packed up their belongings.  Winchester was no exception, shoving his books into his backpack and zipping the bag closed.  He unzipped the front pocket and pulled out his cell phone to see 7 missed phone calls.

All from his dad.

Winchester rolled his eyes.  Even though his dad knew Winchester was in class, he still never failed to call multiple times throughout the day.  Winchester walked out of the room before bringing the phone up to his ear. It rang once when Anthony answered. “Bug.  I need you to come to the office immediately. We have had a situation and I need a new set of eyes ASAP.”

West walked down the steps as quickly as he could to run to his car.  “What’s happening? Should I be really worried?”

“Maybe…”  West could hear his dad shuffling through a bunch of papers.  “Just get here when you can.” He hung up the phone quickly and West looked at his phone confused.  His dad never hung up the phone in the middle of a conversation. West knew that whatever was happening at the precinct must’ve been serious.

He found himself speed walking to his car to get to the situation, whatever it was.  West quickly unlocked the door and fell into the driver’s seat. He jammed the key into the ignition and the engine roared to life.  And with the pedal to the metal, West sped out of the parking lot and toward the precinct.

For all he knew there was major trouble at the police precinct.  His dad didn’t give many details, but it could’ve been for his own safety.  Maybe there was a very unstable person that needed to be handled. Or maybe there was something bigger than that.

The tires of West’s car skidded as he turned into the parking lot.  He scanned his key card at the gate and the safety bar slowly lifted.  West drove in and found a parking space before racing toward the front doors.  He walked through the large doors and scanned his key card to get into the precinct.

All that West could describe the precinct as was chaos.  It was loud as most of the officers were talking to each other or on the phone with someone else.  There was a photo of a man on every television screen with the word DANGEROUS flashing over it. West looked around to see the officers trying to find out what they could do.

Winchester walked over to his father who was on the phone while staring at the screen.  His dad nodded. “Uh huh…of course…yes sir…yes sir…goodbye…” He slammed the phone onto the cradle and turned around.  “Hey Bug…I’m glad you’re here.”

West leaned against the desk.  “What is going on? I’ve never seen so many officers working on the same case…what happened?”

His father let out a long sigh.  “Hostage situation. This man kidnapped his daughter from his ex-girlfriend’s house and is refusing to give her up.  He is claiming that his ex-girlfriend didn’t take good care of their daughter and now he is holding his daughter hostage until we arrest his ex-girlfriend and he gets full custody of his daughter.  The ex has told us that the kidnapper is unstable without his medication and according to her he has a gun. She is terrified for her daughter’s life and we have to find a way to get to the kidnapper without hurting the little girl.”

“What about a negotiator?  Wouldn’t they be the best option?”

“We tried that already.  He’s not willing to negotiate.  We tried forceful and empathetic and nothing.  This guy isn’t willing to give us anything.”

“Winchester West.  I’m so glad you are here.”

West looked up to see Chief Dyner standing on the other side of the desk.  He immediately stood up and shook the chief’s hand. “Chief Dyner. I wish I could’ve been here sooner, but unfortunately school comes first.”

The chief nodded.  “Of course. I assume your dad brought you up to speed about the situation?”

“Yes sir.  Let me know what I can do to help.”

The chief looked at Officer West before looking over at Winchester.  “I want you to go in there and talk to him. Our negotiators couldn’t do anything, but I think you can. You have a way about you that…”  He paused. “I think you could get the kidnapper to give up the girl.”

Winchester felt the blood drain from his face.  “Uh…I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that.  How do I know what to say?”

“Just talk to him like a normal person.  I don’t want any actual negotiating from you, just talking to him like he is a friend of yours.  All I want is that you can somehow calm him down enough that we can get the girl. Are you in?”

West looked at his dad before looking back at the chief.  “I’m in.”

A short drive later Winchester and his dad arrived at the house.  Winchester stepped out of the car and immediately put on a bullet proof vest.  There was a hand on his shoulder. “Winchester. I want you to really think about this.  You don’t have to do this is you don’t want to.”

West nodded.  “I understand.  If I feel like I need to get out of there I will.”  He took a couple steps forward before gunshots rang throughout the neighborhood.  Everyone ducked for cover behind whatever they could, except for West. He ran to the side but not without getting hit.  His body hit the grass and he felt an intense pain. More gunshots rang out as he laid there in agony. The last thing he saw before blacking out was his father asking if he was okay.


WW-This Isn’t Fair

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This Isn’t Fair

Winchester and Anthony sat at their desk, waiting for Shelly to come by and talk to them.  Winchester shuddered. “I am really hoping that everything goes well today. I would really like to see tomorrow.”

Anthony snickered.  “You are in a police station.  I don’t think you will have to worry about that.”  They both jumped as the phone on the desk began to ring.  Anthony picked it up. “Officer West…uh huh…okay I’ll be right there.”  He hung up the phone and sighed, looking up at his son. “She’s here. Head over to the conference room and I’ll meet you there.”

They both stood up and went their respective ways.  West made his to the large conference room where they had already set up their evidence.  He sat down in one of the chairs and waited in the quiet room for his dad and Shelly to show up.

He started paging through the papers that were organized in the small file folder.  The evidence was clear that Shelly was slightly delusional and maybe a bit crazy, but they still had to ask her some questions and tell her she had met Marcel but didn’t believe it.  He hoped that everything would go well while they talked to her.

The door opened and Anthony and Shelly walked through the door.  Anthony motioned towards the chairs and smiled. “Go ahead and take a seat.  We just wanted to go over what we found and ask you a couple more questions if that’s okay.”

