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Good morning!  This is a little bit of a different blog post so apologies in advance if you expecting a brand new story.  But because we have some new people following the blog, I wanted to take a look back to show off some of my past stories.  Some of these will be the beginning of series and others will be single stories.  Each photo will take you to the story, so feel free to click around and check out the other stories on the blog.  Enjoy!

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The King is Dead (Part 3)

Hello!  The final part is finally here!  Is everyone excited?  If you have missed the past 2 parts, you have a bit of catching up to do.  Click here for part one and click here for part 2.  Come back here when you are done!

Now for the grand finale of The King is Dead!  This story is in the Paranormal category.  Thanks for stopping by and reading the story and enjoy!

The King is Dead (Part 3)

“Now don’t be mad at me King Stratford, but I figured out what the book says.  But I don’t know what it means. Maybe you can help me.”

Stratford shrugged.  Maybe…it depends on what you found.

Jonah cleared his throat.  “Okay…so…here it is. Plant the seed in the garden.  The bird will fly and take the seed. Do not let the robin take the seed.  The jay must take it. The jay will enjoy and eat the seed but the night will not last long.  The seed is poison for the jay. The kingdom is ours once the sun rises.”

Stratford stood in the middle of the room slackjaw.  How did Jonah figure this out? Stratford knew exactly what happened.  He knew who killed him. He raced into the kitchen and started banging the pots and pans about.  He found a small portrait of a man and immediately let out a scream.

He felt the rage fill his ghostly body.  Jonah came running into the kitchen, covering his face with his hands.  Pots and pans were flying around the room and the portrait sat in the middle of the counter.  Jonah made his way to the portrait and picked it up. There was a picture of a man who had a robin and a jay on his shoulder.  Jonah held the photo up. “King Stratford! This doesn’t prove anything! This is just a picture of a man with a jay and a robin.  I don’t know who this is!”

The pots and pans fell onto the floor.  Stratford flew over to Jonah and stood in front of him.  “This is Charles. The chef. He killed me.”

Jonah took a step back and put his hands in the air.  “King Stratford sir. I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear, but this doesn’t prove anything.  All we have is the thing from the book and this portrait. I hate to break it to you like that.”

Stratford huffed and sat on the counter.  Maybe Jonah wasn’t a good person after all.  If he was a good guy, he would believe Stratford.  He sat on the counter with both his arms and legs crossed.  He felt like he had figured it out, or actually Jonah had figured it out, but he thought he was close.

Jonah sat on the edge of the counter, mere inches away from Stratford’s ghostly body.  He let out a sigh. “King Stratford. I know you are upset. I would be too. To come this close but still not know anything, it sucks.  Honestly it does. But I can take this info and see if I can find a historian who can help me. I don’t know how much information you can give me, but I also don’t know why a historian would help me with little to no information.  If there was anything you could give me that might help, that would be great.”


Jonah turned and look at Stratford, almost exactly in his eyes.  “Charles? Charles who?” He looked down at the portrait that he found.  “Is this Charles?”


Jonah nodded.  “Okay. I will take all the information I have and go to a historian and see if they could help me.  Maybe if I can tell you what happened, you will be able to leave this place. But I can’t guarantee anything.  It’s just a thought.”

Stratford got up and left the room.  He was mad. No, he was more than mad.  He was furious. This kid was saying that he couldn’t do anything.  But he had promised that he would get Stratford out of this castle. And now he was going back on his word.  He sat in front of the cheating suit of armor and pouted. “This isn’t fair. The kid said he would help me and now he says he can’t. I don’t know what to do.”

“King Stratford?”  He turned around to see Jonah walk into the hallway.  “I know you’re upset and I’m sorry. But I’m going to leave.  I need to do some research on Charles to see if I can find any information on him.  I’m so sorry that I couldn’t bring you good news tonight sir. I will be on my way.”  Jonah walked through Stratford, who was still pouting on the floor. He made his way into the throne room and out the front doors.  

Stratford was still pouting when he heard the engine of Jonah’s car start up and wheels drive out onto the road.  He didn’t say goodbye, but he didn’t feel like it was necessary to do so. He was still mad and he wouldn’t be happy until Jonah found some new information.




The sun was going down over the western horizon.  Stratford sat on the roof of the castle, watching the sun set yet again.  It had been 4 sun sets since Jonah had been there. It was typical. People promised him that they would figure out what happened to him and never actually did.  He didn’t know why he actually trusted Jonah.

He scoffed.  “Typical kid.  Make tons of promises and not keep any of them.  I don’t know why I trusted him. I don’t know why I gave him the information to help him.  He ran away with it and hasn’t returned. Dumb. I was so dumb.”

