For Him

Good morning!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  It was a very rainy weekend here in California but I still managed to have a wonderful weekend with friends.  And I bought some new succulents…so that’s a thing.

I do want to say that this story may be a little touchy to some people, so I want to warn you about that.  This is not inspired by any events that happened in my life, it is just a fictional story.  This is a Dark story.

For Him

For Him.jpg

The rain was pouring down from the sky above.  The sky was dark from all of the cloud cover, making everyone want to just stay inside and snuggle under the nearest blanket.  It was quiet, the only noise coming from the rain smacking against the pavement. A slight breeze picked up and swirled a small pile of leaves around and into the air, almost as if there was a small snow flurry 

Toni stood in the middle of the sidewalk with tears streaming down her cheeks.  The rain drenched her but she didn’t care. Her makeup was dripping down her face, leaving black mascara river marks on her face.  She watched him walk away from her, not turning back.

He had broken up with her.  Toni still wasn’t sure why he had broken up with her, he didn’t tell her.  But she was heartbroken.

She had dedicated everything to him.  She had moved across the country for him.  She had changed her job for him. She had left everyone that she knew and loved.

For him.

And now she was stuck in a city where she still didn’t know too many people.  Toni had lived with him for 2 months because he promised her everything. He promised to keep her safe and never leave her side. He promised they would be together forever.  He promised that nothing would ever happen to them. And now he destroyed everything.

Toni watched as he walked out of her sight.  He told her that he didn’t love her anymore. He told her that she had changed since they moved in together.  He told her that maybe if she had tried harder to make their relationship work, then maybe they would’ve worked out.  According to him, it was all her fault.

She wasn’t sure what to think.  Maybe he was right and everything was her fault.  Maybe she could’ve done better. Maybe their relationship wasn’t meant to work out in the first place.  Toni realized that she would have no way of knowing what actually caused the relationship to fail, especially now if he hated her guts.

She slowly turned to head back into her now lonely apartment.  Her feet dragged as she made her way to the front door. She reached out and carefully grabbed the drenched doorknob to let herself in.

The apartment was silent.  There wasn’t even the purr of a fan going, it was just silent.  Toni’s knees suddenly became weak and she crumpled to the floor in a pile of tears.  And the sound of her tears filled the silent apartment.



Station One Do You Copy?

Good morning!  How is everyone doing?  I am so sincerely sorry for being spotty on posting.  I went to Disneyland, and then I got sick, and now I am finally recovering and I am able to start writing stuff again.  Hooray!

I am reposting one of my favorite stories that I have written for the blog.  I posted this to a past Grammy’s Grid Link Party, but of course I want to share it again.  This story is a Dark theme.  Enjoy!

Station One Do You Copy?

Station One.jpg

One flashlight flash meant danger, two flashes meant safe, but then she saw three flashes that night from beyond the swamp. They had never talked about what three flashes meant and now she started to worry. What if Jeremy was in trouble and the only way he would get out was if Mollie went after him? She picked up her own flashlight and flashed it twice, hoping that Jeremy would respond. But there was nothing.

She sat on her stool and felt her heart starting to race. She knew she would have to go after Jeremy and help him, but thinking about the possible danger made her panic. Mollie knew Jeremy was self sufficient, but she was still mystified by the three flashes in the middle of the swamp. Her hand flew to the wall and picked up a set of keys for the spare airboat and raced out of the small ranger station.

Mollie jumped into the spare airboat and put the keys into the ignition. The boat roared to life, the large fan slowly starting to turn as it warmed up. Mollie untied the boat from the dock and made her way out into the swamp.

She knew where Jeremy was supposed to go, but she didn’t know exactly where the flashlight flashes came from. She slowed the boat down and flashed her flashlight twice toward the direction Jeremy was in. This time three flashes came from the middle of the swamp. Mollie raced toward the light, hoping to get there in time.

Mollie brought her airboat to a halt when she saw Jeremy’s boat. Jeremy’s body was sitting on the boat, motionless. She slowly brought her airboat up to the side of Jeremy’s boat, trying to prepare herself for anything.

But what she wasn’t prepared for was what she saw on the boat.

Jeremy had a single bullet wound in his head, execution style. It looked like it was close range, the perpetrator possibly standing in the airboat to commit the crime. The fan behind Jeremy’s body was covered in blood spatter. It didn’t look like he had suffered, which was probably a good thing.

The boats slowly drifted together and Mollie tied them together. She grabbed the radio off her hip and pressed the call button. “Station 1, this is Ranger Eckhardt. I am out and I have found the body of Ranger Ambross in his airboat. I require assistance. Over.” She waited for a response but there was nothing. She pressed the call button again. “Hello, station 1 do you copy?” She continued to wait but the only thing she heard were the crickets and a couple owls that were out this late at night. It was spooky.

Suddenly a roar came up out of the silence. Mollie turned toward the sound and saw a light flash three times. She scrambled onto Jeremy’s airboat and jumped to shore. She started to sprint. Whatever happened to Jeremy, she didn’t want it to happen to her as well.

As Mollie ran she did everything in her power to get away from whatever was following her. She turned corners, jumped over logs, and swung from branches to help her change directions. She was losing energy from running, but the adrenaline kept her going. As she kept running she jumped over a log but her foot caught on it. She face-planted and laid on the ground in pain and exhaustion.

The noise that was following her came closer and closer before coming to a stop. Mollie peeked up to see a large ATV idling near her feet. There was a crunch, like someone was sneaking up behind her. “Please…please…if you’re going to kill me, at least make it fast. I don’t want to suffer.”

Mollie felt a hand grab her legs and she was dragged a little further before being lifted by her legs. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she was hung by her legs from a tree. Her eyes barely opened and she saw her captor.

When they turned around Mollie could see it was a man. He had a long beard, so long it was almost to his knees. He wielded two knives, one in each hand, and had a grin on his face. “I hope you people learn your lesson from this. This is sacred land. No one but the native people live here. You are all bad people.”