Shelly nodded as she sat down across from Winchester.  “Of course. Please tell me you have found my Marcel.”

Winchester shifted in his chair as his father sat down next to him.  “Uh…yes. We did find Marcel.”

“Where is he!  I want to see him.  He’s been gone for two weeks!  Is he okay? What happened to him?  Is he hurt?”

“Whoa whoa whoa slow down.”  Winchester lifted his hand, signally her to slow down.  “Marcel is at his home. But I want to let you know that you lied to us saying that you never met him.”

“What do you mean?  I haven’t met him before.  He told me where he worked and I went there one night and he wasn’t there.  There was another guy named Marcel who said he was the guy I had been talking to, but I know that wasn’t the guy.  He didn’t look anything like the pictures.”

Shelly looked extremely confused.  West had to try as hard as he could to not roll his eyes in front of Shelly.  “So we contacted the bar where Marcel works and we asked if there was a Marcel who worked there.  They confirmed that yes, there was a Marcel who worked there and we went right over there to talk to him.  The man who you talked to and who we talked to confirmed that he is the man you have been talking to online.”

“That’s not possible!”  Shelly stood up and slammed her hands on the table.  “He looked nothing like the Marcel I talked to. Why would he do something like that?”

The West’s looked at each other.  “Uh…well it’s thing called Catfishing where someone who isn’t super happy with how they look uses someone else’s photo to talk to people.  Sometimes they even use a different name and make up lies about their lives. But according to Marcel the only thing that was different was his photo.  And…” Winchester sighed. “According to Marcel the reason he stopped talking to you was because he had told you multiple times that he wanted to end the relationship and you didn’t listen.”

Shelly’s mouth dropped wide open.  “What do you mean? We were in a committed relationship.  He told me we were always going to be together.”

“I think what Winchester is trying to say is that Marcel wanted to end the relationship and voiced his opinion but it was reciprocated by both parties.”  Anthony looked over at Winchester who nodded in agreement. “Is that correct?”

“Yeah totally.  Marcel wanted to end the relationship but you didn’t.  He was getting frustrated by not being listened to and just stopped talking to you.  Marcel was trying to protect himself.”

“That’s not fair!”  Shelly was almost yelling at this point.  “He promised me that we would get married and we were always going to be together.  Why would he lie to me? That’s not fair!” She fell into her chair and started sobbing.  “He was all I had…”

West was not sure how to respond.  Anthony leaned forward and put his hand on Shelly’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry Shelly. But this is everything we have. Marcel is a real person who, unfortunately, does not wish to see you anymore.  I think the best course of action would be to put your feelings aside and move on. He does not wish to be contacted again.”

Shelly stood up and immediately left the room.  The officers watched her run out the building and down to her car.  West shook his head. “I feel bad. I know this isn’t what she wanted to hear, but it’s what she needed to hear, right?”

Anthony nodded and stood up to collect the few papers they had.  “Yeah…I know she wanted better news than that, but the news she got was what Marcel wanted her to hear.  She’ll get over it eventually.  Hopefully…”


WW-Revealing the Truth

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Revealing the Truth

“So tell me again why we couldn’t take a patrol car to get their faster?”

Anthony rolled his eyes.  “I don’t think us going to Tranton in a patrol car would get us through the traffic faster.”

“Dad…we could’ve used the lights on the top of the patrol car to get us out of the traffic cause everyone would have to move out of the way.  I wouldn’t ask you to use a patrol car for no good reason.” He snickered. “Thanks for thinking logically and ruining my obviously well thought out plan.”

His father shook his head and smirked.  “That’s what dads are for right?” He pulled into the small parking lot of a bar.  He parked in one of the few empty spaces and turned off the engine. “This is the spot.  Now…we might have to talk to Marcel outside since you aren’t 21. I don’t know if they will let you in the bar.  Sorry…”

West shrugged.  “I don’t really care.  As long as we can ask him questions.”  They stepped out of the car and made their way to the front door.

There was pounding music coming from inside.  It sounded like a form of country and rock music, but Winchester couldn’t hear any of the words from outside.  All he could hear was a pounding bass and muffled words. They walked up to the door when the bouncer stopped them.  “Sorry gents. I’m gonna need to see some ID.”

Anthony and West both pulled out their badges.  “Officer West and my partner Officer West. We are here to talk to Brad and Marcel.”

The man looked at their badges and pressed a button on his ear.  “Brad we have a…uh…situation out here with two officers from the police department.  Do you know anything about this?” There was a slight pause as he listened. “Okay right away.”  He pressed the button again. “Okay, step on inside and Brad will meet you right inside the door.”  He stepped to the side and motioned for them to enter the bar.

It was dark inside the bar.  The music was even louder than outside but Winchester was right, it was a country rock kind of song.  There were quite a few patrons inside the bar, most of them holding a bear in their hand while conversing with the other people inside.  Near the back of the room were two pool tables, both occupied with people. There was also a strange smell, but West couldn’t quite place what was.

A door off to the side opened and a man walked out, looked around, and made a straight beeline for them.  He reached out his hand. “Good evening gentlemen. My name is Brad. I’m the owner of this establishment.”

Anthony shook his hand first.  “Officer Anthony West. This is my son and partner, Officer Winchester West.  Thank you so much for letting us come by and talk to your employee.”

Brad nodded.  “Of course. Please follow me.”

The West’s followed Brad back to the door that he had originally come out of.  Winchester stepped into the office right behind Brad and looked up to see a large man sitting in a chair off to the side.  The man stood up. “Evening. My name is Marcel.”

Winchester cautiously shook his hand.  “Hello…you aren’t what I was expecting you to look like.”

