A Journal of My Thoughts (Part 6)

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We continue with the case for Mr. Neasvelle.  I hope everything goes in his favor.  Enjoy the Adventure!

A Journal of My Thoughts

December 16, 20–

I am so furious!  I have found out that Mr. Able pulled the fire alarm in the courthouse!  I knew that he did. I called it yesterday when he was acting all strange outside the courthouse.  Honestly, I hope this means that either the case gets thrown out or we get an advantage in the case.

I don’t know what Able was thinking.  I know he’s a petty individual but I never thought he would ever stoop that low to win a case.

Then again, I’ve never actually tried a case against him.

I just…I just can’t believe someone would be that determined to try to win a case.  I would be ashamed of myself if I ever stooped that low to win a case. Like…the audacity.  Either Able is hiding something or he doesn’t have a solid case against Mr. Neasvelle. I haven’t figured out which it is.

James was so upset when I arrived at the office today.  I could tell just by looking at him that he didn’t sleep well the night before.  He had large bags under his eyes and his eyes were red from exhaustion. James told me that he was worried that the case was over.  He was afraid that the judge wouldn’t see our case and wouldn’t see our side of the case.

And that’s when it happened.  The phone on James’ desk started to ring.  We both stared at it, not sure if we should answer or not.  Then James’ arm reached out and picked up the phone off the cradle.  He answered the phone in the most monotone voice he could’ve answered in.

Immediately his eyes widened.  He grabbed a pad of paper and started scribbling something that I couldn’t read.  Not that his handwriting is messy, but have you ever tried reading something upside down?  It’s quite difficult. Anyway, he was scribbling something as fast as he could, all while nodding and agreeing with whoever was on the phone.

He said goodbye and slammed the phone back down on the receiver.  He got a very goofy smile on his face and started to tell me what happened.

The judge was so upset about what Able did that he wanted to throw out all of the evidence that Able wanted to present.  I don’t know if that’s even legal! The judge wanted the throw the entire case out and prove that Mr. Neasvelle is innocent.  That would be amazing! That would be the best thing in the world for Mr. Neavelle. If he didn’t have to spend any time in jail that would be a win.

I couldn’t believe it.  Was that even possible? Could a judge do that?  The judge wanted to talk to us and Able to see how we wanted to proceed.  I was surprised that the judge wanted to talk to all of us together, but that was a decision for him, not me.

James and I raced over to the courthouse to meet with the judge and Able.  We hurried through the lobby to the small judges quarters to hear yelling. It was hard to make out what was being said, but all I knew two people were unhappy.  James suggested that it was probably Able and the judge arguing about the judge’s decision, but we couldn’t be for sure.

James cautiously knocked on the door and the room with quiet.  The door opened and the judge brought us into the room. Able was sitting in one of the chairs with a very angry scowl on his face.  I could immediately tell that he was angry that he was caught, but there was nothing I could do about it.

The judge sat down and told us what he wanted to do.  He said he looked at the evidence and knew that Mr. Neasvelle wasn’t guilty.  Able went to object but the judge immediately silenced him. The judge told us that he was very ashamed of Able and how he had gone about trying to win the case.  He shamed Able, telling Able that the trick that was pulled was low and uncalled for in a courthouse. Able’s face turned red, obviously not used to being humiliated in front of other people.

The judge told us that he was going to give a verdict that Mr. Neasvelle was innocent and that the police had the wrong man.  He told us that the evidence was quite clear and he wasn’t going to change the decision. He turned to Able and told him that if he ever, EVER, saw Mrs. Neasvelle suing Mr. Neasvelle on his docket that he would immediately throw out the case.  I could not have been happier with the decision. James and I stood up and shook the judges hand before watching Able race out the door.

James and I agreed to wait until tomorrow to tell Mr. Neasvelle about the judge’s decision.  We wanted to make his day and maybe give him an extra little surprise. We discussed a small surprise for Mr. Neasvelle and went our separate ways for the night.

When I got home I told Rose about what happened.  We were both so excited that we decided to open a new bottle of wine.  It’s something we don’t do that often, but it was a good celebration. But now, I have to try to sleep before telling Mr. Neasvelle the good news.  G’Night.




Hello!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  I spent some times with friends and family and I had a really good time with them.  Did anyone do anything fun?

We continue on a new story.  I won’t stall too long and let you read the Adventure story.  Enjoy!



Mina stood in front of the giant house and was frozen in fear.  The house was huge. It was barely 2 stories tall and looked like people hadn’t lived there for a while.  It was slightly run down and the door looked like it couldn’t fallen off at any moment.  There were a couple crows ominously sitting on the roof, cawing at Mina as she stared at the giant house.

She cautiously stepped up to her neighbor’s front door.  She wasn’t great friends with him, actually she didn’t really know him at all.  He was just their neighbor, but she hadn’t really interacted with him at all. He was kind of weird.

The reason she was there was her mom had asked her to to get some eggs for a batch of cookies she was baking and Mina still wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing.  She was a little hesitant to do so, but she really wanted cookies so she went. Now her heart was pounding out of her chest and she hadn’t even talked to him.

She didn’t even know his name.

Mina cautiously knocked on the door and patiently waited for him to answer.  And when he did, he barely opened the door. Mina looked up and saw two eyes peering out from between the door and the doorframe.  She nervously smiled. “Uh…hello. I’m Mina and I live next door to you. My mom needs two eggs for a recipe and she was wondering if you had a couple she could use.”

There was a slight pause and Mina could see her neighbor’s eyes shifting back and forth, almost as if he was deciding if he wanted to invite her in or not.  “Uh…sure. Come in.” He opened the door slightly more and Mina stepped inside. “Wait there.”

Her neighbor walked away and she stood in the living room.  It was dark and creepy. There were deer heads hanging from the walls and some birds hanging above them.  Mina could see spider webs in the corners of the walls, some of them could’ve been as big as she was. She could also see a layer of dust sitting on top of his TV stand like it hadn’t been cleaned in years.  The TV had a strange channel playing, it was just showing a man wearing some patterned green clothes and sitting in a tree. She wasn’t sure why they were filming him sitting in a tree.