Mollie felt tears forming in her eyes. “Please…I don’t want to die. I understand why you’re upset but I haven’t done anything wrong. I…I just work here.” She started praying, knowing that this would be her last day on earth.

The man walked up to her and dragged the knife down her body. “Well…if you didn’t want to die, you shouldn’t have accepted this job.”

She closed her eyes thinking that she would be feeling the wrath of this man. But nothing happened. She slowly opened her eyes just in time to see a the man point a gun at her face and pull the trigger.


Mollie forced her eyes open one more time as the pain filled her body. The man made his way back to the ATV and started the engine. The last thing she saw was the headlights from the ATV flash three times before she faded into the eternal darkness.


House of Mystery

Good morning!  Can you believe that we are halfway through the month of October?  It’s only a number of days until Halloween.  Does everyone have their costume?

We continue on the spooky stories for October.  This was actually the first one I wrote for the month, but I am only getting around to sharing it this week.  So I hope you enjoy this Dark Spooky story and I will see you in a couple days!

House of Mystery

House of Mystery

It was a dark and stormy night and Craig was stuck in his car.  He had been driving home when his car broke down in the middle of nowhere.  And now he was sitting in his car on the side of the road. The rain beat down on the top of his car, making some sort of song with each droplet that landed on the roof.  Craig had called for a tow truck to come out and help him but they had told him it would be a couple hours before someone would be able to come out to help.

Craig sighed.  He looked at his watch yet again seeing that it had been almost 2 hours since he had called for help.  He looked over his shoulder to see if there were any cars coming down the road toward him, but was disappointed to see a completely empty road.  A shiver ran through his body from the chill in the car since he had turned off the car to save gas.  

His fingers reached for the key in the ignition and turned it, starting the car just to warm up a little.  The engine roared to life before quieting down to a slight purr while it idly ran. Craig rubbed his hands together to get feeling back in his fingers.  He looked through the windshield to see if there was anything around that he could possibly walk to and try to keep warm without running his car.

The road was empty.  He was in the middle of some corn fields and he couldn’t see any lights from possibly buildings anywhere close.  The sky was dark from the rain clouds and they didn’t look like they were going to let up anytime soon. The wind howled outside of the car, making it shake from the strength of the wind.  Craig shuddered, would he have to stay in his car all night until the storm let up?

Suddenly the wind stopped.  Craig looked around, trying to see what was going on.  The corn stalks stopped moving, standing perfectly still like soldiers in the army.  No one was there. It was still just Craig and his car.

“Okay…that was weird…what is going on?”  Craig was confused by what happened. He had never been in a storm where the wind was blowing so strong and then suddenly stop.  This must have been a crazy weather phenomenon that Craig was unaware of. But it was a bit spooky.

He looked at his watch again.  10 minutes had passed since the last time he had checked the time and he was getting frustrated.  Where was the help he had called for?

“Fine…fine…I’m just going to leave the car here and see if I can find someone to help me.”  Craig knew the last town he had seen was almost 30 minutes behind him so maybe there was one closer in front of him.  It was the only choice he had. With a sigh, Craig turned off the car, grabbed his umbrella from the passenger seat, and exited the car.  He wasn’t sure how far he was going to walk, but he had to do something besides sitting and waiting.

He slammed the door shut and locked the car before walking in the direction he was traveling.  The rain was pounding down on his umbrella and it was getting him slightly wet from just walking.  The wind had slightly picked up again, making the air more chilly as he got more and more wet. He shivered, maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

Craig came to a cross street and looked around.  There was a house that was a far ways away, but it gave Craig some hope that there was help close by.  He turned down the road and marched through the muddy puddles toward his only glimmer of hope.

“Hey!  You wanna ride?”  Craig spun around to see an old beat up farm truck sitting on the road.  The man behind the wheel looked like he was older than dirt so Craig was surprised that he was able to drive the truck in the rain.  He was also surprised he hadn’t heard the truck pull up next to him because it was quite loud as it sat next to him on the road.

Craig nodded.  “Uh…yeah. My car broke down on the road back there and I was just trying to find some help.  Thanks.” He walked around the front of the car and climbed into the passenger seat of the truck.  It was warm in the truck, but not too warm, and it felt good after walking in the rain. Craig stuck out his hand toward the driver.  “I’m Craig.”

“Harold.  Now where are you going?”  The driver didn’t shake Craig’s hand, he just stared out the windshield.

Craig lowered his hand.  “Uh…just anywhere where I can stay warm.  Maybe like a McDonalds or something?”

The truck started moving forward.  “How about you stay at my house until someone comes to rescue you?”

Craig swallowed.  He barely knew this guy, did he want to trust him?  “Um…sure…I’m just hoping that the tow truck gets here soon.”

Harold shrugged.  “They probably won’t come out until the morning.  Just stay at my place for the night, not to worry.”  Harold passed the house that was in the middle of the field and drove down the road in silence for about 2 miles.  Craig still didn’t really know where he was but his life was now in the hands of a random man in a farm truck.

The truck pulled into a muddy driveway next to a dark farmhouse.  Craig honestly thought it looked like a haunted house with how dark it was on the outside.  All the paneling was black and every shutter on the windows were closed. It didn’t look like anyone had lived in the house for years, yet apparently Harold had lived in the house.

Craig felt his eyes widening as he looked at the building.  “This is your house?”

“Yes, come on in.”  He stopped the truck and yanked the key out of the ignition.  Harold climbed out of the driver’s seat and Craig quickly followed suit not wanting to get too far away from his host.  Craig tried to avoid as many mud puddles as he could so he wouldn’t track any mud into Harold’s house, but Harold just trudged through every puddle without a care in the world.

The two men walked up to the front door and Harold opened the front door for Craig.  “Uh…Thank you…” I think Craig carefully walked past Harold into the completely empty living room.  “Where’s your furniture?”

