Pain and Torture

Good morning everyone!  Happy Memorial Day to all of you.  I hope you have a lovely day with friends and family and spend some time remembering those who have served our country.

Today’s story has nothing to do with Memorial Day, unfortunately, and it is very Dark.  I hope you enjoy and I will see you on Friday!

Pain and Torture

Pain and Torture

Benji sat in the darkness, his hands stuck behind his back.  His head was pounding from being hit by a two by four across the back of his skull.  He tried to open his eyes but quickly shut them because it hurt so badly to open them all the way.  Benji wasn’t sure what happened; all he knew was that he was in a lot of pain.

Something squeaked in front of him, presumably a door opening.  Benji could tell a person entered the room, even though he wasn’t able to see them.  There were heavy footsteps from his attackers boots, clomping toward his bound body.  A hand grabbed Benji’s chin and forced it upward as if they were wanting Benji to look at them.  The fingers were cold and they squeezed Benji’s cheeks.  “So…have you had some time to think about what you did?”

Benji’s eyes slowly opened to see his kidnapper standing in front of him.  The man was wearing a black hoodie and a black mask.  He was tall and bulky, someone liked to work out.  Benji slowly closed his eyes, trying to relieve a little bit of pain.  “I…I have had some time to think.”


The man’s voice boomed loud through the room, making Benji’s head spin a little.  He swallowed.  “And…I still am not going to tell you.”

Suddenly Benji’s body flew out of the chair and landed on the floor.  He hit his head on the cement and felt the pounding become even more pronounced.  Something hit him in the middle of the back causing Benji to cry out in pain.  He covered his head with his arms, praying that nothing else bad would happen to him.  But he was wrong.  The same object hit his arms in an attempt to break them away from his head.

The man grabbed Benji and picked him up off the ground.  He was thrown against the wall, his heading hitting the drywall with a thud.  His body fell to the floor and he cried out in pain.  But no matter what pain and torture he went through, he wasn’t going to give up the secret.

He laid on the floor in pain.  The man walked up and kicked Benji in the shoulder, forcing him to lay on his back and look up at his attacker.  Benji slowly opened his eyes to see her attacker standing over him.  “So…have you thought any more about why you are here?”

Benji swallowed and nodded.  “Ye…yeah…yeah…I have…”  Each word that Benji said was getting harder and harder to say.  His chest was in a lot of pain and whenever he talked he felt a sharp pain stabbing him.


“And…”  Benji felt his voice starting to shake.  “And I will not tell you.  I refuse to give up where my sister is.  You don’t deserve to be with her.”

His attacker slapped him across the face and then spat on Benji’s face.  “All of this would be over if you just gave me what I wanted.  Have you thought of that?”

Benji slowly nodded.  “Yes.  But my sister’s safety is more important than my well being.  So you can keep beating me all that you want, but I will not tell you where my sister is.  You could even kill me.  And then you still won’t know where she is.”

The man’s shoe connected with Benji’s head and Benji’s body flew across the floor.  “You will tell me where she is!  You will tell me what I want!  But, I understand.  I understand that you want to keep her safe.  Maybe you will change your mind after a couple days.”  He kicked Benji again and left the room.

Benji laid in the middle of the floor, his head pounding harder than it had when he woke up.  He managed to crawl over to the wall and leaned against it.  He grabbed his head and tried to massage it hoping to make it feel better, but it didn’t work too well.  He closed his eyes and slowly started to breath in and out.  Benji tried to relax as much as he could but it wasn’t working out too well.  But, he was staying strong and keeping the secret.  His family was more important than his life, so he was willing to die to make sure his family is safe.  His sister was safe and that was that mattered.



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