WW-Hospital Room

Good morning!  It is Wednesday which means it’s the middle of the week and we are a couple of days closer to Friday!  Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’m sorry for leaving you on a cliff hanger last week!  So I won’t stall too long before letting you read the Adventure.  Enjoy!

Hospital Room


West’s head was pounding.  He slowly reached his hand up to his head and rubbed his temple.  He didn’t know where he was but all he knew that he hurt.

He slowly opened his eyes to a very bright room.  His eyes hurt from the brightness of the room. He blinked and saw his parents sitting across the room from him.  His mom stood up and rushed over to him. “Oh my goodness! I thought we lost you. Are you okay honey?”

West winced a bit as his mom wrapped her arms around him.  “Uh…I think so…what happened?”

His father stepped over and let out a long sigh.  “You…you were shot when we arrived at the house for the negotiation.  You were hit twice in your left leg but blacked out almost immediately. I’m sorry Bug…I should’ve made sure you were safe to go in…”

West looked down to see his left leg completely bandaged up.  No wonder he felt more pain in that part of his body. He groaned.  “It’s okay dad. You couldn’t have known that was going to happen. I had bulletproof vest but not bulletproof pants.  There’s no way we could’ve known the guy would shoot at us.”

“We knew he was dangerous.  I shouldn’t have sent you into that dangerous situation.  I just…” He sighed, obviously he was having a hard time accepting the fact that his son had gotten hurt under his watch.  “I should’ve told the chief you weren’t going to do it. I take full responsibility for this.”

West tried to sit up in the hospital bed as best as he could.  “Dad. You literally couldn’t have known. I was the one who accepted the challenge and I was the one who put my life on the line.  Please do not blame yourself for this.” He could see his father’s face drop a little. West knew his father will always blame himself if West got hurt.  But they couldn’t go back in time and change what happened.

He cleared his throat.  “So…did we get the guy?”

Anthony shook his head.  “No…in the midst of the gunfire he was able to get away with the girl.  Everyone was trying to figure out what happened when he somehow slipped out the back.  He managed to get past all of the officers while they were still ducking for cover.”

West groaned.  “Great. Well…since I don’t know when I will be out of the hospital, I can kind of help you with stuff.  I can try to find any information in the stuff we have to see where he possibly went.”

He watched his father turn around and grab a box off the ground.  “I was hoping you would say that. I brought the case file and your laptop just in case you would need it.  Thankfully Chief Dyner was willing to let the case leave the office for a while so you could take a look at it.”  He gently set the box on the side of the bed so West could grab what he needed.

West grabbed the file and started flipping through the pages.  “So what do we know about this guy?”

“His name is Connor Hayes.  He’s 28 years old and was a computer technician for Best Buy.  The Geek Squad? Anyway, he was fired a month ago for continuing to be late to work and according to his ex-girlfriend, he got super depressed because he gave away his weekends with his daughter for the whole month.  His roommate said he started drinking more than normal, but continued to look for jobs to get back on his feet. Also, according to his roommate, Connor was quite hot headed and had an awful temper on him.”

“Why did he kidnap his daughter?  What was his motive?” West and Anthony looked over at Sarah, who was sitting near the small window in the room.  She looked up at them. “What? Can I not participate?”

Anthony snickered.  “Of course you can participate sweetheart.  His motive to kidnap his daughter was that according to him his ex-girlfriend abuses the little girl.  Of course the ex denies everything but after talking to her and her roommate all of Connor’s allegations are wrong.  So in Connor’s mind he’s saving his daughter from a dangerous situation but is putting her in a more dangerous situation because now he is running from the police.”

“Who’s this Gregory Poloy?”

Anthony looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow.  “Uh…this is…oh…this is Connor’s best friend. Not a great guy.  He was arrested a couple times for DUI and possession of an illegal weapon.  He was released a couple of days ago and has been crashing on Connor’s couch since his release.  We have reason to believe that Gregory is actually the one who convinced Connor to go through with the plan.”

West shrugged.  “It could be. It could’ve also been the drinking.  It could’ve been another factor that we aren’t aware of.  The question now becomes where would Connor have gone.” He flipped through the pages to see if anything stood out.

There was a sigh from across the room.  “Hopefully he didn’t take her out of state.”

West shrugged.  “I don’t know mom.  He could’ve definitely fled the state or he could just be in a different town hiding out in a hotel.  It really depends on if there is any reason for him to leave the state. In Connor’s case, he doesn’t have anyone out of state.  His family is across the state, but he would still be in state boundaries. It just depends on what he plans on doing when he stops.”

Sarah looked out the window.  “What do you think he is planning on doing?  Do you think he’s going to try to change his identity?”

Anthony shifted uncomfortably.  “Hopefully nothing. But that means we have to solve this case sooner rather than later.  We have to save the life of a young child.”



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