The sun went down over the horizon and the world slowly became dark.  Stratford continued to sit on the roof, watching the stars start to come out.  He found all of his favorite constellations quickly, he tried to find them every night when he was on the roof.  It wasn’t hard to find them anymore. The moon was full, shining a bright light over the entire castle.

A car came around the bend of the road.  Stratford stood up. Was that Jonah? Was he actually going to be bringing good news this time?  Stratford flew through the roof, through every floor of the castle down to the throne room. He sat on his overturned throne and waited to see who was here to see to visit him.

The door slowly opened and Jonah poked his head inside.  “Hello? King Stratford? It’s me, Jonah. I brought you good news.”  He walked over to the throne and turned it rightside up. He stepped down the small steps and sat on the floor.  “I thought you would want your throne turned correctly to sit in one last time. I promise, this will be your last night in this castle.  Are you ready?”

Stratford stood next to his throne, confused.  Was this actually going to be his last time in the castle?  Was he actually going to get the answer he has been hoping to get for over 500 years?  Should he trust Jonah?

He straightened his robe and crown before sitting down in his throne.  It felt good to sit in it properly. He couldn’t remember the last time he properly sat in it.  It had been overturned for so long that he always just sat on the side of it. He felt proud, like he was actually king again.  He settled into the throne and took a deep breath.


Jonah cleared his throat and opened the notebook that he brought.  “Okay. So here we go. I spoke with a historian who studied the time you were alive.  She looked at everything we had and took some time to look into it. It took her two days to decipher everything and tell me what happened.  So, this picture is in fact your chef Charles the Grey. Now, I know what you are thinking. He wasn’t Charles the Grey when he was your chef.  Well…Charles married your lady after you died and took over her kingdom. Sorry…”

He paused for a second to let Stratford take all the information in.  He continued. “So Charles was known for not being that great of a King in the other kingdom.  He tried to fight with every other kingdom around. He had multiple children with multiple women.  Some historians think he might have even been in a relationship with a man at one point. Either way, that’s besides the point.  But, he was known for poisoning people that he wasn’t a fan of to get them out of his way.”

Stratford stood up in rage.  “That fool!”

Jonah put his hands in the air.  “Calm down sir, I know you are angry, but please let me continue.”  Stratford angrily sat down in the throne again. “The historian found a document that actually contained what Charles used as a poison.  For some reason, historians found the recipe and kept it. So…” He paused for a moment. “I’ll get back to that after the poem.


“I’m sorry sir, but I want to give you all the information first.”  He pulled out the book he took and found the poem in. “I asked the historian about the book and if it meant anything.  She said that Charles called his wife, your lady, a robin. He called her that because of her red hair. He referred to you as a jay because you were the king of a water kingdom.  You know, your colors are blue, like a jay. Anyway. We still don’t know who Charles was writing to or leaving a message for, but we can definitely say that Charles was the main part of this.  So the seed in the message was the poison. The garden was whatever you ate. Do you remember what you had for dinner that night?”

“No…I don’t.”

Jonah nodded.  “That’s okay. I understand.  It has been over 500 years hasn’t it.”  Jonah laughed. “Okay…so the garden was your dinner.  So Charles put the poison in your dinner, but made sure your lady didn’t eat it.  Since the message said the seed is for you, you and your lady probably ate two different things for dinner.  Does all of this make sense?”

“Yes…I want the truth.”

“Okay…” Jonah closed everything and look straight at Stratford.  “So the historian compared the recipe we found with the recipe that they had for Charles.  And…it was exactly the same. So we can confirm that Charles the Grey killed you by poison to your food just so he could be with your lady.  I’m so sorry King Stratford.”

Stratford felt the rage fill his body again.  But there was something else. Relief. He felt a sense of relief that he finally knew the truth.  He let out a blood curdling scream, as scream that could not be replicated by anyone dead or alive.  His ghostly body started spinning, a strange feeling for someone who only floated. The wind picked up causing a whirlwind in the throne room, blowing all of Jonah’s belongings around the room.  The doors flew open as the whirlwind passed through them.

Stratford felt something rip out of his chest as he flew out of the castle.  He flew straight up into the sky, passing through every floor and the roof before getting to the sky.  He was out of the castle and into the clouds. When he finally stopped he realized what happened.

He was free.  Jonah did it. Jonah was true to his word and got him out of the castle.  Stratford didn’t know what he could do to thank him. Now he was in the clouds and Jonah was on the ground.  And he didn’t ever have to wonder what happened to him when he died. Now Stratford had his answers and he could live in the afterlife in peace.  “Thank you Jonah. I will never be able to repay you for what you did.”

Stratford wasn’t sure if Jonah could hear him or not.  But what he did know was that he was finally free. Free to do whatever he wished.  He didn’t have to play games with the suits of armor or the rabbits. He was able to see all the wonders of the world.  He was able to fly anywhere and everywhere.