Marcel’s eyes widened.  “I’m sorry. I don’t really know how to respond to that.”

West waved it off.  “No problem. We just wanted to ask you a couple questions if that’s okay.”

Marcel nodded before sitting down.  “Sure. What can I help you with?”

West looked over at his dad who gave him a reassuring nod.  “Are you dating a woman by the name of Shelly Whittenberg?”

Marcel shifted in his chair.  “Uh…I was…is that what this is about?”

“Yeah, she came to us saying that you were missing.  Do you know why she would say something like that when you are definitely fine?”

“Uh…”  Marcel looked down at his hands and sighed.  “So…uh…we were only dating online. We never met in person.  And…uh…I didn’t use my real picture because I’m not the most attractive guy in the world.”  He shook his head. “I wanted to break up with her because I wasn’t into her anymore. I tried to tell her but she wouldn’t listen.  No matter how many times I tried to tell her she wouldn’t listen to me. So I finally just stopped talking to her and deleted her from Facebook.”

“So would you say you were Catfishing her?”

Marcel nodded.  “Yeah because I totally was.  I didn’t use my picture but everything I told her was real.  But she’s totally crazy. Like, I didn’t know a girl could be so insane.  Especially after what she did here.”

Anthony and Winchester looked at each other.  “What did she do?”

Marcel rolled his eyes and furiously shook his head.  “I had told Shelly where I worked. And one night I get this message from her saying she’s going to come by with some friends so she could meet me.  I told her that was fine. And when I actually introduced myself she didn’t believe it was me. The bartender said she kept yelling for Marcel and when he would tell her that I was the bouncer she would yell at him.  It’s not my fault she didn’t believe me. But then she took her shirt off and started swinging it around before we had to throw her out. She continued to yell at me afterwards saying that I was covering for the real Marcel because he was too chicken to actually talk to her.  Later that night I got tons of messages from her saying that I was an idiot and that she couldn’t believe I stood her up that night. That was the moment I decided that I didn’t want to deal with her anymore.”

Brad nodded.  “Marcel has talked to me about this girl and I remember that night.  I haven’t banned someone from the bar in a long time…”

Anthony leaned forward in his chair.  “Do you think that Shelly will be dangerous if she finds out what happened tonight?”

Marcel shrugged.  “Honestly, I don’t really know.  But what I do know is that I really dodged a bullet by stopping all contact with her.”



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“I think I’m more confused now then when Shelly appeared on our doorstep this morning…”  Winchester ran his hands through his hair as his dad laid out the case in front of him. “So according to Shelly, her and Marcel have been online dating for almost two years but they haven’t met in person.  And recently Marcel just disappeared from the internet. And now she’s convinced that he is in trouble and we need to go find him?”

Anthony nodded.  “Yep.”

“He probably just deleted his Facebook because he didn’t want to talk to her.  Or, maybe this is his way of showing that he is breaking up with her. There are a ton of other solutions to this than he disappeared.”

Anthony leaned back in his chair.  “That’s what I tried to tell her. But she is absolutely convinced that something bad has happened to her internet boyfriend.  So we have to treat this like an actual case until told otherwise.”

West grabbed the file folder in front of him and started flipping through it.  “So Marcel supposedly lives in the next town over yet they have never met. Why wouldn’t she just drive over there to talk to him.  Or his family.”

“According to her, he lives with his family and they have no idea about her.”

West threw his arms in the air.  “This is ridiculous! You know what this sounds like?”


“You that TV show Catfish?  That’s what it sounds like. I have a feeling that this person isn’t real.”

Anthony shook his head.  “I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he is very real.”

“But!”  West pointed at his father.  “That’s what he wants you to believe.  And that’s what he wants Shelly to believe.  I can almost guarantee that she has never talked to him on the phone or video chatted with him because he is not real!  She has convinced herself that he is real because that’s what he wants her to believe. So she thinks that the relationship is totally real even though it’s just people talking online.  I am very sceptical that this person is even real.”

“Well way to ruin the magical moments.”  Anthony snickered. “Why are you so convinced that this guy isn’t real?”

“I have watched way too many episodes of Catfish to know when someone is lying.”

Anthony rolled his eyes.  “So it’s not because of you working at the police force huh?”

West laughed.  “It’s a little of both.  Detective work and watching TV.”  He started looking through the papers again.  “So she has never spoken to this guy but she is convinced that he is real.  Okay…I guess we need to look at this like a regular case, right?”

Anthony took the file from his son.  “Yeah. You know, there was something that kind of stuck out to me.  Shelly had mentioned something about them trying to meet at a restaurant in Tranton about a week ago.  He didn’t show which is why she thought something bad happened to him. She said that he has given him the apartment complex that he lives at.  She said she has gone to the complex but never saw him come out of an apartment. I guess management told her to leave because she was getting creepy.  Her words not mine.”

“Are you saying that we should go to the apartment for a stake out?  We haven’t done that before so that has potential to be fun.”

“No…I’m saying tomorrow we call the apartments to see if they have anyone who lives there with the name Marcel.  Much simpler and we don’t have to just sit in a car doing nothing.”

“Fine then…I guess we will just wait and see.”  West sighed. “Did Shelly say anything about Marcel having a job or anything?”

Anthony started flipping through the papers again.  “Uh…yeah…apparently he works at a bar as a bouncer.  So the reason that Shelly hasn’t been able to meet up with Marcel is because their schedules are so different.”

“Give me the number.  I’ll call them and see if they have someone that works there named Marcel.  It won’t be that difficult.” West watched his father look through the papers to find the name of the bar and he quickly searched the name of the bar on his phone to find the number.  His finger pressed the call button and he put the phone up to his ear. He tapped his finger nervously as the phone rang.