“I don’t have any here.  I don’t want people knowing that I live here.”  Harold stomped past Craig and disappeared into another room.  “Let me show you to your bedroom for the night.” Craig quickly followed Harold as he didn’t want to get lost in a stranger’s house.  The older man stopped at a single door in the hallway and opened it. “Here you go. There’s a bathroom on the other side of the house.  I have to leave for about an hour, so if you need anything, just explore the house yourself.”

Craig stepped into the bedroom and immediately felt creeped out.  “Uh…you know…why don’t you just take me into town after all.” He turned around and Harold was gone.  “Harold?” Craig stepped out of the room and found that he was all alone. He rushed out to the empty living and looked out of the giant front windows.  The old farm truck was gone.

“Okay…okay…I am stuck in this giant, empty, creepy house, all by myself.  I guess I’ll just stay in my room and not come out. There…that…that sounds like a plan.”  Craig turned around and walked back toward the creepy bedroom that Harold had kindly given him.  The house was far too creepy for Craig’s liking but at least it was a dry place to spend the night.

He opened up the bedroom door and the only piece of furniture in the room was a double bed.  Craig sighed. “Let’s see how comfortable this bed is.” He fell onto the bed and screamed as the bed fell from underneath him.  There was a loud crashing noise as the bed fell through the floor into the basement. Craig covered his head with his arms and waited until the noise had stopped to look up and where he was.

And what he saw made his heart drop down into his stomach.

The room looked like it could’ve been a prison cell.  There were chains all over the walls and metal cuffs for hands and feet attached as well.  The floor was covered in what Craig presumed was blood, but he wasn’t willing to touch or taste it to find out.  6 different kinds of guns hung on the wall, all waiting their turn to do something terrible. Other weapons were found as well including a bat with nails, a whip, and a myriad of knives and swords.  There weren’t any windows and a single lightbulb hung from the ceiling.

“Okay Craig…just relax…you will find a way out of here…I’m sure of it.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Craig flew off the bed and spun to see Harold standing there.  Craig hadn’t heard anyone come in as the bed was falling, but it was possible that Harold was already there in the basement.  He swallowed. “Please…just let me leave. I won’t tell anyone about this or what happened tonight. I…I just want to go home.”

“Get up against the wall!”  Harold pointed a gun at Craig’s face and Craig did exactly as he was told.  He wanted to help his chances of living, not hurt them. He backed all the way into a wall, completely running into it and almost falling on his face.  Harold marched toward Craig, gun still in hand. “If you move, I will shoot, understand?”

Craig stood perfectly still while Harold hooked his wrists and ankles into the cuffs on the wall.  The metal was cold against his skin which sent goosebumps up his arms and legs. Once he was strapped in, Harold stepped away toward his weapons table.  “It’s too bad you ended up here. You were probably pretty successful and have a family at home that will miss you. But…” He picked up a knife. “You made the wrong decision.”

Harold quickly spun and threw the knife at Craig, piercing him in the stomach.  Craig wanted to scream but he didn’t want to get shot. Harold laughed. “Trying to be tough huh?  Most of them do. Most of you boys think that if you don’t make a peep that you will have a better chance at living.”  He picked up another knife. “Unfortunately, that’s not how this all works.” He screamed as he threw the second knife at Craig, this time it hit his right wrist.  Craig did everything he could to not make a noise.

“You can scream.  Cuz I’m still gonna kill you.  You don’t have an option other than death.”  Harold walked toward Craig and grabbed the knife that was stuck in his stomach.  “You know kid, you got guts.” Harold pushed the knife in further making Craig scream in pain.  It was the most horrific pain he had ever felt and he knew it wasn’t going to stop no matter how much noise he made.  Harold pulled the knife out and stabbed it into his stomach again, this time turning it to it caused more damage. “How’s that feel huh?  Does that feel good?”

Craig coughed, blood coming out of his mouth with each cough.  “N…no…no sir…”

A maniacal laugh came from Harold’s mouth.  “That was a rhetorical question boy. I’ll tell you what.  How about I leave you here so you can think about you life choices.  That sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?” Harold pulled the knife out of Craig’s wrist and stabbed it into his left shoulder.  “I’ll just leave you here to bleed out. You be good now.” He patted Craig’s head before turning to leave the basement.

“Bleeding out is a much more painful death.  I’ll be back in a couple hours to check to see how you’re doing.”  Harold walked over to the small staircase and slowly ascended up toward the house, leaving Craig by himself in the darkness.


A Blast from the Past Stories

Good morning!  This is a little bit of a different blog post so apologies in advance if you expecting a brand new story.  But because we have some new people following the blog, I wanted to take a look back to show off some of my past stories.  Some of these will be the beginning of series and others will be single stories.  Each photo will take you to the story, so feel free to click around and check out the other stories on the blog.  Enjoy!

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Battery (Part 7: End)

Good morning!  It’s the end of the week and the end to another series!  I hope that you enjoyed reading Battery because it was a lot of fun for me to write.  Originally I was going to go a totally different direction with the story, but it somehow ended up this way!  I hope that you have enjoyed this Dark story and I can’t wait to see you next week for a new series!


Suspect is taken into custody who is linked to at least 2 of the 4 people who were killed by blunt force.  Local lawyer Nicholas Wallace was arrested last night in suspicion of being linked to the serial killings. Officers arrested Wallace at his office early this morning after officers found human blood in the bed of Wallace’s truck.  No formal charges have been brought against Wallace yet.

Nick sat in the interrogation room, tapping his foot nervously on the floor.  He knew he was done for; there was absolutely no way around this. He didn’t even opt for an attorney because he was one.  He was planning on representing himself, for now.

The door opened and Officer Nogall walked in.  He nodded and sat down across from Nick. He cleared his throat.  “Nick. I really hope that all of this is a huge misunderstanding.”

Nick nodded.  “I’m sure it is.  Ask away I can answer everything.”  He was going to do everything in his power to get himself out of this interrogation room scotch free.

