The Haunted Circus (Final Part)

Hello!  Does anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?  I am actually planning on going to a succulent show and sale this weekend so that’s exciting for me!  I can’t wait to see what kinds of cacti and succulents I can look at and possibly buy.

But either way, welcome back to this story.  I’m so sad that it’s over!  I had so much fun writing this story and now it’s just…over and done with.  I hope you enjoyed following Simon and Alice and Christopher in their adventure.  If you missed the last part, click here and get caught up.

This story is labeled as Paranormal.  So get a blanket, get comfortable, and enjoy!  And thank you so much for following along with the story!

The Haunted Circus (Final Part)

Simon sat at his desk, pouring over the contents of the diary.  There was no combination directly in the book. But everything else had been a code in there somewhere, everything else had a combination to it.

Alice wrote all about her time in the circus.  Meeting other people, dancing with her friends, and being a part of the largest circus in the area.  She wrote about how she missed her family and how she hated missing her mother’s birthday. It was such a personal thing and Simon felt wrong reading it, almost like it was too personal for him to know.

“Knock knock.”

Simon turned around to see Brett and Veronica.  He stood up out of his chair. “V! How are you?”  He rushed over to give her a hug.

She giggled.  “I’m good Simon.  How about you? I feel like you’ve been out for a while now.”

Simon blushed.  “Uh…yeah…I have this diary that I know it has a code in it of some sort, but I have no idea.  I got to the last page, but it’s just a…normal diary. I think I went through it twice and I still don’t have anything.”

Brett frowned.  “You looked through every page?”

Simon nodded.  “Yep. Every single page that is written on.”

“What if you check the pages that aren’t written on?  Maybe there’s something written on a page that you haven’t checked?”

Simon walked back to the diary and started flipping through pages again.  He made it through all the written pages and slowly thumbed through the blank pages.  He made it through 10 pages before there was more writing. “What?”

Veronica walked over to Simon to see what he found.  “What is it?”

Simon pointed to the page.  “Look!”

I have to get out of this place!  Frank will not leave me alone no matter what I do or say.  He is trying to force himself upon me and I have had enough.  He has even threatened to kill me. It has become too dangerous for me to be here.  If Frank kills me, there will be proof in a box. The combination is the three things that scare me in alphabetical order.

Veronica stood next to Simon with her mouth agape.  “What did you just find? And what are the three things that scare her?”

Simon started flipping through the pages, his notebook sitting next to the diary.  “I know one of them is Frank. She said that multiple times. So he’s obviously one of the things.  I think she also said clowns and cats?”

“Like house cats?”

Simon shook his head.  “No like the big cats.”  He pointed to a diary entry.  “Here. She says ‘the big cats scare me’.  So I think that we need to see how many lions and tigers there were in the circus.  Uh…” He flipped through some of the pages to one of the first entries. “Here! There were 7 lions, but it doesn’t say how many tigers.  But it does say 37 clowns. So 37 clowns, 1 Frank, and…” Simon flipped through a few more pages. “15 cats.”

Veronica was confused.  “15 cats? How did you figure that out?”

“There’s another entry where she talks about all of the tigers all have T names.  And there’s 8 names. So 7 lions and 8 tigers equals 15.”

Brett snickered.  “I cannot believe you figured that out.”

Simon turned to look at Brett and grinned.  “That’s what I get for reading the diary twice.  But I’m not sure if she classifies the lions and tigers as cats or if they are classified under lions and tigers.”

Brett nodded.  “Well at least you have the numbers.  At least you can try the combination a few different ways.”

Simon turned back to his notebook.  “Yeah…I have the final combination.”

* * *

The rain poured down through the holes in the circus tent but thankfully the roof over the dressing room was still intact so Simon was able to stay dry.  He sat at the vanity with the last box and his notebook. He let out a long breath. “Alice…I may not be able to talk to you again. But I want you to know that I have enjoyed your puzzles.  I am about to open the last box, the proof that Frank killed you. I hope you are okay with that.”

He slowly turned the dial.  “37 clowns, 1 Frank, 15 lions and tigers.”  The lock clicked open, letting Simon open the box completely.  He slowly lifted the lid to see what was inside.

There were letters.  A lot of letters. All of them labeled ‘To My Love’.  There were photographs, creepy photographs of Alice. There was an especially creep photo of her and Frank, but Frank looked like was enjoying it more than she was.  A small box sat with the letters. Simon opened it. Inside was a simple diamond ring with a small piece of paper attached.