The man walked back into the living room.  He handed her two eggs. “There you go…now get.”

Suddenly there was a bang.  Mina dropped the eggs and covered her ears, not sure what was going to happen.  “Really? I give you 2 eggs and you drop them? It’s just the TV…”

Mina looked up and saw the man who was previously sitting in the tree now standing on the ground next to a deer.  The deer didn’t appear to be alive and sat motionless while the man posed next to it. Her eyes widened as the show continued.

Her neighbor walked away and came back quickly with two more eggs.  “Here. Now don’t drop these and get! I don’t want to see you for any longer than I have to.”

Mina held the eggs close to her chest and turned toward the door.  And she ran. She ran all the way home with the eggs clutched close to her, making sure to not drop them.  She barely got in her front door when she stopped. At least now she was safe. Mina walked the eggs into the kitchen and handed them to her mom, thankful to be safe at last.


A Journal of My Thoughts (Part 5)

Good morning!  I am so glad that today is Friday!  I have so many things planned for the next few days and I am very very excited.   Anybody else have exciting plans for the weekend and next week?

We continue on with our court case.  I hope that everything goes well for Mr. Neasvelle and I hope they can win the court case.  But, you will have to continue the Adventure to see what happens.  Enjoy!

A Journal of My Thoughts

December 15, 20—

Today was the big day.  I wasn’t able to sleep super well but I felt well rested.  I walked into the kitchen wearing my best suit and Rose smiled at me.  She told me that no matter what the outcome was going to be, she was proud of me.  That made me smile. Even though I know she will always support me, this just made me hold my head a little higher.

I filled my thermos with coffee and kissed Rose before walking out the door to my car.  James was going to collect everything from the office before heading to the courthouse so I made my way to meet him.  It would look unprofessional if we didn’t show up at the same time. I sent James a quick text to make sure he was on the way and he quickly replied with a simple yes.

The drive was uneventful so I won’t bore you with that.

We arrived at the same time and somehow parked next to each other.  I promise we didn’t plan that. It just happened. Either way, we walked up the steps to the courthouse to see Mr. Neasvelle standing in the lobby.  He was wearing a suit that was a smidge too big for him, but it didn’t look terrible. We walked up to him and shook his hand. He told us he was nervous and you could tell.  His hands were very sweaty.

I told Mr. Neasvelle that we had to give the judge the small amount of evidence we had and he told us he would meet us in the courtroom.  James told me he was so nervous but he had a feeling everything would go well. I laughed. I was feeling the same way though. I didn’t know that was a thing but here we are.

We walked into the judges chambers and saw the prosecuting attorney.  It was someone we had battled against before and we didn’t do well. His name was Mr. Able.  I was always kind of perplexed by his name. Was that actually his name? Or did he legally change his name?  He always said he was able to win his cases, so maybe he changed his name to reflect that. Who knows, but what I do know is that he is a very successful prosecuting attorney.

I saw Mr. Able and shook his hand.  He was always a very stone faced man, but he was at least polite.  To an extent. He would shake our hands and ask how we were doing, but then he would slaughter us in court.  But not today! I was determined that today would be the day we beat him.

Both parties presented their evidence to the judge and agreed on everything.  I could tell Mr. Able was a little shocked by how much we actually brought in.  Mostly witness statements but still, it was a bit of evidence.

I could tell that the evidence that he brought was much more physical.  Like, he had a flash drive, most likely with security camera footage on it, and some fingerprints supposedly that matched Mr. Neasvelle.  But what surprised me was that he brought the envelope of money that my client had given his client. It was still in an envelope with a small drawing on the front.  It said Child Support across the front and underneath there was a small stick figure family. There was a taller person and 3 shorter people, presumably Mr. Neasvelle and his three kids.  It made my heart skip a beat, it was cute. And very thoughtful.

The judge dismissed us and we found Mr. Neasvelle standing outside of the courtroom door.  He seemed even more nervous than before and it looked like he had been pacing quite a bit.  We tried to help calm him down and tell him that everything would be okay.

That was…until the fire alarm went off.

That’s right.  They had to evacuate the entire courthouse because the fire alarm went off.  All I could think of was that someone was trying to get out of their case today and would face federal charges for setting off the fire alarm in a courthouse.  But when we stepped outside there were actual flames coming out from the roof. Everyone was a little shocked and couldn’t believe this was happening.

I remember seeing Mr. Able standing off to the far side.  He seemed anxious, something I had never seen from him before.  I couldn’t tell if he was nervous about the courthouse burning down or if he was nervous that the case would be pushed to a different courtroom.  Or, maybe he had faked some of the evidence to make it look like Mr. Neasvelle was guilty.

It just seemed like very strange behavior from him.  But pretty soon the fire department shows up and starts to put out the flame.  The judges come walking around to tell everyone they will be receiving papers on when and where their cases will be handled.  The attorneys were told to stick around to collect their evidence but everyone else was dismissed.

James told me he would get the stuff and I took Mr. Neasvelle back to his apartment.  He told me he was more worried now that the case was being pushed off for a short while.  I told him everything would be fine and nothing would change in the case. We still were going to win no matter what.

I’m not sure if he fully believe me or not, but he told me he was very thankful for everything that we have done.  And I’m going to leave it there the night. I’m not sure when the case will resume, but hopefully it’s soon. G’night.


A Journal of My Thoughts (Part 4)

Good morning!  It’s finally Friday!  I cannot wait to finish work today so I can have the weekend off!  Just think of all the writing I can get done!

We are picking up where we left of in the case.  What do you guys think will happen to Mr. Neavelle?  I honestly hope he goes free, that just seems like the right thing.  Especially with that new evidence that was found from a couple witnesses.  If you want to see what happens, you will have to continue reading this Adventure.  Enjoy!

A Journal of My Thoughts

December 14, 20—

Last night was a rough night of sleep.  I kept tossing and turning, thinking about all of the information for our case.  I think I woke up more exhausted than when I went to sleep.  

Also, I drank three cups of coffee before I left for work which is something I never do.