The officer nodded and flipped open his folder.  “Bryce McEllis. You were a friend of his and his texts show that he was going to your house the night that he died.  Was that true?”

Nick nodded.  “Yes sir. He said that he was feeling rather depressed and needed to spend some time with a friend.  So I invited him over and we had a couple drinks and just hung out. And then I took him home afterwards.  I dropped him off outside his apartment complex.”

Officer Nogall nodded.  “You didn’t go into the apartments?”

“No I didn’t.  He told me to drop him off outside.  I watched him get inside the gate and then I left.”

The officer wrote down the information and flipped to a new page.  “Okay. And Cyrus Byner. We also have texts saying that she was meeting you.  What happened?”

Nick shifted in his chair and cleared his throat.  “Well. She asked if I wanted a good time, I said yes, but then when she got to my place she got cold feet.  So I offered to drive her home. She said yes and I drove her to her apartments. That’s it. I dropped her off and left.  It’s the same with Ashanti and Nicole.” He looked around the room. “Look. I’m getting set up. Someone must have been following me and now it all looks like I killed these people.  But I am completely innocent. And that blood in the back of my truck…I have absolutely no clue where that came from.”

The officer leaned his elbows on the table and sighed.  “Look Nick. I hear what you are saying, but unfortunately the evidence is against you.  I can’t just look past the fact that you somehow are connected to each of the victims. And everything that you said you did with the victims, no one else can vouch for you.  That’s the problem.”

Nick could feel himself breathing heavier, trying to think of anything to get him out of this situation.  “Look. I could never kill a person. I am on your side of the law. I am a lawyer. I make my clients swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  You really think that I would throw everything away and go to jail for killing someone. I hope you realize that you are wrong.”

Another officer walked into the interrogation room and handed Officer Nogall a piece of paper.  Officer Nogall read the paper and calmly slid it into his folder. “You know what I think? I think something snapped.  I think that you were getting tired of doing the same thing every single day and you decided to do something crazy. You have hunted deer in the past and you thought…I wonder what it would be like to kill a person.  So when Bryce text you, you decided to kill him instead of helping him feel more welcome. That’s why traces of blood was found in your basement.” He paused and Nick shifted in his chair. Nick was getting more and more nervous, what did these officers find in his house?  “I bet you used the same bat to bash in every single one of the victims heads. There was traces of blood on the wooden baseball bat in your garage and I bet if we were able to get a clean sample, we would be able to match it to the blood found in the bed of your truck.” The officer stood up.  “If you admit to it, I can help you get less jail time.”

Nick felt his face fall, knowing at this moment that he had failed.  “You and I both know that isn’t possible. It will all come down to a jury who will probably sentence me to death.”

“So why did you do it?”

Nick shrugged.  “Honestly I just wanted to see what it was like.  I’m not a bad person, I swear. But I…I don’t know what happened.”

“Can you at least explain why you killed each of the victims?”

Tears started to fill Nick’s eyes.  This was the moment he was not excited for.  “Bryce…I didn’t really choose him. But I knew he didn’t have anyone here that would be looking for him right away.  So when he text me I took it as the perfect opportunity. Cyrus…she was just a pretty waitress who just happened to flirt with me.  She thankfully didn’t have a car so that didn’t complicate things. Ashanti…she just thought that I was her uber driver. That one was 100% not planned at all.  I actually just had the bat in the back of my truck and it all just worked out perfectly. Nicole…I met her through Tinder. And I suggested we go somewhere isolated on purpose.  I never actually intended on taking her to the woods to kill her…I just kept driving and that’s where we ended up.”

Officer Nogall sat down at the table again.  “Did you have your next victim in mind?”

Nick shook his head.  “No. I didn’t really plan each of my victims.  It just happened how it happened. I didn’t have a plot against each of these people, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And I happened to be the person they walked into. And I took their life. But honestly…” Nick looked up from the table with a maniacal look in his eye.  “I would’ve loved to kill one more person. You know…make it an even 5.”

The officer stood up and walked around the table.  He forced Nick to stand up and handcuffed him. “No Nick…I don’t know.  Because unlike you, I don’t kill people for sport. If you were really on our side, you would’ve been helping us find the murderer.”  He paused. “On second thought, I guess you are. Because you led us right to the murderer. You.”  

He led Nick of the small interrogation room and down a long hallway to a holding cell.  The officer uncuffed Nick and threw him into the cell. “I hope you like it in there, because you will be in something like that for the rest of your life.”

And with the slam of the holding cell door, Nick burst into tears.  He had thrown everything away for nothing. He was now stuck here and he was never going to get out.  He still didn’t really know why he did what he did. But all he did know what that he was a mess up and he was never going to get his life back.


Battery (Part 6)

Good morning!  It’s Friday!  Did everyone have a good week this week?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?  We are here to check in on Nick once again to see what he is up to.  So before we start this Dark story, I do have one final question.  Does anyone have any kind of story that they would like to see on the blog?  I would love to hear what you had to say!  Enjoy!


Nicole Silina found dead in the woods last night.  She was found by a hunter who was on the lookout for deer.  She was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, the same as the other 3 victims: Bryce McEllis, Cyrus Byner, and Ashanti Jones.  She is survived by her parents Nancy and Nathan.

“Can you believe it?  There were four murders all about a week apart from each other, and no leads about any of them.  How sad.” Adam was sitting in Nick’s office before the day started. They were supposed to go over the murder trial that Adam was supposed to represent again, but he seemed more interested in Nicole’s murder.

Nick nodded.  “I know. It’s so sad.  I’m pretty sure I could’ve stopped on of them.  You know the third one, Ashanti Jones? I took her home from the bar because she was super drunk.  But she told me to drop her off at the corner by her house and that’s what I did. If I would’ve actually taken her home, I would’ve been able to save her.”

