Battery (Part 3)

Good morning everyone!  I think I’m going to make these openings a little shorter for the stories.  I want you guys to be able to hop right into the story and not miss anything.  So without further ado, here is the next part for Battery!


The body of Bryce McEllis was found in a plastic trash bag on the side of Nature Avenue.  He seemed to have been beaten to death by a large object. The coroners are investigating what object may have been the cause of death.  No leads have surfaced regarding a murderer or a murder weapon. He is survived by his mother and father, Patricia and Eric McEllis, and his sister Moriah, all of which live in Montana.

Nick sat at his computer as the news popped up.  He smirked, it had taken three days for Bryce’s body to be found and another day to identify him.  His face was so smashed in that it must’ve been difficult to make a good identification. It had taken Nick a full 24 hours to make sure that he had cleaned up all of the blood in the basement.

And he was ready to take on someone else.

He sat in his office at work, getting ready for head home for the day.  Adam walked into his office, gently knocking on the door. “Hey! It’s Tuesday!  You know what that means…”

Nick stared at his computer.  “Uh…I get to go home and enjoy the evening by myself?”

Adam walked into the room and sat on the edge of Nick’s desk.  “No! It’s $3 pizookie day at BJ’s Brewhouse! Dude! $3 pizookies.  Let’s go!”

Nick rolled his eyes.  “You like pizookies way too much.”

“Yeah but beers and pizookies?  That’s the perfect combo.”

Nick leaned back in his chair.  “You buying?”

Adam stood up and raced toward the door.  “If that gets you to join me, then yes!” He turned out of the office.  “I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes!”

Nick snickered as he stood up and got ready to meet Adam.  He closed up his office, picked up his briefcase, and walked out the door.  He met Adam for pizookies and beer and they enjoyed the little freedom from the office.

Adam stepped away from the table and their waitress brought their bill.  Nick smiled at her. She was gorgeous. She would be perfect.  “Hey.  You were great tonight.”

The girl smiled.  “Thanks babe. I could make your night even greater after my shift.  I’m done in 2 hours.”

He leaned in toward her.  “What’s your name pretty lady?”

“I’m Cyrus.  Yes…like the singers.”

Nick grinned.  “That’s cute. I’ve never met a girl named Cyrus before.  I like it.”

She smiled.  “Thanks. So…you…me…some fun?  You down?”

Nick grabbed a napkin and quickly wrote down his number.  “Here. Text me later.”

She giggled.  “I…I don’t have a car.  So you can come get me if you want.”

Nick shrugged.  “Sure I’ll come get you.  Text me when you’re done.”  Adam came back to the table and they finished up.  Nick raced home to get some things ready before Cyrus came over.  The basement and the wooden bat were completely clean, not that it really mattered.  Cyrus didn’t know what she was going to walk into, but that didn’t matter. All Nick knew what that he was ready for his second victim.

Nick checked his watch, he had 15 minutes until Cyrus was supposed to be off from work.  He jumped in his truck and headed toward the restaurant. He parked a short distance away so that way they were less noticeable.  He barely put his car in park when his phone buzzed. Hey!  I’m done.  Where are you?

Nick told her where his truck was and watched for her to come by.  He didn’t have to wait long, she came walking up and waved. She jumped in the passenger seat.  “Hey! Are you ready?”

Nick smiled.  “Yep. I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.”  They spoke all the way to Nick’s house, talking about what they were going to do when they got there.  She seemed very excited, and Nick tried to convey the same excitement. He couldn’t give away what he was going to do.

They arrived at the house and Nick parked in the garage.  “Okay. So I’m going to blindfold you to take you to do fun things.  Ready?’

Cyrus leaned over the middle console and kissed him on the lips.  “Let’s do this.”

Nick got out and helped Cyrus out of the truck.  He put a blindfold over her eyes and quickly put on some gloves before leading her through the house and down to the basement.  He stood her in the middle of the room. “Okay. We are here. Give me one moment to get everything ready and then we can get started.”

He quickly took a couple steps back and picked up the baseball bat.  Cyrus was standing in the middle of the floor, swaying back and forth.  She was humming a tune that Nick didn’t recognize but he was glad that she was keeping herself entertained.  He took two steps forward and lifted the baseball bat, ready to swing. With all of his might he swung, making the bat connect with her head.

Cyrus didn’t make a noise as her body crumpled to the floor.  Nick hit her head a couple more times for good measure. He wanted to make sure she was dead before moving her body.  But there was nothing.

It was over, the deed was done, another one dead. 



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