“Good evening, Samson’s Bar how I can help you?”

West immediately sat up, almost as if someone had walked into the room for an interview.  “Hi. My name is Winchester and I was wondering if you had someone that worked there by the name of Marcel.”

There was a moment of silence.  “May I ask what this is regarding?”

West bobbed his head from side to side, trying to decide how to go about this.  “Uh, yes. I work with the Northridge Police Department as a consultant and we are currently investigating the disappearance of a man named Marcel.  There was information at he worked as a bouncer for your establishment and I was wondering if I could get confirmation about his employment.”

There was another pause.  “Let me get my manager on the phone.”  

The phone was put on a hold and a jazzy song came.  It threw West a little off guard, he wasn’t expecting that sort of music on the phone.  There was a brief pause before a new voice came on the line. “Hello this is Brad. I understand you are looking for employment confirmation?

“Yes sir that would be fantastic.”

“We do have a bouncer by the name of Marcel who has worked with us for about a year.  He’s a very nice kid but why is the Northridge Police Department looking to get information on him?”

“We had someone report him missing.  When was the last time he was at work?”

“He’s here right now.  Would you like to talk to him?”

West’s eyes widened.  “Don’t let him leave for the evening.  I am on my way to ask him some questions in person.”


WW-House Call

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House Call

Winchester sat at his desk, typing out an essay for a scholarship that he was applying for.  The scholarship was for kids of police officers, something that he definitely qualified for. But he was possibly over qualified since he worked on the force as well.  It didn’t matter, he was still going to apply for it.

He fingers flew across the keyboard as he typed out why he deserved to win this scholarship.  He had to explain how his life had changed for the better since his father was an officer. But, he also had to try to stay away from saying that he was in the police force as well and how it had taught him so many things.  Being a consultant on the force had so far taught him that he was a stronger individual than he thought and that he could really do something if he put his mind to it. Winchester had figured out that he was smarter than he gave himself credit for and that his father always had his back when it came down to a case.  He had a stronger bond with his father now than ever before. So that was cool.

As he sat there typing, he paused when the sound of the doorbell rang through the house.  He stood up and made his way down the stairs and looked through the small peephole to see a random lady standing outside his front door.  West didn’t recognize her and slowly turned around. He needed to finish the essay because there was a deadline that he needed to keep an eye on.

He barely reached the bottom of the staircase when the doorbell rang again.  West rolled his eyes, this lady needed to leave, she probably had the wrong house.  He walked up two stairs when he heard something from the other side of the front door.  “Mr. West? I need your help please. I know how amazing of a detective you are and I really could use your help.  Please?”

West’s immediately became interested.  Was this woman looking for him? Or was she looking for his dad?  He quickly walked over to the door and opened it.

The lady was standing on the doorstep and was holding a frame close to her chest.  Her eyes widened as she saw West open the door. “Oh…I’m sorry. I must be at the wrong house…I was looking for Officer Winchester West.  You don’t happen to know where he lives do you?”

“Uh…I’m Winchester.  Can I help you with something?”

West could see the wheels in her brain turning.  He was obviously not who she was expecting to see.  She swallowed and nodded. “Uh…okay…so I was wondering if you could help me.  I’m looking for someone.” She turned the photo around and showed West a photo of a man.

The man was well dressed and sitting on a couch.  He wasn’t looking at the camera but he seemed to be deep in thought.  West wasn’t really sure how to react. “Is…is this your husband?”

The woman shook her head.  “Uh…no. He’s my boyfriend.  But he’s been missing for a couple days and I don’t know what to do.  I could use your help.”

Winchester shook his head.  “Ma’am. I am only a consultant with the police force and I cannot do anything without the permission of the chief of police.  If you are concerned, I suggest that you go to the police precinct and file a missing persons report. Once that has happened, I might be able to help search for your missing boyfriend.  I’m sorry.” He turned back into the house and started to close the door.

“Wait!”  He stopped to see the woman had stuck her hand in the doorway.  West pulled the door open to see her standing there with tears in her eyes.  “I can’t go to the police. You see…Marcel’s family doesn’t know we are dating.  And if they find out that he’s missing, then I will be done for. Marcel says that they won’t appreciate me and that I wouldn’t be accepted in his family.  He wants to wait until we have been together for a while before I meet his family. I can’t meet them like this. I don’t want them to know their son is missing.  But if I go to the police, then they will find out for sure. Please. Please Officer West.” She stopped with tears in her eyes. She obviously cared about her boyfriend but West couldn’t just pick up a case without permission.  Or maybe he could just help her on the side.

West let out a long sigh.  “Look. I know you’re concerned.  I would be too if my girlfriend went missing.  But, like I said before, I cannot take a case without talking to my supervisor.  So, let me make a phone call and see what I can do okay?”

She smiled.  “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

West nodded.  “Okay, give me one second.  Just wait right here.” He started to close the door again.  “Oh…what’s your name?”

“Shelly Whittenborg.”  She smiled. “Sorry…I should’ve introduced myself a while again.  I’m just a mess.”

West slowly closed the door and walked into the kitchen, hoping it was far enough away that she couldn’t hear him talking.  He quickly dialed his dad’s number and held the phone up to his ear. It rang once before his dad’s distinctive voice answered the phone.  “Hey dad. I have a question.”

“Shoot partner.  What can I help you with?”

“I have someone outside the house that is looking to get some help for her missing boyfriend.  I told her she has to file a missing person’s report but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want his family to catch wind that he’s missing.  Is there anyway I can send her straight to you at the precinct and I’ll come down later to get the info? I’m working on some school things right now?”