Adam leaned forward and put his hand on Nick’s shoulder.  “You couldn’t have planned that buddy. It could’ve been the same outcome if you didn’t talk to her at all.  You will be fine. Maybe you and Tashia should go on a vacation or something? Maybe you guys should rent a cabin in the woods and go relax.”

Nick leaned his chair back and thought about it.  “You know…maybe we will. That’s not a bad idea.”


“Officers.  How can I help you?”  Nick opened his office door to be greeted by 2 police officers.  He didn’t know why they were there even though he had his suspicions.

Officer Nogall reached out his hand and gave Nick a firm handshake.  “Nick, this is Officer Ramson. We have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind.”

Nick shrugged.  “Sure. I have some time before I meet with a client.  Please, have a seat.” He walked around his desk and sat down in his chair.  “So…how can I help you gentlemen?”

Nagall looked Nick straight in the eye.  “What did you do last night at 8 pm?”

“Uh…”  Nick had to make it look like he wasn’t suspicious.  “I was at home working. I know that’s going to make me look suspicious but seriously.  I am married to my work.”

Ramson leaned back in his chair.  “So you didn’t go on a date with Nicole Silina?”

Nick tried to look as shocked as possible.  “What? No. I have a girlfriend. I wouldn’t go on a date with another chick.  Why would you think I killed her?”

Ramson pulled out a photo.  “And this isn’t you? This isn’t your Tinder profile?”

Nick grabbed the photo and looked at it.  It was the photo he used on Tinder, how was he going to get around this?  “No. Someone is pretending to be me and then they killed that poor girl. Do you really think I was capable of killing someone?”

“What kind of car do you drive?”

Uh oh.  There was no way of getting around this question.  “A Dodge Ram. Why?”

The officers looked at each other.  Officer Nogall pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Nick.  “I’m sorry Nick. We have a warrant to search your belongings. Your car, your phone, your house, your office.”  He sighed. “Is there anything you want to tell us before we start looking at your stuff?”

Nick shook his head.  He knew that if the officers found anything it would all be coincidental.  “No sir I’m not hiding anything. Go ahead and search all you want.” He sat back as the officers walked out of the office to his truck.  Nick found himself starting to panic a little bit. Did he leave any incriminating evidence in his truck? The bat was at home and it had been cleaned like crazy but there was still a chance that the officers would find something.

He started working on his case to keep his mind off of the officers.  But no matter what he did, his mind kept going back to the officers finding something and incriminating him.  Suddenly Officer Nogall walked into Nick’s office. “Nick I need you to come outside for a moment please.”

Nick quickly stood up and followed Officer Nogall outside the law office.  Officer Ramson was squatting in the bed of Nick’s truck with a small flashlight in his hand.  “Nick…do you wanna explain this blood in the bed of your truck?”

“I went hunting this past weekend and I put my deer in the bed of my truck.  I just haven’t really had time to clean it.” He could feel himself getting kind of antsy, hoping the officers would buy his story.”

Officer Ramson slowly stood up.  “Okay. So do you wanna explain the human blood that is in the bed of your truck?”

“Uh…”  Nick felt all the blood drain from his face.  There was absolutely no way that he was going to get past this.

Officer Nogall grabbed Nick’s hands and handcuffed them behind his back.  “Nick, you have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.”  And with that Nick was led to the cop car and placed in the back seat.


Battery (Part 5)

Good morning!  It’s Friday!  Does anyone have any awesome plans for the weekend?  I hope to get some writing done, but otherwise I have to work.  Oh well, you do what you gotta do right?

We continue on our journey with Nick.  I thought he would’ve been caught by now, but I guess he was sneaker than I thought.  We continue on this Dark story to see what will happen next.  Enjoy!


The body of Ashanti Jones was found next to Inada Street in the early hours of the morning.  She was killed by blunt force trauma to the back of her head. Police are asking for any information about her death.  She is survived by her parents, Shaun and Dory, and 4 younger sisters.

“Hello officer.  Come on in.” Nick shook the hand of the police officer and showed him into the office.  He pointed to a chair in front of his desk. “Please have a seat. How can I help you?”

Officer Nogall sat in his chair and looked at Nick.  “We have video outside of Jo’s Bar where you let Ashanti Jones into your truck.  Is that true?”

Nick leaned back in his chair.  It had been three days since he had killed Ashanti and he was a little nervous since the police had come to him.  “Uh…yeah. I got in my car and she knocked on the window and asked if I would give her a ride. She was super drunk and she asked if I was her Uber.  I wasn’t but I agreed to take her home to make sure she was safe. She told me her address and told me to drop her off at the corner because he parents wouldn’t approve of someone dropping her off that they didn’t know.  So that’s what I did. I dropped her off on the corner of Amelia and Courtney. Once she got out of the truck, I went home. That’s it.”

“So you didn’t take her to the middle of Inada and kill her?”

“What?”  Nick was shocked.  Where they actually accusing him of murder?  “No! I am on your side, you know that. I would never do something like that.  I wanted to make sure that she got home safely.” He shook his head. “I didn’t know it was wrong of me to be a decent human being.”

The officer held up a hand.  “I know you are upset. I just have to ask.  I know you’re a good guy Nick, I am just doing my job.  And I believe you. I don’t think you would hurt a fly. Thank you for your time.”  He got up and shook Nick’s hand.

Nick showed him to the door.  “Thank you officer. I hope you can figure out who did it.”

Officer Nogall turned back.  “Me too Nick. Me too.”




“No…no…no…oh, definitely no…oh…maybe…”  Nick was flipping through Tinder hoping to find someone he could bring over for the night.  Tashia was out of town so it made things a lot easier for him to find someone to kill. It had been 3 days since the police talked to him about Ashanti and he was getting anxious about killing someone.

He came across the picture of a stunning girl named Nicole.  She had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. He snickered, she kinda looked like Tashia.  Nick swiped right and got an immediate match. He sent her a message. Hey babes.  What are you up to today?

