I’m Back!

Good morning!  It’s a new year and a new decade!  How crazy is that?

So I am here to tell you that I do not have a new story yet.  I can already here some of you saying You had 3 weeks to write stuff! And I know…I know…  I definitely had time.

But as I celebrated my Christmas and did things with my family, I came to a small realization.  I started this blog in March and I have written a lot of stories (sorry I didn’t count).  And though I had a lot of fun doing it, it was getting a little tedious towards the end.

I wanted to start this blog to put stories that I had written just to share with the world.  But towards the end of last year I was getting tired while trying to keep up with my goals for myself.  I did (mostly) keep up with 3 stories every week.

So I have decided that this year, I am still going to post stories, but maybe not as consistently.  I still want to post stuff, but only stuff that I am happy with.  Unfortunately, I can’t give you a timeline of how often I will be posting, but again, I want to have fun while doing it.

Apologies in advance if you were hoping for 3 new stories every week again.  Again, I will still be posting, I just don’t know how often it will be.  Thank you guys for reading this and thank you for being a part of this blog.



5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

      1. We enjoyed having you join in with us! I posted a list for 2020 containing all of the prompts for the upcoming year so you won’t have to wait and see what the prompt will be. Those parties are open every month on the 2nd to the 9th.


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