There was a slight pause and the sound of shuffling papers on the other end of the phone.  “Uh…yeah. Send her over and tell her to ask for me. I’ll bring the info home tonight when I’m off.”

“Thanks dad.  I appreciate it.”  West hung up the phone and made his way back to the front door to relay the message to Shelly.  At least this way, the case would go through all the proper channels.


His Decision, Not Mine

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We will continue on our quest with Winchester to see what happened to his principal.  Will he and his father be able to figure out who it was?  Or will this be the first case that they can’t solve?  Continue reading this Adventure to find out!  Enjoy!

His Decision, Not Mine

“Are you going to answer any of my questions?”  Anthony leaned back in his chair, letting it sit precariously on its back two legs.  The loan shark David wasn’t saying anything. Winchester looked at David and shook his head.  It was one of his classmates they had to have the wrong person. There was no way in the world that an 18 year old would have enough money to loan out to adults, let alone kill someone.

Anthony stood up and slammed the chair into the table.  “Fine…I’ll let you sit here and think.” He marched out of the room and slammed the door shut behind him before entering the viewing room with a sigh.  “I don’t know if we have the right guy.”

West leaned against the back wall.  “I don’t know either. Isn’t Rhett going through his computer to see what he can find?”

Anthony leaned against the one way window to look at his son.  “Yes…but so far his computer is super encrypted. This kid is 18 which means he can be tried as an adult if he’s found guilty.”  He shrugged. “I don’t know why a kid this age would do something like this. Shoot their principal in the chest 5 times and leave him in his house.  I just don’t understand.”

Winchester didn’t understand either.  He hadn’t told his dad that David was his classmate but he also wasn’t sure if he wanted his dad to know that.  Unfortunately, it was probably going to come out sooner or later. “I don’t think anyone could have known. It could be that his parents don’t even know.  But…” He looked past his dad to see David in the room. He seemed so nervous but he wasn’t budging or saying anything. “Maybe I could talk to him. He is my age, maybe I can level with him.”

Anthony looked over his shoulder at David sitting in the interrogation room and sighed.  “That might be our only hope.” He turned back to West. “Go get ‘em Bug.”

With that, West stood up and left the viewing room.  He stood in front of the door and took a deep breath.  His hand reached out for the knob and quickly opened the door.  David looked up from the table he had been staring at and his eyes widened.  “W…Winchester? What are you doing here?”

West’s heart skipped a beat, knowing that at that very moment his dad knew.  He took another deep breath. “I’m here just to talk to you. That’s it. My dad is working on the case and he just wanted me to talk to you.  That’s it.”

He could see David relax a little.  “Oh…okay. Uh…can I ask you something?”


“Does you dad think I killed Mr. Faurnet?  Please…be honest with me Winchester.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond.  “Uh…no…he just wanted to ask you questions.  That’s it. We are not assuming anything.” David nodded.  “Can I ask you a couple questions?” David nodded again. “Do you actually work as a loan shark?”

David sighed.  “Uh…yeah…kind of.  I guess I loan people money and they need to pay me back with slight interest.  It’s nothing much, like 1%. But still. Most people need money for lunch. So I give them $10 and they owe me 10 cents for every day they don’t pay me back.  The most I made back from someone who borrowed money for lunch was $50. That kid took out two separate lunch money loans and didn’t pay me back for almost 3 months.  That was kinda nice.”

“What did you do with the money you earned?  Did you use it towards giving more people loans?”

David shook his head.  “No. I actually kept all of my profit separate.  I have been saving all of my profit to help pay for college.  It’s not much but it will definitely help.”

Winchester leaned back in his chair.  “Did you give Mr. Faurnet money?”

“Quite a bit actually.  He never asked me directly, he would actually send me a request on Venmo and would send me the money back.  That was it.”

“Did he ever not pay you?”

Winchester watched David squirm a little.  “I thought you were just coming here to talk…I feel like you are interrogating me…”

“Nah man.”  West put his arms behind his head to try to look relaxed.  “I was just curious. Did anyone you give money to not pay you back?”

David shifted in his chair.  “Uh…yeah…I have a couple people who still owe me money.”

“Are you upset that they haven’t paid you back?”

“Well yeah…they owe me money.  Why wouldn’t I be upset? I put my trust in people to pay me back money that I gave them and they never give it back.  Of course I’m upset.” David threw his body back into the chair and huffed. “I feel like you are interrogating me…”

Winchester leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table that sat between them.  “Look. I’m not going to lie to you. Yes. I am interrogating you. But, if you didn’t kill Mr. Faurnet then I need you to answer my questions.  I’m trying to help you out David and I can’t do that if you don’t answer the questions. So…” He paused to let David think. “Do you want to let me know if Mr. Faurnet didn’t pay you money that you were owed?”

David looked at the viewing window, almost as if he was pretending he could see outside.  He let out a long breath before covering his face with his hands. “Okay…okay. I’ll confess to everything.  But I…I just want it to say on the record that I am terribly sorry.” He rubbed his hands down his face before looking Winchester square in the eye.  “I started loaning people money our freshman year of high school. Again, nothing major, just $10 or $20 here and there. But someone ratted on me when I charged them $30 when they didn’t pay me back in a timely manner.  So I went to the principal’s office. Mr. Faurnet made a deal with me. If I loaned him money, he wouldn’t punish me for being a loan shark at school. So basically if someone ratted on me I didn’t get in trouble.”

He shrugged.  “I never really kept track of how much I loaned him during my freshman year but he always paid me back in a timely manner.  And he would pay me more than the interest he owed. Almost like he was bribing me to stay quiet about what he was doing. At the beginning of our sophomore year he took out a large sum, like I had to dip into my savings account for the amount.”