Nick sat back and waited.  Was she going to message him back?  His phone buzzed and he picked it up.  It was a message from Nicole. Not much.  Just waiting for you to come over ;).

Nick stood up and started to get his plan into action.  What your address?  I can come on over if you’re ready.

He went into the garage and found the baseball bat.  His phone vibrated as he set the bat in the bed of his truck.  My roommate leaves for work in 10 minutes, so we will have the house to myself.  So you can make your way over.  She added her address and Nick was ready for the kill.

Okay.  I will see you soon.  He poured some coolant into a small jar and closed the lid.  Nick climbed into his truck and made his way over to Nicole’s place.

He parked in the visitor parking of the apartment complex and walked over to her apartment.  Nick smiled, it was a single story apartment that shared one wall with another apartment. It was the perfect set up, but he still didn’t think he could pull off a murder in the apartment.  Nick walked up to the door and knocked. He waited for a mere second before the door flew open. Inside was a young girl who was probably 18 wearing a questionable amount of clothes.  Nick was immediately dragged into the apartment and thrown on the couch. “Hey baby. You ready to get the party started?”

Nick slowly stood up and put his hands on her hips.  “Yes. But…maybe we should go somewhere else. Somewhere more private?”  He winked, hoping that it would sway her to go somewhere more isolated.

She giggled and smiled.  “Sure. Where were you thinking?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know.  Just…somewhere where no one would find us.  What do you say?”

Nicole giggled again.  “Sure. I’m game for whatever.  Let’s go!”

Nick led her out the door and toward his car.  He knew he was going to take her out to the country and beat her with the bat.  He still wasn’t sure how he was going to do it but what he did know that he was going to take another life.

The entire drive was filled with non-important chatter.  Nick didn’t really care about Nicole’s life and what she wanted to do with her life.  And he definitely didn’t care about her 2 hamsters that she hoped would have babies. But when he was getting close to his victim, he had to listen to them and make them feel like he cared.

He ended up driving a lot further than he expected to, going into a more mountainous area.  It actually would make things easier in regards to killing Nicole. He pulled over on the side of the road and parked the truck.  “I think this is isolated enough. What do you think?”

Nicole leaned over the middle console and kissed Nick.  “This is perfect. We can go far into the woods and no one will ever find us or hear us.  Let’s get started.” She quickly jumped out of the truck and started making her way deep into the forest.

Nick slowly got out of the driver’s seat and grabbed the bat out of the bed of the truck.  He started following Nicole, watching her outline go deeper into the trees. He had to make sure not to lose her since it was getting dark.  She stopped and turned around to look at him. “Do you think this is far enough?”

“Yeah!  I think this is good.”  He had to yell to her because he was so far behind.  But he saw her turn around and start getting undressed.  He felt his heart jump, he didn’t want her to be found naked.  Nick started to sprint forward and lifted the bat above his head to strike her.  He got close enough and smashed the bat on the top of her head.  Her whole body crumpled and he hit her again. Nick stood there over her body, watching a pool of blood form around her head.

4 people who he killed, 4 innocent lives he had taken, 0 regrets about anything that had happened.


Battery (Part 4)

Good morning!  I hope everyone is doing well today.  It is Friday so I’m curious if anyone has plans for this weekend.  Doing anything fun?  Before the weekend, we need to carry on with Nick to see what happens next in the story.  Will Nick get caught?  Will he have another victim.  Find out today in the next part of this Dark story.  Enjoy!


The body of Cyrus Byner was found in the middle of the street near 16th and Target Drive.  Her body was almost run over by a resident of the neighborhood, saying “I didn’t know what it was until I got close enough.  I thought it was a tree trunk that a kid threw in the road. That poor girl.” No word on if this death had anything to do with the murder of Bryce McEllis last week.  If you have any leads on either case, please contact the police department. She was survived by her parents, Bill and Cindy, and two sisters Emma and Laura.


Nick sat in the local diner eating breakfast.  He didn’t go there too often, only for special occasions.  He sat in the booth with a plate and coffee in front of him.  A hand grabbed his shoulder. “Hey hot stuff.”

He looked up to see his girlfriend sit in the booth across from him.  “Hey beautiful. What are you up to?”

She nodded at the waitress and waved.  “Nothing much. Just…school. As per usual.  You?”

Nick sighed.  “Uh…I’m working on a case with Adam.  It’s a mistrial for a murderer. But I can’t talk too much about it.”

The waitress walked over and dropped a plate of pancakes and some coffee on the table.  “It’s so nice to see you Tashia. Enjoy your food.”

Tashia smiled.  “Thanks Peggy.” She took a sip of coffee and looked at Nick.  “Have you heard about the murder of that girl? Cyrus…was that her name?”

Nick nodded.  “Yeah. I saw it on the news this morning.  That poor girl.”

Tashia shook her head.  “Did you hear that the person who killed her poured bleach in her mouth like they were trying to mask their identity?  Like, they might’ve kissed and the murdered didn’t want the police to see their identity. How sadistic do you have to be?”

“Yeah…”  Nick looked out the window.  “This whole situation is horrible.”

They finished breakfast and went their separate ways.  Nick went through his day like normal, trying to stay relaxed.  He had to plan his next murder, but he would have to wait a couple days.  He had just killed Cyrus the night before, he couldn’t kill this quickly.




Nick drove through the town a week after Cyrus’s murder, trying to decide what to do next.  Who was going to be his next victim? Where was he going to meet him or her? He pulled up to the bar where he was planning on meeting his next victim.

He stepped inside the bar and walked up to the counter.  Nick sat on a barstool and gave his order to the bartender.  He sat for a while, contemplating if someone was going to come up to him or vice versa.

Nothing happened.

He sat the entire night in the bar and no one came up to him.  He only had one drink and left after 30 minutes. Maybe the bar wasn’t the right place to meet someone.  Nick walked out to his truck and got into the driver’s seat. He barely started the truck when there was a knock on his passenger window.  Nick turned to see a woman who was obviously drunk tapping the window. He rolled it down and she giggled. “Are you my Uber driver?”