When I arrived at work, James was already there.  I didn’t even get a chance to ask him how long he was there because when I walked into his office I knew.  He was sound asleep in his chair, his head resting on the desk in front of him. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how he was able to sleep with his music pounding.  I was able to turn down the music without waking James up and left him where he was. Thankfully, our meeting wasn’t until 11 am.

I walked into my office and started prepping for our meeting with Mr. Neasvelle.  We had all the new information for the case and the first day of trial is tomorrow.  Let me be the first to say that I am really not looking forward to the trial. It is going to be a lot  harder than we are hoping for.

I sat in my office for a while preparing stuff when James walked in.  He asked how long I had been working for and I told him not long. He apologized to me for staying overnight, but he was just so worked up in the case trying to find a way to win.  I feel bad for him. He’s been spending so much extra time on this case. He hasn’t been spending as much time off as he normally would.

He sat down in front of me and we went over the notes that we had accumulated for Mr. Neavelle’s case.  We were hoping that we could get him out on the idea that there were no fingerprints and the fact that he couldn’t get to the store in less than 30 minutes.  Both of those facts along with a witness telling me that he saw Mr. Neavelle in his apartment at 2 am helped to solidify that Mr. Neavelle was innocent.

We worked in our separate offices for a while when it finally became time for our meeting with Mr. Neavelle.  We set up the small conference room on our floor to make sure that we were prepared. My phone rang from our secretary Alicia calling to tell us Mr. Neavelle was here for his meeting.  I told her to bring him back and James and I waited.

Let me say that I was absolutely shocked to see Mr. Neavelle.

He looked like he had been through 10 wars.  His eyes were sunk in and dark from many sleepless nights.  His clothes were clean but they were tattered from overwearing them.  There were a couple holes in his jeans and a large rip in the side of his shirt.  I haven’t seen a client in this bad of condition for a while but it made me feel even worse for him.  It made me kind of want to ask if he had clothes that were appropriate for court, but I held my tongue.

He looked exhausted and stressed beyond all belief.  I have seen James endure a lot of stress with this case but I never expected to see double the stress on Mr. Neasvelle’s face.  I asked him if he would like a cup of water or a cup of coffee and I saw tears forming in his eyes. He told me he hadn’t had coffee since he divorced his wife and he didn’t buy it because it was too expensive.  He used his coffee money to pay for his child support. I immediately made him a cup of coffee and handed it to him.

We sat down at the table and discussed what was going to happen in court tomorrow.  He told us he was borrowing a suit from his father to make sure he looked presentable.  That made me feel a little bit better. I told him what evidence we had gotten from his neighbors and how it didn’t match up with the time frame of the break in.  He nodded, taking in all of the information that we were putting in front of him. James kept asking him if this was all making sense and he would say yes.

After everything was presented we gave Mr. Neavelle a game plan of how everything would happen.  We told him that we would do everything we could to get him off the hook, especially since the evidence was clear that he was an innocent man.

I will never forget what Mr. Neavelle told us.  He told us that the whole time this has been happening, he hasn’t felt any hope.  He felt like he had lost the moment he was unfairly arrested. But now that he saw all of the evidence in front of him, he finally saw a glimmer of hope.  He finally saw the chance to continue to be a free man and not have to spend the rest of his life in jail for something he didn’t do. He told us he had been preparing to spend the rest of his life behind bars.  Mr. Neavelle thanked us for our time and stood up. He had to get back to work but he was looking forward to what was going to happen in the coming days.

James and I walked him to the front door and shook his hand.  We both wished him well before heading back to our offices and continuing to work.  James told me before we left for the day that he actually slipped Mr. Neavelle a $20 bill when they shook hands, more of a ‘this is to help you’ hand shake.  That made me smile.

And now we are at the end of the day.  I need to get a good night’s rest for the case tomorrow.  James and I are meeting at the office early to make sure we have everything.  I know we can win this case. I know Mr. Neavelle will be a free man. I just know it.  Either way, that is up to the judge to finally decide. G’night.



Good morning!  It’s Halloween tomorrow!  Keep your eyes on my Instagram (@2catsandalaptop) to see my Halloween costume!  It’s not super crazy wild, but I really enjoyed putting it all together.

And we continue with Winchester.  This part of the story is developing very nicely.  I am excited for you guys to see the ending so keep reading!  Enjoy the Adventure!


“I think I’m more confused now then when Shelly appeared on our doorstep this morning…”  Winchester ran his hands through his hair as his dad laid out the case in front of him. “So according to Shelly, her and Marcel have been online dating for almost two years but they haven’t met in person.  And recently Marcel just disappeared from the internet. And now she’s convinced that he is in trouble and we need to go find him?”

Anthony nodded.  “Yep.”

“He probably just deleted his Facebook because he didn’t want to talk to her.  Or, maybe this is his way of showing that he is breaking up with her. There are a ton of other solutions to this than he disappeared.”

Anthony leaned back in his chair.  “That’s what I tried to tell her. But she is absolutely convinced that something bad has happened to her internet boyfriend.  So we have to treat this like an actual case until told otherwise.”

West grabbed the file folder in front of him and started flipping through it.  “So Marcel supposedly lives in the next town over yet they have never met. Why wouldn’t she just drive over there to talk to him.  Or his family.”

“According to her, he lives with his family and they have no idea about her.”

West threw his arms in the air.  “This is ridiculous! You know what this sounds like?”


“You that TV show Catfish?  That’s what it sounds like. I have a feeling that this person isn’t real.”

Anthony shook his head.  “I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he is very real.”

“But!”  West pointed at his father.  “That’s what he wants you to believe.  And that’s what he wants Shelly to believe.  I can almost guarantee that she has never talked to him on the phone or video chatted with him because he is not real!  She has convinced herself that he is real because that’s what he wants her to believe. So she thinks that the relationship is totally real even though it’s just people talking online.  I am very sceptical that this person is even real.”

“Well way to ruin the magical moments.”  Anthony snickered. “Why are you so convinced that this guy isn’t real?”

“I have watched way too many episodes of Catfish to know when someone is lying.”