“How much was it?”

“$1,000.  But…1% of that is $10 a day.  I wasn’t upset because I knew he would pay me back, plus I was going to get some extra in savings.  But he never paid that back. And then he took out another loan of $100…and another loan of $200…and another loan of $100.  I was able to keep giving him the loan, but then I would remind him of how much he owed me. He would always tell me he was keeping track of the total and would pay me back as soon as he could.  Remember when he sold his car during our sophomore year?”

West nodded.  “Yeah. He said he was selling it to raise more money for students to go to college.  Didn’t he sell it for like…$10,000?”

David smirked.  “Yep. And I got all of it because that is how much I was owed.  I was very happy that I got my money back and made a mental note to really keep track of how much I loaned Mr. Faurnet.  He swore that he was done taking loans from me. I didn’t care, that was up to him. But..” He snickered. “Two weeks later he was taking out a $500 loan from me.”

West looked toward the one way window, almost as if he was looking for his dad.  “So how much would you say you loaned him in total versus how much you made?”

“Uh…I don’t remember the amounts that I loaned him but the amount I was owed was nearing about $50,000.”

Winchester whistled.  “Wow…I can see why you were angry…but why on the first day of school?  Why didn’t you do it over the summer?”

David sighed.  “He told me he was going to have all of my money by the day before the first day of school.  Then he text me saying he didn’t have it and wanted an extension. I told him no. He had to have my money or I would have his life.  When I went to his brother’s house before school and he didn’t have my money, I decided to take his life and his wallet. I cleared out his wallet and his bank account, not that there was much there, and took it as my payment.  It was his decision, not mine.”

West sighed.  “There are so many other options out there besides killing someone but…”  He stood up and made his way out of the room. “It was your decision, not mine.”

The Truth is a Lie

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And then we move into our next Winchester Wednesday story.  I won’t go into to much other stuff before sending you off into another Adventure.  Enjoy!

The Truth is a Lie

A day had passed since Winchester was pulled out of school to help investigate the case of the principal’s death.  He sat in his government class trying to decide the best course of action for studying for all of his classes and still help his dad with the cases.

He sat there listening to his teacher drone on and on about what they were going to be learning about during the course of the semester.  West sighed, he wasn’t excited about the class. If anything, he would much rather work with his dad everyday.  

But he did have to at least graduate high school.

The teacher pulled up her power point slides and Winchester looked down to write down what was up on the screen.  Even if he wasn’t super interested in the subject, he would have to pay attention. He pen glided across the page as he wrote down every word on the power point slide.  He finished writing before she finished discussing the first point and he leaned back in his chair. This was going to be a long class.

His mind began to wander to the case that was at hand.  Nothing had been said at school about Mr. Faurnet though word had spread through the students that he hadn’t been seen for the first two days of school.  After leaving the crime scene, Anthony and West went to the morgue to see Lacey who didn’t have a whole lot of information yet about the death. She had presumed that the death wasn’t an accident, that someone had killed Mr. Faurnet, but that was as far as she had gotten.

Mr. Faurnet’s computer was given to the techie Rhett who, as Anthony had claimed, was the best guy for the job.  When they left the precinct the night before, Rhett was still pouring through all of the information on the computer.  There were no leads yet, but he was still looking.

The power point slide changed and West wrote everything down on his paper.  It just didn’t make sense. Everyone loved Mr. Faurnet, what could he have done that could’ve killed him?  Did he pay for someone’s college who wanted to seek revenge for some reason? Or was he actually hiding something from everyone in the world?

Buzz Buzz.  Winchester quickly grabbed his phone that sitting at the top of his bag and pulled it onto his lap.  His finger pressed the home screen and there was a text from his dad. Call me ASAP.  I have info on the principal’s death.

Winchester quickly typed out a reply telling his dad that he couldn’t call until after class and anxiously waited.  Thankfully lunch period was next so he could actually talk on the phone but for now he had to wait.

When the bell finally rang, West raced toward the door with his phone in his hand.  He had to get to the conference room to call his dad. His feet walked faster than they probably should have and he quickly got to the office and looked at the secretary.  “I need to use the conference room.”

She looked at him, puzzled.  “For what may I ask?”

“I need to call my father regarding…”  Did he tell her that he worked for the police or just make up an excuse?  “Regarding my after school job…”

She shrugged.  “Okay.”

He quickly stepped in the conference room and dialed his father’s work number.  There was a click and a hello from the other end. “Hey dad. What’s going on?”

Anthony cleared his throat.  “Bug. Rhett found some fantastic information, but I don’t want this information to change the way that you think of your former principal.  Do you understand?”

“Yeah of course.  What’s going on?”

“So…we have reason to believe that Mr. Faurnet was addicted to betting.  Like…on races. On horse races and the sort. We have reason to believe that his loan shark may have killed him.”

Winchester shook his head.  “No…that doesn’t make any sense.  Are you saying that Mr. Faurnet didn’t send any students to college, he spent all of it on races?  That’s not it at all.”

“I’m not saying he didn’t help any students, but it is kind of looking like he didn’t help out as many students as Joseph had insinuated.  I need you to come down to the precinct as soon as you are out of school and help look at this.”

“I don’t know…”  West looked around the room, trying to grasp onto something.  “I just don’t see Mr. Faurnet betting on horse races all the time.  He was such an amazing person and he wouldn’t waste all of his money online.  There’s no way.”

There was a sigh on the other end of the line.  “Winchester. I need you to put your personal thoughts aside and do a job.  I will see you when you get out of school.” And with a sudden click the call was ended.