If you do not accept this ring I will murder you

“Is this what you wanted me to find?  This engagement ring with a murder note in it?  Is this definitive?” Simon listened for anything.  Any sort of hint. Letters.  He nodded.  “You want me to read the letters?  Okay.”

Simon gently opened the top letter, reading about how crazy in love Frank was.  He opened the second, reading an almost identical letter. Every single letter was written from Frank to Alice talking about how beautiful she was.  It was disgusting. He got to the last letter and there were two pieces of paper. One was a letter from Frank.

The other was from Alice.

To whoever is reading this.

I want you to know that I did not love Frank.  He kept pushing himself upon me and no matter how many times I told him no, he kept coming.  If you are going to show that Frank is my killer you will need to find 2 things: the weapon and the picture.  Frank is so perverted that he would kill me and take a photography of my body as a keepsake. Any other evidence would be in his office, probably hidden in a book.  He was mighty proud of that book. It is The Great Gatsby. He was so proud that he owned two of them. Find them. Find Frank. Find me.


Simon quickly stood up and closed everything up in the box.  He rushed out of the room and wandered around the backstage, trying to find anything that looked like Frank’s office.  Simon turned a corner and found a big door labeled ‘Frank’. He laughed. “Well isn’t it my lucky day?” He pushed through the door to find an office.

Not much was left in the office.  There was a desk and chair along with a large bookshelf.  Simon hurried to the shelf looking at all the titles. “Come on…come on…The Great Gatsby where are you…”  He scanned every book until he found one copy. He pulled it off the shelf and opened it. It was a full of pages.  He put it back where he found it and was puzzled. He kept looking through the titles but didn’t see another copy.

“Nothing.  Uh…Alice…I could use some help here.”  He sat on the desk and it fell from a weak leg.  Simon fell on the floor and when he sat up he noticed all of the drawers from the broken side fell out.  In the bottom drawer was a large copy of The Great Gatsby.  Simon laughed.  “Alice…you are a genius.”

He grabbed the book and opened it.  Inside the pages were cut out and there was a very old gun and a picture.  The picture of Alice’s dead body with ‘Frank’s Property’ etched into her body by what looked like a knife.  Simon gasped. “Alice…I can’t believe this happened to you! It’s terrible.”

Suddenly the room went ice cold.  Simon’s flashlight flickered, shutting off for a second and turning back on.  The rain seemed to fall harder than it had been earlier that night. Simon felt the floor start to shake underneath him.  “Weird…I don’t remember hearing anything about a possible earthquake.” A loud scream echoed through the entire room. A scream that couldn’t be replicated no matter how one tried.  Simon covered his ears but that didn’t help. Once it finished Simon slowly stood up. He looked around the room. “Alice? Alice was that you?” There was nothing.

Simon ran to the dressing room to gather his things before leaving.  He looked up at the vanity and saw every light bulb smashed to smithereens.  The drawers on the vanity were previously locked and now they were flung open, displaying all of their contents.  The shelf had fallen and so had some of the mannequin heads.

Simon stood in the middle of the room looking to see what had happened.  “Alice. I hope you are happy now. I found the information. I will try to find your family and give them this information.  I will go to the police. I will tell your story Alice. No matter how crazy everyone thinks I am. I will tell everyone your story.  I will let everyone know what happened. The world will know you story before long.” Simon heard a crash and he turned around to watch a door fly by.  He picked up his belongings and ran.

As he neared the front of the tent a wind picked up and pushed him out.  He landed on his face, briefcase still in hand. He crawled toward his car and turned around in the knick of time.  The circus tent collapsed taking everything down with it. A bolt of lighting came down, striking the tent as it collapsed.  The books, the vanity, the dresses, the tent, everything was coming down to the ground in fire and fury.

Simon opened his briefcase and pulled out the EMF reader.  He quickly turned it on. “Alice…if you can hear me. I just want to let you know that I care about you.”


“You’re welcome.”  The rain started to become lighter, moving from intense showers to a light drizzle.  The smoke from the fire was heavy but it was being drowned out by the rain. By morning there was going to be nothing left.  Alice would make sure of that.

Simon smiled knowing that what he had done was right.  He didn’t have the evidence, it was destroyed in the falling and burning of the tent.  But that didn’t matter to him. He knew the truth. Alice knew that he knew the truth. And that was all that really mattered.



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