Anthony rolled his eyes.  “So it’s not because of you working at the police force huh?”

West laughed.  “It’s a little of both.  Detective work and watching TV.”  He started looking through the papers again.  “So she has never spoken to this guy but she is convinced that he is real.  Okay…I guess we need to look at this like a regular case, right?”

Anthony took the file from his son.  “Yeah. You know, there was something that kind of stuck out to me.  Shelly had mentioned something about them trying to meet at a restaurant in Tranton about a week ago.  He didn’t show which is why she thought something bad happened to him. She said that he has given him the apartment complex that he lives at.  She said she has gone to the complex but never saw him come out of an apartment. I guess management told her to leave because she was getting creepy.  Her words not mine.”

“Are you saying that we should go to the apartment for a stake out?  We haven’t done that before so that has potential to be fun.”

“No…I’m saying tomorrow we call the apartments to see if they have anyone who lives there with the name Marcel.  Much simpler and we don’t have to just sit in a car doing nothing.”

“Fine then…I guess we will just wait and see.”  West sighed. “Did Shelly say anything about Marcel having a job or anything?”

Anthony started flipping through the papers again.  “Uh…yeah…apparently he works at a bar as a bouncer.  So the reason that Shelly hasn’t been able to meet up with Marcel is because their schedules are so different.”

“Give me the number.  I’ll call them and see if they have someone that works there named Marcel.  It won’t be that difficult.” West watched his father look through the papers to find the name of the bar and he quickly searched the name of the bar on his phone to find the number.  His finger pressed the call button and he put the phone up to his ear. He tapped his finger nervously as the phone rang.

“Good evening, Samson’s Bar how I can help you?”

West immediately sat up, almost as if someone had walked into the room for an interview.  “Hi. My name is Winchester and I was wondering if you had someone that worked there by the name of Marcel.”

There was a moment of silence.  “May I ask what this is regarding?”

West bobbed his head from side to side, trying to decide how to go about this.  “Uh, yes. I work with the Northridge Police Department as a consultant and we are currently investigating the disappearance of a man named Marcel.  There was information at he worked as a bouncer for your establishment and I was wondering if I could get confirmation about his employment.”

There was another pause.  “Let me get my manager on the phone.”  

The phone was put on a hold and a jazzy song came.  It threw West a little off guard, he wasn’t expecting that sort of music on the phone.  There was a brief pause before a new voice came on the line. “Hello this is Brad. I understand you are looking for employment confirmation?

“Yes sir that would be fantastic.”

“We do have a bouncer by the name of Marcel who has worked with us for about a year.  He’s a very nice kid but why is the Northridge Police Department looking to get information on him?”

“We had someone report him missing.  When was the last time he was at work?”

“He’s here right now.  Would you like to talk to him?”

West’s eyes widened.  “Don’t let him leave for the evening.  I am on my way to ask him some questions in person.”


Ghost Stories (Part 2)

Good morning!  It is the spookiest week of the year and it is time to celebrate with the last spooky story!  Or at least, the second part of last weeks story.

So we continue with our spooky story.  I hope that you enjoy the Adventure story.  Enjoy!

Ghost Stories

Ghost Storie

The only sound that filled the quiet woods was the pounding footsteps of everyone running.  The 7 teenagers ran as fast as they could to the solo cabin in between all of the trees. All of their hearts were pounding but they didn’t want to stop running.  Whatever they had encountered, they didn’t want to accidentally run into again. It had scared them enough and they didn’t want to see it again.

As they approached the cabin, the group started to race up the stairs to the main door. Samuel reached the door first and fumbled around for the keys to unlock the door.  “Hurry up!” Emma nervous looked over her shoulder at the woods behind them. “Hurry up Samuel!”

“I can only go as fast as my fingers will let me!”  Samuel finally shoved the key into the lock and turned it.  The lock made a small click as it unlocked and the group rushed through the door to the safety of the living room.  Samuel slammed the door shut and locked it again. He leaned against the door and looked at the group who were now spread around the living room trying to catch their breath.  “What…what was that?”

Bella took a deep breath before looking up at him.  “I don’t know. All I know is that there were large yellow eyes in the middle of the woods.  I don’t know what they were, but it was scary.”

Miranda slowly sat up on the couch that she had been sprawled across.  “What if it was Joey trying to tell us to go inside to safety?”

Brad stood up straight.  “I thought that was just a ghost story?  I didn’t think it was real.”

Miranda shrugged.  “As far as I know it’s just a ghost story.  But maybe Joey does actually haunt the woods and he was trying to warn us of something.”

Emma’s eyes widened.  “I thought you said Joey didn’t want people to be in the woods alone.  We were out there as a group, so why would he be trying to warn us of something?”

“All I know is this door is locked.”  The group all looked at Samuel who was still leaning against the door.  “As far as I am concerned, we are all safe and sound here in the cabin.”

Suddenly there was the sound of glass crashing.  Everyone in the group shielded their eyes from the glass when they heard the same scream from outside.  But there was another scream as well. Bella looked up to see Samuel was gone. “Samuel!” She rushed over to the broken window on the door and looked out.

But Samuel was gone.

“Where did he go?”  Brad was now directly behind Bella and they peered through the window.  There wasn’t a single trace that anyone had left the cabin except for the broken glass.  “We have to go look for him.”

“Brad are you crazy?”  Everyone looked at Emma who was in tears.  “Our friend was just kidnapped and you want to go look for him?  Are you trying to go missing too? What if whatever took Samuel is out for all of us?”

“Then that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  Samuel is my friend and I’m not going to let him just disappear on me like that.”  Brad swung the door open and marched out the door. The door slammed shut and the group watched him walk into the forest.

“Maybe someone should go after him?”

“Are you kidding?  What if that thing takes him too?  Then all of us will be wandering through the forest looking for our friend who isn’t alive anymore.  I don’t think that would be very smart.” Joshua was standing to the side of the group, looking out the windows that faced toward the forest.  He sighed. “I think we all need to stay inside, in our rooms, and not leave until the morning.”