She giggled again.  “I’m looking for an Uber for Ashanti.  Is that you?”

Nick felt himself start to smile.  “Yeah. I’m your Uber driver. Get in.  I’ll take you home.”

Ashanti cheered and climbed into the backseat of the truck.  “So my address is 4344 Amelia Drive. But you can drop me off down the street.  My parents don’t approve of me coming home in an Uber.”

Nick nodded as he drove.  He didn’t know where he was going, but he knew it wasn’t going to be her address.  “So…were you at the bar with friends?” There was no answer. Nick turned around to see that Ashanti had fallen asleep in the backseat of the truck.  Perfect.  He kept driving around until he ended up in the next town over.  He stopped at a large field on the outskirts, very similar to where he dumped Bryce’s body.

He parked in the middle of the street and coughed.  “Uh…we are here.” Ashanti didn’t move. He tapped her leg.  “Ashanti?”

She jumped.  “What? We’re here.  Okay…thank you.” Nick watched her get out of the truck and quickly followed suit.  He walked around the bed of the truck so he met up with her. But he made sure to grab the bat out of the bed and keep it low by his side.  She looked at him. “Where are we? This isn’t home…”

Nick put the baseball bat end on Ashanti’s collarbone and pushed her back slightly.  He pointed toward the field. “Go.”

Tears started streaming down Ashanti’s cheeks.  “Please…I don’t want to die….I won’t press charges if you just let me go…please!”

Nick pointed at the field again.  “Go!” Ashanti started to walk toward the field with her hands up in the air.  Nick held the bat against the back of her head, making sure she knew he was still following her.  “Stop.” Nick made her stop before he made it to the dirt so he didn’t leave footprints behind. “Get down on your knees.”

Ashanti got down on her knees and whimpered.  “Please…I don’t want to die…” Her voice trailed off, losing any meaning as the air took it away.

Nick lifted the bat up and he swung harder than he had swung before.  Ashanti’s body fell sideways into the dirt, a small pool of blood forming around her head.  He watched her body for a few moments to make sure she was dead. When she didn’t move, he walked back to the truck.  Nick threw the bat into the bed of the truck and got in the driver’s seat to make his journey home.

What he thought was going to be an uneventful night, turned out to be a great night after all.


Good morning! It is Monday and I am still recovering from my weekend (kind of). I didn’t do much but I was recovering from a 10 day work week. So I spent a lot of time relaxing. But we are back with a new Grammy’s Grid post. This weeks prompt goes as follows:

As she looked out the window, she wondered if…

Before we get too far into this story, I do want to say that this is my dark retelling of an already known story. I wanted to try my hand at something new, so this is my dark version. You will probably be able to figure of what story I’m referencing pretty early on, though I did change the name for my version. This story is classified as Dark, so please, enjoy!


As she looked out the window, she wondered if she would ever leave the room. Rosie was stuck there in a tower, never having been outside of the small space. But the world outside the tower was scary and there were reasons she didn’t leave the space that she knew so well.
Rosie looked out the window at the darkness that surrounded the tower. The dark black sky loomed ominously overhead, making the world seem darker than it actually was. The strange swamp land surrounding the tower seemed to bubble up and down in random places, almost as if the land was breathing underneath the swampland. There were very few plants besides the reeds that were scattered around, but most of the land was bare. The tower stood out like a sore thumb in the middle of this land.
She sat in a chair in the middle of the room and stared at the window. Maybe there was a way to get out of this tower without her mother knowing. Her mother always made it seem like the world was scary, and honestly it kind of was. She had no way to protect herself and no way to survive more than a couple hours. Plus she had to find to get past her mother.
Rosie shook her head and came back to reality. Her eyes scanned the room to see if there was anything that might aid her in trying to escape. As she slowly spun around the room, her eyes landed on a sword. “Has that always been there? Have I just never noticed that there is a literal sword on my wall?”
As she reached for the sword, she wasn’t sure if she was doing the right thing or not. But at this point, it didn’t matter. She needed to find a way out. Her fingers gripped the handle of the sword and she pulled it down off the wall. It was a lot heavier than she had expected it to be. She held it in her hand for a moment trying to decide what she wanted to do next. And then it hit her. She had to cut her hair.
Her long black hair was trailing behind her everywhere she went. It dragged on the floor and was probably long enough touch the swamp if she let it out of her tower window. But if Rosie tried to leave the tower with all of her hair following her, that was a sure way to die. Rosie took the sword and held it under her hair and cut outwards to the rest of the room. There was suddenly a huge relief from all of the weight of her hair falling from her head. She rolled her neck and felt it crack. It felt good. She felt like she was starting to find her way out.
Rosie’s fingers slowly gripped the doorknob and turned the knob as quietly as possible. She pulled the door towards her body, praying that it didn’t make a noise. There was a slight creak that came from the hinges but it wasn’t enough noise for anyone to notice. Rosie slipped through the door, sword in hand, and made her way down the stairs toward where her mother stayed.
She tiptoed down the steps as she tried to listen to where her mother was. There was the faint sound to singing coming from the bottom of the tower, somewhere she had never explored before. Her mother had placed so much fear into Rosie about what was below her room in the tower that she never tried to explore it. Her footsteps softened as she approached the bottom floor, hoping to not make her mother hear her coming.
With one final step, Rosie’s foot touched the bottom of the tower. She slowed down and cautiously tiptoed to the door that she assumed her mother was sitting behind. There was a small gap in the door that she peered through, spying her mother sitting in a chair. Her mother seemed to be reading a book and not paying that much attention to what was around her. Rosie slowly pushed the door open and looked into the living room.
“What are you doing down here?” Rosie froze, she didn’t know her mother had heard her coming down the stairs. Should she answer? “I thought I told you that you had to stay in your tower.”
“I…” A whisper barely passed by Rosie’s lips. “I’m still in the tower. I haven’t left.”
Her mother shifted in her chair but still didn’t look at Rosie. “You aren’t in your tower. You are at the bottom of the tower. They are two different things.”
“But..I’m still in the tower. I haven’t left.” She inched closer, the sword held behind her back. “I know you aren’t happy with me, but I still haven’t left the tower.”
“You have disobeyed!” Her mother turned around in her chair to look at Rosie, and her eyes widened. “What…what happened to your hair? Where did it go?”
Rosie blushed. “I…uh…I cut it. Do you like it?” Her hands started to get a little sweaty as she tried to keep her cool.
“No I don’t like it.” Her mother let out a huff and turned back around in her chair to not face Rosie. “I can’t believe you would cut your hair like that. Without my permission at that.”
Rosie took another couple steps forward and moved the sword to her side. This was her moment to do something. “But I really like it. It’s much easier to manage and take care of. And it’s not weighing me down anymore.” She slowly raised the sword to her side and quickly sliced across the back of the chair.
Her mother’s head went flying across the floor.
Rosie looked at her mother’s head on the floor and walked past it. Her fingers grabbed the doorknob and turned it, opening it up to the dark swamplands around the tower. Rosie wasn’t sure what she was going to find out there. But all she knew was that she was now able to go wherever she pleased.
Her foot landed on the squishy swampland that was outside. She took a deep breath and continued to walk with the sword dragging behind her. Rosie never wanted to see her tower again and that was what she had wanted all along.