Winchester sat in the chair next to his father’s desk and looked at the files Rhett had handed him.  He flipped through all the pages of bank statements showing charge after charge on online betting sites.  His eyes scanned the pages, reading every withdraw and deposit that was on the account. He reached the bottom of the page to see a -$10,000 in the account.  His hands lifted the pages up to his face, trying to cover the shame and embarrassment. “I can’t believe he fooled all of us.”

A hand was placed on his shoulder.  “You couldn’t have known anything about this Bug.  But I need you to understand that you don’t know everything about someone you think you know.  I understand that can be hard but you unfortunately don’t know everything.”

West brought the papers down from his face.  “I know…just give me a little bit to go through this and see what I can find.”

Anthony sat down in his chair with a thud.  “No need, Rhett already did. And our loan shark should be arriving any moment for us to talk to.  So hopefully…” He glanced down at his watch and sighed. “Hopefully he gives us some answers.”

The phone rang on Anthony’s desk and his hand flew to pick up the receiver.  “Officer West. Uh huh…okay…thank you.” He slammed the phone down. “Our shark is here.  Let’s go see if he will take the bait.”


A Tale of Two Brothers

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We continue on our journey with Winchester.  Will he find out what happened or will this be the first case that he can’t solve?  Will there ever be a case that he can’t solve?  I guess you will have to keep reading to find out!  Enjoy the Adventure!

A Tale of Two Brothers

The car came to a stop outside a large house in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood.  Winchester felt his jaw dropping as he looked at his former principal’s house. “This…this is where Mr. Faurnet lived?  How did he make so much money as a principal?”

“That’s what we are here to find out.  Because I’m in the same boat as you, there is no way a school principal could make this much money.”  Anthony parked the car and the two of them exited, still in awe of the large house that stood before them.

The house reminded West of a smaller version of the white house, but black.  There were large columns along the front, stretching from the ground up to the top of second story.  The door was tall and daunting with a large half circle window above the doorframe. Every window was perfectly spaced apart with black shutters on the outside.  It was an odd house in the middle of the neighborhood but it seemed even more strange that it belonged to a high school principal.

Winchester and Anthony walked in unison up to the front door where they both flashed their badges and walked inside.  Winchester stopped in his tracks. “Dad? Are you sure we are in the right house? There is absolutely no way this house belongs to Mr. Faurnet.”

“That’s because it’s not.”

West and Anthony turned around to see a man wearing a very expensive suit walking toward them.  Anthony held up his hand, telling the man to stop. “Please sir. This is a crime scene.”

“And this is my house and my brother is dead.”  He reached out his hand toward Anthony. “Joseph Faurnet, partner at Faurnet and Notters Law Offices.  My brother was living with me because he fell onto some…hard times. I couldn’t let my brother live on the streets so I brought him into my home to live with me until he could get back on his feet.”

Anthony shook Joseph’s hand and nodded.  “I’m Detective Anthony West, this is my son and a consultant for the force, Winchester.”

West stuck out his hand and shook Joseph’s hand as well.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. That was very kind of you to take your brother while he was getting his life together.  What happened?”

Joseph waved his hand toward another door.  “I would rather talk about this in my office if you don’t mind.  I would rather not let rumors swirl regarding my brother.”

Anthony shrugged and nodded.  “Sure. Winchester, let’s go.”  The two of them followed Joseph into a pristine office.  Anthony whisteled. “This is an impressive office Mr. Faurnet.  Does your law office look the same?”

Joseph snickered as he sat down behind his desk.  “Yes it does. I like the look. So…” He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the large oak desk.  “My brother, James, he lived for his job. He loved being a principal and he loved coming into work to see all of the kids learning and encouraging them to be better.  He wanted every student to have the opportunity to go to college and…he was willing to help them go even if they couldn’t afford it.” He shook his head. “My brother had a huge heart, probably too big for his own good.  He dipped into his retirement fund to help pay for someone’s college. Like…who does that?”

He leaned back in his chair.  “My brother came to me about 5 years ago asking for some help.  I told him that he could help me at the law office and I would pay him.  And I did. I hired him to help us with some of our cleaning on the weekends and he always did a fantastic job.  But it wasn’t enough. He sold his house and moved into a small apartment. He sold his nice car and bought a cheaper used car.  All because he wanted to help his students. But then after 2 years he came to me saying that he couldn’t help as many students as he wanted to.  I felt bad because I knew how much he cared. So I let him move into my house and live rent free so he could help more students.”

“Mr. Faurnet, if I may ask.  What were you doing this morning?”  West looked at his dad. He knew the question had to be asked, but West didn’t want to think about it.

Joseph nodded his head.  “I knew you would ask me that.  I had a 6 am meeting with my partner Mr. Alexander Netters and a possible new partner Miss Emilee Sanders.  We were discussing possibly adding Miss Sanders to the company and 6 am was the only time we could all meet.  I came home after the meeting around 7:30 and saw my brother’s car was still here. I honestly thought that maybe I had the date that school started wrong.  But I walked in the door and found my brother dead in the middle of the hallway.” He paused, looking out the window. West could see a tear forming in his eye.  “All my brother wanted to do was help people, and now he’s dead. And I want to know what happened.”

West brought his body forward in the chair, sitting right on the edge.  “Mr. Faurnet. I knew your brother, he was actually my principal and I can confirm that he was one of the most generous and amazing men I have ever met.  But I couldn’t help but notice that he always seemed a little…” He paused, trying to decide what word would be the best to use. “Paranoid? Maybe that isn’t the right word, but I couldn’t help but notice that he was always looking over his shoulder.  Did your brother have any enemies?”