The entire cabin went pitch black as the wind picked up outside.  All of the girls screamed and held onto each other. “What…what was that?  What is happening?” Emma had tears streaming down her cheeks. “I wanna go home.”

There was another crash and a large shadowy figure leapt through the window.  Bella fell to the floor and covered her face. A high pitched scream filled the room and Bella peaked out from between her fingers.  Emma was being dragged out of the broken window into the darkness of the forest. Her screams started to become more distance as she was dragged away.

“What is happening?”  Bella looked around the room to see everyone panicking.  Miranda and Jessica were both sitting in the fetal position next to her.  Joshua sat next to the now broken window, covering his head with his arms.  Everyone slowly looked up to see if the coast was clear.

Jessica sniffled.  “Can we just go home?  I don’t care if I leave my stuff here.  I just want to leave.”

Joshua nodded.  “I am down for that.  I’ll grab my keys and we can leave.”

“Are you sure you want to go out there?  All of our cars are in the open which means that we have to go outside and be exposed to whatever is out there until we can get in the car.  Plus…” Miranda shrugged. “What says it can’t get us in the car? We are probably still accessible even when driving.”

“We might just have to if we want to go home.”  Joshua got on his hands and knees and started crawling toward the kitchen.  The girls all watched him, holding their breath and praying that the monster didn’t come back.  Joshua slowly reached up and felt around the counter for his keys, finally finding them near the coffee pot.  “Okay. I’ve got my wallet in my pocket. Let’s go.” He crawled toward the girls who were still sitting by the front door.  “You ready?” The girls all nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

The group slowly stood up in unison.  Joshua gently gripped the doorknob and pointed toward his Jeep Cherokee.  The girls nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. They took a step back and Joshua threw the door open.  Everyone booked it toward the car when a loud roar sounded through the forest.

The lights on the Jeep flashed as Joshua unlocked it and the whole group got into the seats as quickly as they could.  Joshua shoved the key into the ignition and the engine fired on. He threw the car into reverse and backed out of the driveway as quickly and safely as he could.  Bella looked out the windshield to see a large black shadowy man starting to follow the car. Joshua stopped the car, threw it into drive, and sped away from the house.

Bella looked behind them to see the shadowy man start to follow them.  The wind picked up and screamed through the forest as they drove away. The shadowy man got his way: he was telling them that they needed to leave.  She felt her eyes starting to fill up with tears. 3 of their friends were gone and they wouldn’t be able to get them back. They would come back during the day to collect all of their things.

At least they were safe.  For now.


Ghost Stories

Good morning!  How is everyone today?  I went on a day trip on Saturday and I am still tired from the driving.  Why is it that you take a trip for a day to try to relax and you are tired?  Isn’t the point of going out of town to rejuvenate?

We are getting closer to Halloween which means we are continuing our spooky stories.  I hope you are ready for a new Adventure story.  Enjoy!

Ghost Stories

Ghost Storie

The woods were dark at this time of night.  Every living creature had gone to sleep except for the occasion hoot of an owl and the chirping of crickets.  There was a slight breeze in the air but not enough to cause any issues. But there was one small patch of light from a campfire that was blazing in the middle of the woodland.

Bella pulled her flannel closer to chest, trying to stay warm next to the fire.  She looked around the campfire at all of her friends, 7 of them to be exact. She had been invited to her friend Samuel’s family cabin for the weekend so they could party with no adults, but they all enjoyed just sitting by the fire and swimming in a nearby creek.  It wasn’t the kind of weekend she was expecting but she enjoyed it all the same.

Her friend Brad stretched his arms out and wrapped one around her.  “You cold?”

She shook her head.  “Not really. I just got a random chill.”

“Guys!”  Everyone looked up to see Miranda standing up, her arms outstretched to the sides in excitement.  “We should tell ghost stories! We are out in the middle of the woods and there is no one here. It would be fun!”

Emma shook her head.  “No way! I don’t think I would be able to sleep tonight if we told ghost stories.”

Miranda rolled her eyes.  “Come on Emma. They aren’t real stories.  I’m sure it won’t be that scary. I’ll start.”  She fell back into her camp chair and leaned forward.  “It was a crazy windy night and a boy named Joey was walking home through the woods.”

“I don’t like this already.”  Emma shuddered and leaned back in her chair pouting.

“Anyway.  Joey was walking home through the woods when he heard a noise.  He looked around to see what it was, but there was nothing. So he kept walking.  But something blocked his path. A large rock was blocking the path that he traveled everyday.  He wasn’t sure how the rock had gotten there but he knew he had to either get over it or go around it to get home.  But…when he started to climb over the rock he heard that noise again. It was a whining noise, high pitch and loud.  When Joey turned around he saw an old man wearing all black. He had a large black hat on his head and walked with a black cane.  Joey tried to climb faster but the old man grabbed him instead. Joey was thrown on the ground and the old man’s cane pierced his chest.  The wind that we hear tonight is actually Joey’s screams. He haunts these woods every night, trying to tell people to not be out here alone.”  Miranda smirked while everyone started clapping at her story.

Joshua laughed.  “That’s a good one.  Where did you hear that story?”

Miranda shrugged.  “My dad told me about it the first time we went camping.  That’s why I refuse to go out to the woods by myself.”

Jessica grabbed a marshmellow of the table next to her and speared it with a roasting stick.  “I don’t know if anyone can top your story Miranda. I know I don’t know any ghost stories.”

The group started talking about their ghost stories when Brad leaned over and whispered in Bella’s ear.  “I hope you aren’t too scared. Ghost stories can be a little spooky sometimes.”

Bella giggled.  “No I’m not scared.  Thanks for looking out for me.”

The group continued to talk as the night grew later and later.  The moon was starting to rise higher in the sky, peeping up over the trees.  The fire continued to roar as the night seemed to be coming to a close.

Samuel stood up and stretched his arms over his head.  “Well. I think we should start heading back to the cabin.  These woods can get dangerous if we stay out too long.”

Everyone snickered.  Miranda leaned back in her chair.  “It’s the woods. There’s nothing out here that could really kill us.”