Battery (Part 3)

Good morning everyone!  I think I’m going to make these openings a little shorter for the stories.  I want you guys to be able to hop right into the story and not miss anything.  So without further ado, here is the next part for Battery!


The body of Bryce McEllis was found in a plastic trash bag on the side of Nature Avenue.  He seemed to have been beaten to death by a large object. The coroners are investigating what object may have been the cause of death.  No leads have surfaced regarding a murderer or a murder weapon. He is survived by his mother and father, Patricia and Eric McEllis, and his sister Moriah, all of which live in Montana.

Nick sat at his computer as the news popped up.  He smirked, it had taken three days for Bryce’s body to be found and another day to identify him.  His face was so smashed in that it must’ve been difficult to make a good identification. It had taken Nick a full 24 hours to make sure that he had cleaned up all of the blood in the basement.

And he was ready to take on someone else.

He sat in his office at work, getting ready for head home for the day.  Adam walked into his office, gently knocking on the door. “Hey! It’s Tuesday!  You know what that means…”

Nick stared at his computer.  “Uh…I get to go home and enjoy the evening by myself?”

Adam walked into the room and sat on the edge of Nick’s desk.  “No! It’s $3 pizookie day at BJ’s Brewhouse! Dude! $3 pizookies.  Let’s go!”

Nick rolled his eyes.  “You like pizookies way too much.”

“Yeah but beers and pizookies?  That’s the perfect combo.”

Nick leaned back in his chair.  “You buying?”

Adam stood up and raced toward the door.  “If that gets you to join me, then yes!” He turned out of the office.  “I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes!”

Nick snickered as he stood up and got ready to meet Adam.  He closed up his office, picked up his briefcase, and walked out the door.  He met Adam for pizookies and beer and they enjoyed the little freedom from the office.

Adam stepped away from the table and their waitress brought their bill.  Nick smiled at her. She was gorgeous. She would be perfect.  “Hey.  You were great tonight.”

The girl smiled.  “Thanks babe. I could make your night even greater after my shift.  I’m done in 2 hours.”

He leaned in toward her.  “What’s your name pretty lady?”

“I’m Cyrus.  Yes…like the singers.”

Nick grinned.  “That’s cute. I’ve never met a girl named Cyrus before.  I like it.”

She smiled.  “Thanks. So…you…me…some fun?  You down?”

Nick grabbed a napkin and quickly wrote down his number.  “Here. Text me later.”

She giggled.  “I…I don’t have a car.  So you can come get me if you want.”

Nick shrugged.  “Sure I’ll come get you.  Text me when you’re done.”  Adam came back to the table and they finished up.  Nick raced home to get some things ready before Cyrus came over.  The basement and the wooden bat were completely clean, not that it really mattered.  Cyrus didn’t know what she was going to walk into, but that didn’t matter. All Nick knew what that he was ready for his second victim.

Nick checked his watch, he had 15 minutes until Cyrus was supposed to be off from work.  He jumped in his truck and headed toward the restaurant. He parked a short distance away so that way they were less noticeable.  He barely put his car in park when his phone buzzed. Hey!  I’m done.  Where are you?

Nick told her where his truck was and watched for her to come by.  He didn’t have to wait long, she came walking up and waved. She jumped in the passenger seat.  “Hey! Are you ready?”

Nick smiled.  “Yep. I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.”  They spoke all the way to Nick’s house, talking about what they were going to do when they got there.  She seemed very excited, and Nick tried to convey the same excitement. He couldn’t give away what he was going to do.

They arrived at the house and Nick parked in the garage.  “Okay. So I’m going to blindfold you to take you to do fun things.  Ready?’

Cyrus leaned over the middle console and kissed him on the lips.  “Let’s do this.”

Nick got out and helped Cyrus out of the truck.  He put a blindfold over her eyes and quickly put on some gloves before leading her through the house and down to the basement.  He stood her in the middle of the room. “Okay. We are here. Give me one moment to get everything ready and then we can get started.”

He quickly took a couple steps back and picked up the baseball bat.  Cyrus was standing in the middle of the floor, swaying back and forth.  She was humming a tune that Nick didn’t recognize but he was glad that she was keeping herself entertained.  He took two steps forward and lifted the baseball bat, ready to swing. With all of his might he swung, making the bat connect with her head.

Cyrus didn’t make a noise as her body crumpled to the floor.  Nick hit her head a couple more times for good measure. He wanted to make sure she was dead before moving her body.  But there was nothing.

It was over, the deed was done, another one dead.