Joseph slowly turned to look West in the eyes.  “No. My brother was a very kind man who cared very much about his students.  He would leave the school and come home and help me at the office. James wouldn’t do anything illegal if that is what you are suggesting.”

West shook his head.  “No sir I’m not insinuating anything.  I’m just trying to get all of the information that I can to help figure out what happened to your brother.”  He stood up and stretched out his hand toward Joseph. “I want to figure out what happened to Mr. Faurnet just as much as you do sir.  But for now, I need to move on to gather more information.”

With a slide of the chair, Joseph stood up and firmly shook West’s hand.  West turned and walked out of the office and toward his dad’s car. Either Joseph was hiding something or James had hidden information from his brother.  Either way, West wanted to figure out what happened to the beloved principal. It was the right thing to do.


WW-School is in Session

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Now…I know that this is a little late for school to be starting.  But this is a story and I can make it school time whenever I wish.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy a new Adventure with Winchester!

School is in Session

Winchester sighed as he parked his car in the school parking lot and watched his classmates start to walk inside the school.  He was not excited. He was a senior this year and he couldn’t be more than ready for the year to be over already. He kind of wished he didn’t have to attend classes this year and just work with his dad at the station.  Or maybe he could just skip straight to college; if only that was possible.

He slowly opened his car door and slid out of the driver’s seat.  He saw some new faces as the new freshmen skipped onto the campus; obviously excited about starting high school.  Some of the other students were dragging their feet onto the campus for their first day of school. West shut the driver’s door and followed suit of his fellow classmates.


West turned around to see his best friend Cory walk towards him.  He smiled. “Hey dude. How was your summer?”

Cory grabbed West’s hand and shook his hand.  “It was okay. We spent almost the whole summer at the lake which was nice, but there were a couple times where I wished I was back home.  Like…don’t get me wrong I love the lake. But by the end of summer I was ready to be back home.” Cory shrugged. “What about you? How was your summer?”

West started to make his way toward campus from the parking lot.  “It was pretty good actually. I started helping my dad with some of his cases for the police department.  Nothing crazy, but just a little bit of a third party view.”

“Dude!  That’s insane!  You are so lucky!  I wish my dad was part of the police force.”

West shrugged.  “Yeah it’s pretty cool.  I don’t know how much I will work with them, but I really enjoy doing it.  It’s been super fun.”

The two continued to talk as they walked onto the campus.  Cory talked about how boring the lake got after about a month and how he almost got in a skiing accident when a drunk boater almost crashed into him.  They talked about their possible plans for college even though they were barely thinking about it. They had to finish their senior year first.

The bell rang and everyone started heading toward their respective classrooms.  West and Cory walked toward their AP Calculus class to start the year off. It wasn’t West’s favorite subject, but it was a subject that he was good at.  Math came pretty naturally to him so this class was going to be a breeze. They entered the classroom to see their teacher Mr. Cassell standing at the front of the room, ready to teach students everything about calculus.  The boys sat next to each other, waiting for the school year to start.

The second bell rang and the morning announcements came over the intercom.  West listened to see if there was anything interesting that he needed to pay attention to, but there wasn’t.  Mr. Cassell started going over the syllabus for the class when the phone rang. He let out an exasperated sigh.  “Really? We just started.” He walked over and picked up the old phone on the wall. “Mr. Cassell…uh huh…yeah…okay I’ll tell him.”  He hung up the phone by slamming it on the receiver. “Mr. West you are needed in the office. And I was told that you need to take your stuff with you.”

Winchester was confused.  He wasn’t sure what was happening and his immediate thought was something bad had happened to his dad at work.  He quickly gathered his belongings and walked out of the classroom toward the office. West opened the office door and saw his dad standing there.  “Bug! Good, I’m glad you made it down here. I need your help, let’s go.”

“What?”  Winchester wasn’t really sure what was going on.  “Dad..I’m in school. I just started class I can’t leave yet.  How about I come down to the precinct when I’m done with class at 12?  I’ll bring you lunch.”

“That’s not the point Bug.  I need you to come now and see the crime scene to see what you can think of.  We’ve been there since 7:30 am and we have nothing. Come on.” Anthony started making his way toward the door but Winchester stayed behind.  Anthony turned around. “What are you doing? Come on.”

“Dad.  I don’t think you understand.  It’s the first day of school. I literally just sat down in my Calculus class and I would rather not leave a bad impression on all of my teachers.  Can’t I just meet you there after class today?”

Anthony took a step toward his son.  “Winchester. I know this is your first day of school and I know how important your studies are.  But this case is more important than your education.”  

He stopped and looked at the secretary who had given him a quizzical side eye.  “Sorry…but..could we possibly use that conference room.”  

She shrugged.  “Sure…the door’s open.”

Anthony grabbed Winchester’s arm and dragged him into the small conference room.  “What is wrong with you? You have spent the whole summer helping me and now you don’t want to?  I know you want to do well in school but what is wrong?”

West didn’t know what to say.  “I didn’t think I was going to help you after the summer was over.  Like, not that I don’t like helping you or anything. But dad…you and mom have always told me that school is important.  So I don’t really understand why you are wanting to take me away from school. I can help you, definitely. But can’t it wait until after school?”

The bell rang and both Anthony and West looked out the door toward the lobby.  Anthony sighed and looked back at West. “You are right, you education is very important.  But, the reason I need you to come with me is because Chief Dyner requested it. And…” He leaned in closer to Winchester’s ear.  “Your principal was found dead in his house this morning. So I think that may be just slightly more important than school.”