Suddenly there was a blood curdling scream that made everyone jolt.  Emma’s eyes widened as big as saucers. “What was that?”

Brad stood up.  “I think Samuel is right, we should head back to the cabin.”

Everyone stood up and started packing up their things.  Bella scanned the woods around them to see if she could see anything.  The trees didn’t move but the leaves rustled with the wind. But in the distance there was a set of eyes.  They were yellow and round but seemed so far away. “Hey guys, do you see this?”

The group moved toward Bella to see what she was looking at.  Brad wrapped his arm around her. “I don’t like this. We all need to head back to the cabin.”

“What is it though?”  Miranda took a couple steps forward to get a closer look.  Suddenly, there was another scream and every person in the group turned and ran toward the cabin.  They weren’t planning on staying to find out what was out there. But what they didn’t know was that the thing in the woods would continue to haunt them.

To be Continued…


A Journal of My Thoughts (Part 1)

Good morning!  Is everyone ready for the weekend?  I am excited for the weekend because I have some exciting plans!  But I can’t tell you about them just yet, just keep an eye on my Instagram.

We are starting a new series!  I just started this one recently and I am excited to share this with you.  This one is a little bit different from what I normally write, but it has been fun to try something different.  So I hope you enjoy this Adventure!

A Journal of My Thoughts

December 10, 20–

Today was a very long day.  I was woken up at 2 am by the sound of my work phone ringing.  It was blaring in my ear and I quickly grabbed it off the table so my wife didn’t wake up.  I walked as quickly and quietly out of the room before answering.

It was my partner telling me there was a case that he wasn’t too sure about.  It seemed rather odd and he definitely wanted a second opinion on it. I remember asking him if it could wait until morning and he told me no.  I had to go down to the office right away to see what was going on.

I sighed and asked him why he was still at the office at 2 am.  I could hear him let out an exasperated breath and say that he didn’t realize it was 2 am.  He apologized and said that it could wait until morning if I didn’t want to come, but he was going to stay.  I shook my head, knowing that he couldn’t hear me, and told him that I would be down as soon as I could. As long as he didn’t mind that I came to the office in sweatpants and a tee shirt.

We hung up the phone and I tried to sneak into my bedroom as quietly as possible.  It didn’t work. Rose asked me what was going on and I told her. I didn’t like keeping secrets from my wife, especially ones about work.  She was almost like a third partner at the firm. I told her that James needed help at the office and I was going to help him. She agreed before rolling over and going back to sleep.

I got dressed and grabbed a couple of items for work in case I didn’t end up coming home before going back to work.  I kissed Rose goodbye before walking out the door and unlocking the car. I placed my clothes and briefcase in the passenger seat before moving over to the driver’s side and sliding in.  And with a turn of the key in the ignition, I was on my way to the law firm.

James had been working hard on this case for a while and I could understand why he was having some difficulty trying to find a way for our client to win.  It seemed obvious that we were defending the guilty party, but we had to find some way to say different. Our client has said from the beginning that he didn’t do it, but the evidence kept stacking up against him.  Unfortunately James was stuck with the case and the trial was happening in a matter of days. I wanted to do everything that I could to help him out.

I saw the lights still on in the third story office of our law firm.  Poor James was there through all hours of the night by himself. He had done it on more than one occasion but he always said that he was married to his work.  I pulled into my assigned parking space and quickly got out of my car to head inside.  

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the third floor I could hear very loud music blaring from James’ office.  It wasn’t my forte of music, but it was what James liked to listen to to decompress. I turned the corner into his office to see his head banging on the table.  I knocked on the doorframe and he looked up. There was a giant red mark on his forehead from hitting his head on the table so many times. James smiled a goofy smile before saying hi and turning down his pounding music.

I sat down in one of his client chairs and asked him what the problem was.  He showed me the file that was almost 3 inches thick from paperwork regarding the case.  He told me he was ruined. According to a new piece of evidence that was just brought up from the prosecuting attorney, there was absolutely no way that James was going to win the case.  The evidence showed that his client had attended therapy for his anger and didn’t get the signature saying that he passed. James looked like he was about ready to cry knowing that this was going to be one of the few cases that he didn’t win.  But this just put a nail in the coffin.

We worked through the night to see if there was anything that was missed.  Every time that one of us found something, the other would find something to contradict it.  We worked until the sun came up and ordered some UberEats breakfast before we started our actual work day.  I wasn’t sure what he was going to, but I was going to help him as much as I could.

The rest of the day went on like any other day.  I don’t remember what else happened except for the fact that I was exhausted.  We both left the office right on time because we were so tired. I think I had 5 cups of coffee in total for the day.  But when I left I went directly home to see Rose. The rest of the night was uneventful. But now I’m going to bed. G’night.


Soul Mates (Part 6)

Good morning!  The weather is finally getting colder and I am getting happier to finally be cold again!  It is kind of nice to snuggle up in blankets and cuddle with my cats to warm up.  I am enjoying it.

But what I am sad about is finishing this story.  It was fun (maybe?) to follow Zac and Melanie to see what would happen and how it all ends.  Now, I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will give you a warning that this last part is a bit dark.  So now that you have been warned, I hope you enjoy the last part of this Adventure.  Enjoy!

Soul Mates

Melanie sat outside of Zac’s dorm, waiting for that blonde chick to come out.  She wanted to follow her back to her dorm. Tonight was the night to kill her. Melanie had a knife in her bag, ready to slit her throat.

The door opened and Melanie snuck behind a bush.  She peeked around the branches and saw a large man leaving the dorm.  The man walked toward her and she had to hide. She plastered herself against the building hoping that the bush would cover her completely.  The man walked past her, not noticing her hiding spot. But he sat down on a bench and faced Zac’s door.

“No.”  Melanie whispered to herself, trying to not call attention to herself.  “No…he has to leave. I can’t watch if he’s sitting there. Go away.” She watched the man sitting there.  He didn’t seem like he was going anywhere. Melanie slowly moved away from the man, trying to slide closer to Zac’s room.

