Battery (Part 4)

Good morning!  I hope everyone is doing well today.  It is Friday so I’m curious if anyone has plans for this weekend.  Doing anything fun?  Before the weekend, we need to carry on with Nick to see what happens next in the story.  Will Nick get caught?  Will he have another victim.  Find out today in the next part of this Dark story.  Enjoy!


The body of Cyrus Byner was found in the middle of the street near 16th and Target Drive.  Her body was almost run over by a resident of the neighborhood, saying “I didn’t know what it was until I got close enough.  I thought it was a tree trunk that a kid threw in the road. That poor girl.” No word on if this death had anything to do with the murder of Bryce McEllis last week.  If you have any leads on either case, please contact the police department. She was survived by her parents, Bill and Cindy, and two sisters Emma and Laura.


Nick sat in the local diner eating breakfast.  He didn’t go there too often, only for special occasions.  He sat in the booth with a plate and coffee in front of him.  A hand grabbed his shoulder. “Hey hot stuff.”

He looked up to see his girlfriend sit in the booth across from him.  “Hey beautiful. What are you up to?”

She nodded at the waitress and waved.  “Nothing much. Just…school. As per usual.  You?”

Nick sighed.  “Uh…I’m working on a case with Adam.  It’s a mistrial for a murderer. But I can’t talk too much about it.”

The waitress walked over and dropped a plate of pancakes and some coffee on the table.  “It’s so nice to see you Tashia. Enjoy your food.”

Tashia smiled.  “Thanks Peggy.” She took a sip of coffee and looked at Nick.  “Have you heard about the murder of that girl? Cyrus…was that her name?”

Nick nodded.  “Yeah. I saw it on the news this morning.  That poor girl.”

Tashia shook her head.  “Did you hear that the person who killed her poured bleach in her mouth like they were trying to mask their identity?  Like, they might’ve kissed and the murdered didn’t want the police to see their identity. How sadistic do you have to be?”

“Yeah…”  Nick looked out the window.  “This whole situation is horrible.”

They finished breakfast and went their separate ways.  Nick went through his day like normal, trying to stay relaxed.  He had to plan his next murder, but he would have to wait a couple days.  He had just killed Cyrus the night before, he couldn’t kill this quickly.




Nick drove through the town a week after Cyrus’s murder, trying to decide what to do next.  Who was going to be his next victim? Where was he going to meet him or her? He pulled up to the bar where he was planning on meeting his next victim.

He stepped inside the bar and walked up to the counter.  Nick sat on a barstool and gave his order to the bartender.  He sat for a while, contemplating if someone was going to come up to him or vice versa.

Nothing happened.

He sat the entire night in the bar and no one came up to him.  He only had one drink and left after 30 minutes. Maybe the bar wasn’t the right place to meet someone.  Nick walked out to his truck and got into the driver’s seat. He barely started the truck when there was a knock on his passenger window.  Nick turned to see a woman who was obviously drunk tapping the window. He rolled it down and she giggled. “Are you my Uber driver?”


She giggled again.  “I’m looking for an Uber for Ashanti.  Is that you?”

Nick felt himself start to smile.  “Yeah. I’m your Uber driver. Get in.  I’ll take you home.”

Ashanti cheered and climbed into the backseat of the truck.  “So my address is 4344 Amelia Drive. But you can drop me off down the street.  My parents don’t approve of me coming home in an Uber.”

Nick nodded as he drove.  He didn’t know where he was going, but he knew it wasn’t going to be her address.  “So…were you at the bar with friends?” There was no answer. Nick turned around to see that Ashanti had fallen asleep in the backseat of the truck.  Perfect.  He kept driving around until he ended up in the next town over.  He stopped at a large field on the outskirts, very similar to where he dumped Bryce’s body.

He parked in the middle of the street and coughed.  “Uh…we are here.” Ashanti didn’t move. He tapped her leg.  “Ashanti?”

She jumped.  “What? We’re here.  Okay…thank you.” Nick watched her get out of the truck and quickly followed suit.  He walked around the bed of the truck so he met up with her. But he made sure to grab the bat out of the bed and keep it low by his side.  She looked at him. “Where are we? This isn’t home…”

Nick put the baseball bat end on Ashanti’s collarbone and pushed her back slightly.  He pointed toward the field. “Go.”

Tears started streaming down Ashanti’s cheeks.  “Please…I don’t want to die….I won’t press charges if you just let me go…please!”

Nick pointed at the field again.  “Go!” Ashanti started to walk toward the field with her hands up in the air.  Nick held the bat against the back of her head, making sure she knew he was still following her.  “Stop.” Nick made her stop before he made it to the dirt so he didn’t leave footprints behind. “Get down on your knees.”

Ashanti got down on her knees and whimpered.  “Please…I don’t want to die…” Her voice trailed off, losing any meaning as the air took it away.

Nick lifted the bat up and he swung harder than he had swung before.  Ashanti’s body fell sideways into the dirt, a small pool of blood forming around her head.  He watched her body for a few moments to make sure she was dead. When she didn’t move, he walked back to the truck.  Nick threw the bat into the bed of the truck and got in the driver’s seat to make his journey home.

What he thought was going to be an uneventful night, turned out to be a great night after all.


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