She started walking toward the dorm room to look in the window.  The man had disappeared. Good.  Now I have to find that dumb chick.  Melanie slowly snuck over to the dorm room and peeked in the window.  There was no one in the dorm common area. It wasn’t dark, but it seemed dead inside.

“Can I ask what you are doing?”

Melanie whipped around to see the man who was sitting on the bench.  He towered over her in height which made her feel even smaller. “I…I was trying to find a way to sneak in so I could surprise my boyfriend.  It’s his birthday today.” She hoped that her lie would convince this man that she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

He crossed his arms.  “What’s your name?”

“Melanie Charles.”  She was barely able to stammer out her name.

The man grabbed something and his hip and reached toward her.  “Please put your hands behind your back.”

Melanie took a step back.  “What are you doing? I haven’t done anything wrong!”

The man grabbed her shoulder.  “You are being arrested for threatening a fellow student and stalking another student.  Please remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

“ZAC IS MY BOYFRIEND!”  Melanie screamed at the top of her lungs.  This was wrong. “KNOCK ON HIS DOOR! HE WILL TELL YOU WE ARE TOGETHER!  YOU ARE WRONG!”

Some of the lights from the dorm rooms started to turn on.  People started poking their heads out of their doors to see what was going on.  Melanie turned bright red. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t the plan she had created.

“This is Officer Marsh, I need some backup over here.”

“THIS IS A MISTAKE!”  Melanie tried to scream over what the Officer was saying on his phone.  Zac’s roommate walked out of their dorm with a plastic bag and reached to handed it to the officer.  “YOU! TELL THIS MAN THAT HE IS WRONG AND THAT ZAC AND I ARE DATING!”

The roommate shook his head.  “No way. You are definitely not dating Zac.  You need to be locked up forever.”


The officer started leading Melanie away as she was still screaming.  “Okay miss we can all hear you. You can be as loud as you want but you are still coming with me.”  She dug her heels in, trying anything to get the officer to stop taking her away. He kept pulling her along all the way to his unmarked car.

The officer opened the back door and put her in the back seat.  As soon as he closed the door, Melanie started kicking the door.  She tried to kick it as hard as possible, trying to free herself from the vehicle.  The officer sat down in the front seat and started the car. Melanie kicked the window hoping for it to break, but nothing happened.  The car started moving and Melanie started to freak out even more. “HOW DARE YOU TAKE ME AWAY! ZAC WILL NEVER GET HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT!”

“You know that Zac came to us because you were terrorising his life.  You have been sending him letters and threatened to kill his girlfriend.  You aren’t really selling the idea that you and Zac are together.”


The officer snickered.  “Sure. I will never understand your relationship.”

Melanie kept slamming against the doors and windows for the entire ride to the station.  She was angry. How dare this man take her away from Zac. How dare he ruin the plans she had.  How could Zac do this to her?

When they arrived at the station, Melanie was escorted inside.  She was brought into a small room where she was handcuffed to the table.  It was dark except for one light above the table and two chairs. The officer sat down across from her with a pen and paper.  “Why were you torturing Zac Prescott?”

Melanie’s eyes didn’t leave the table.  “I wasn’t torturing him. I was expressing my love to him.  You wouldn’t understand.”

The officer pulled out the plastic bag that Zac’s roommate had handed to him.  “You call this, a letter that is covered in blood, an expression of love? I bet we would find your fingerprints all over this and your blood is the one splashed all over.”

“Yes I call that an expression of love and yes you will find my fingerprints and blood because it is from me.  It is a letter from ME to HIM!”

The officer gently pulled out the letter with a rubber glove and opened it.  “Let me read what this says: ‘Zac, This is your last chance. I have given you plenty of chances and I will not give you another.  This is your last chance to break up with the blonde chick. She is not your future wife. I am. Me. I AM. She IS NOT. Break up with her or she dies.  Your choice. If she dies the blood is on your hands. It will be your fault. I don’t think you want her blood covering your hands. Me’” The officer cocked one eyebrow up as he looked at Melanie.  “You want to tell me that this is an expression of love?”

Melanie tried to look scared.  “That wasn’t me sir…I didn’t write that letter.”

“Are you trying to look like a fool?  Because you are doing a really good job of it.  If I find your fingerprints on this letter, you better believe that you will be spending the rest of your life in prison for threatening someone and stalking them.  Do I make myself clear?”

Melanie shrugged.  “Well you won’t find my prints on it so why am I even sitting here?”

The officer stood up and left the room.  She sat in silence for mere moments before he came back with an ink pad and paper.  He fingerprinted every single finger before leaving the room completely. Melanie sat there in the cold and empty room.  Her hands were handcuffed to the table so she couldn’t move. She tried sawing the chain against the table but she didn’t get very far.

As she sat in the dark room, all she could think about is Zac.  His perfect hair, his piercing blue eyes, his perfect body, just everything about him was perfect.  Why would he do this to her? Why would he force her to suffer like this?

Not too long after the officer came in.  “Melanie Charles you are under arrest for threatening a fellow student and for stalking Zac Prescott.  You will now be escorted to county jail where you will spend some time before your trial. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  Do I make myself clear?”

Melanie nodded as she was stood up and escorted out of the room.  If Zac wasn’t willing to be with her, then there was no point in living.  As they were walking out of the building, she reached for the gun of the officer who was in front of her.  She grabbed it, flipped it around, flipped the safety and shot.

Her body fell to the floor in a pile of blood and bones.  She crumpled in a heap, not feeling anything from the shot to her head.  The officers ran to her side to see if they could revive her, but they couldn’t.  The bullet went straight in but didn’t come out. They tried to perform CPR but she was too far gone.  There was no heartbeat, no breathing, no will to live. She had taken her life without thinking of anyone but herself.  They sat back on their heels and had a moment of silence for the young life who was lost in their office space.  


To the only one that I will ever love

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know Zac how much I love you.  Please don’t take my sunshine away.




“I don’t think I want to take these back.  I think I’m going to throw this away.” Zac held up the clothes Melanie had taken from him and threw them in the trash bag.  He sighed. “Too bad, I really liked this black shirt.”

Talia wrapped her arm around his shoulders.  “You could always just wash them. Clothes are washable.”

“Yeah…I don’t really want to think about what she did with these clothes.  I’ll just always be thinking of that when I wear them.” He walked over to the bedside table where a photo of him sat.  He picked it up. “Do you have any photos like this in your dorm room?”

She giggled.  “Yeah but I don’t keep them on display like she did.  I keep them hidden until I need them.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”  As he set the photo down the back fell off of it, revealing another letter.  He cautiously picked it up. “What do you think?”

“It’s up to you babe.  No one will judge you if you don’t want to read it.”

Zac slowly opened the envelope and read the letter inside aloud.  “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” He kept reading. Talia came over and hugged him while he read.  “See, I wouldn’t have minded reading these kind of letters from her.”

Talia kissed him on the cheek.  “No, it still would’ve bothered you.  But now, it’s over. You don’t have to worry about her.”

Zac nodded as he threw his picture and the letter into the trash.  He spun around, making sure he got everything. “Okay…I think that’s everything.  Everything that I want to throw away at least.” He took Talia’s hand and walked out of the dorm room.  Officer Marsh was waiting for them. “Okay. I got everything that I wanted destroyed. Her family can come in now.”  The officer nodded and shook Zac’s hand before letting them leave.

As they walked out the door, he felt empowered.  This was a fresh start. Everything was behind him and he was okay with that.  Zac was able to move on with his life. He could go back to his classes. He could continue dating Talia.  Everything was good in the world and Zac was happy with that.


The Retelling

Good morning!  It’s October!  It’s getting close to Halloween and I am getting excited!  I have a fun costume that I am working on so I can’t wait to show you.

We are doing something exciting for the month of October.  Each Monday will feature a new Spooky Story, perfect for the spooky season.  Today’s story is no different.  Though, it is also a submission for the newest link party on Grammy’s Grid.  The writing prompt for this story is:

It started raining just as I…

So here is my submission for the link party.  I hope you enjoy this spooky Adventure!

The Retelling

The Retelling

“It started raining just as I started driving.  I haven’t driven in the rain that much so it made me a little worried but I decided to go anyway.  I was just going to a friends house after all. I had driven the 60 minutes there multiple times so why would the rain make anything different, right?

“So I drove out of the neighborhood and I headed out towards the country.  It was easier to reach her house by going through all the back roads instead of the freeway.  The freeway was just too out of the way. So I started driving, turned on some music, and made my way to Samantha’s house to have fun together.

“But I noticed something sounded funny on my car as I was driving.  It was this like weird clanking noise, it’s hard to explain. It sounded as if someone had tied empty tin cans to the bottom of my engine.  And like, 10 empty cans, it was loud. So I pulled over and I decided to see if I could figure out what it was. I pulled over on the side of the road and parked my car to try to find out what was making the noise.

“I remember getting out of my car and noticing that I had parked under an apple tree.  I don’t know why that was so important to me at the time, but I remember seeing the orchards all around me.  Actually…I think it was because I wanted to take some photos for Instagram or something. They would look all cool and moody for fall.  But I decided to take photos after I took a look at my car.

“I bent down to see if I could spot anything under the car but I didn’t see anything.  It just looked like a normal car engine. I decided to lift the hood of the car just to humor myself but I still didn’t see anything.  It still looked like a normal car engine. I don’t know much about cars but I didn’t notice anything that looked weird when I looked at the engine.  That’s besides the point, but everything looked like it belonged there in the engine.

“I grabbed the hood of the car and slammed it down and that’s when I noticed him.  There was this guy standing about 50 feet behind my car. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit and his face was completely white.  His eyes looked wild, almost like he wanted to do something crazy but was trying to decide if he was actually going to do it or not.  And what was really strange was that he looked completely dry. Like…I was standing out in the rain for 10 minutes and I was soaked while he was perfectly dry.  It was weird.

“We both stood there for a second before I slowly got back into my car.  I didn’t want to lose track of him because I didn’t know what he would do to me.  I immediately put my keys into the ignition and tried to start the car but it wouldn’t start.  I was able to lock the doors and I reached to grab my phone but I had no service. I tried to start my car again and that’s when I heard something hit my car.

“I turned around saw that man hitting the back of my car with a baseball bat.  I screamed and tried to get my car or my phone to work, but neither of them did.  I just kept screaming, thinking that I was going to die that day. I prayed to God, hoping that I would be able to live for another day.  I looked in my rear view mirror to see the man moving toward my driver’s side door. I had to think quickly and decided to get over the middle console and run into the orchard.

“As soon as he reached my driver’s side door, I hit the unlock button and sprinted out of the car.  I had my keys with me and that was it. If he wanted to steal my money and my driver’s license, he was allowed to.  I didn’t care I was just terrified.

“I looked over my shoulder to see he coming after me.  He wasn’t running, but he was walking quickly to try to keep up with me.  I just kept running and praying that he would never catch up to me. I ran through the entire orchard and then came to the edge of a corn field.  I kept running. My legs were getting tired but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop because I didn’t want to die.

“The further I ran into the corn, the more safe I felt.  But I knew that I wasn’t fully safe until I knew that guy couldn’t get me anymore.  I kept sprinting until I reached the other end of the corn field and stumbled onto this house.  I ran up the driveway and started pounding on the door until Mr. Somers answered. I think he saw how terrified I was and let me inside and I am forever grateful.”

“So can you tell me again what the man looked like?”

“He was taller than me, maybe like 5 foot 10 or 6 feet.  He was wearing a blue jumpsuit. His face was completely white and he had blonde hair.  And he had wild eyes.”

“If you saw him in a lineup do you think you would be able to pick him out.”

“Probably.  I didn’t get a real good look at all of his features but I would recognize his eyes.  I will never forget what those eyes looked like.”

“We will keep a lookout for this wild eyed man.  Once we get a professional sketch artist to draw him out we will have you confirm that the artist drew the man.  But for now, I’m just glad that you are safe. Now let’s get you back to your car and see if we can figure out what happened to it.”

“Yeah…as long as it’s still there.”