No more castle.  No more being stuck in one place.  More time being free.


The King is Dead (Part 2)

Hello!  Welcome to the next installment of The King is Dead.  If you missed last week’s installment, click here, and then come back!  Otherwise you will be very confused on what is going on.

Before we go any further, I want to let you know that I have entered a small writing contest with a story that I haven’t posted on here.  I will post it once the contest is over so that everyone can read it.  But, if you want to vote for it, follow this link and it will take you to the voting page.  Unfortunately you have to create an account to vote, but I would appreciate the vote!  Look for The Friend on the page and that’s mine!

This story is still part of the Paranormal category.  I hope you enjoy!

The King is Dead (Part 2)

“I raise you 3 stones.  If I win, I get all of the stones.”  Stratford sat in the hallway in front of a suit of armor.  There was a small pile of stones sitting between the two of them, most of them sat in front of Stratford.  There was a small checkerboard with all of the pieces in their correct spaces. Stratford scoffed. “Come on!  I play fair and you know that. Don’t you dare tell me that I cheat.”

The suit of armor stood tall, up against the wall.  He didn’t say anything. Stratford stood up and pointed a finger in the suit’s face.  “No! I will not agree to those rules. You agreed that we will play until the stones were gone.  You cannot change the rules now that you are losing.”

Nothing came from the suit.  Stratford threw his arms up in the air and started to walk away.  “Fine. You don’t want to play fairly then we won’t play at all. You brought this upon yourself.  I was trying to occupy both of our time so that way our afternoon went by quickly. But noooooo, you don’t want to play by the rules we set at the beginning and now we are here.  Now we are done playing checkers and I bid you good day.”

Stratford stormed out of the hallway and up the staircase to his room.  He didn’t know why he tried playing games with the suit of armor. The armor always tried to cheat and change the rules when he was losing so badly.  It wasn’t his best personality trait.

Once Stratford got to his room he slammed the door.  “How dare you armor! How dare you try to cheat through a nice game of checkers!  I try to be your friend and you just pull the rug out from underneath me. No! I will not allow it.”

Stratford floated up to the bannister of the bed and hung upside down.  He was upset with the armor, but he was able to look forward to seeing if Jonah had found anything.




“Poison.  This recipe was for poison.”

Stratford was shocked.  How dare one of his people poison him.  That was rude.

Jonah put the scroll back in his pocket.  “Sorry King Stratford sir. It looks like someone was out to kill you.  It definitely wasn’t an accident.” Stratford started to float away, his arms crossed over his chest.  Today was just not his day. Jonah cleared his throat. “But…there is a note at the bottom saying that something is hidden in the library.”

“Go on.”

Jonah jumped.  “I didn’t realize you were here sir.  Um…but…I guess we can go to the library and see if we could find anything.”

Stratford raced to the library to see if he could think of anything.  He looked around the large room with a lot of empty shelves. It wasn’t very full, but there were still a couple books left on the shelves.  It was dark and dusty in the room because Stratford had hardly ever visited it. There were only so many times that someone could read the same book over and over again.

“Whoa…I thought this was going to be a lot fuller.”  Jonah spun around slowly, taking in what was in the room.  “Well hopefully this won’t take as long as I was thinking it would.”  He walked over to the first shelf and grabbed the book off the shelf. He started to page through the book and put it back.  “Not this one.”

Stratford laid on his stomach on the top of one of the bookshelves, holding his head in his hands and kicking his feet like a child.  He was enjoying watching Jonah work. It was almost like Jonah was his son and Stratford was very proud of him. If anyone could solve what happened, Jonah could.

“So the note said instructions were in the person’s favorite book.  I don’t know who wrote this note and what their favorite book was. King Stratford, if you know what book this is, could you let me know.”

He had to think.  If Charles was the person who wrote the recipe, he didn’t read much.  But there was a book that Stratford remembered Charles reading. He floated down to the floor and floated between the shelves to find that book.  He turned the last corner and saw the book sitting on a high shelf. Beowulf.  That’s the book.  Stratford floated up the the shelf and knocked the book off the shelf.

“What was that!”  Jonah came running to where the book was and shone the light on the book that was laying on the floor.  He walked over to it and picked it up. “Thank you King Stratford. I appreciate it.”

Stratford floated closely behind Jonah as he started to page through the book.  There were certain letters that were underlined on the pages. He didn’t really understand what was going on.

Jonah closed the book.  “Sir. I’m going to take this home and see if I can figure it out.  I think that it will spell something out but I don’t think I can do it tonight.  I need some time to do this correctly.”

He quickly walked out of the room and made his way to the throne room where he left his belongings.  Stratford slowly followed him, not wanting him to leave. It was just so boring all day and all night.  At least Jonah kept him company. Stratford watched Jonah drive off into the night, leaving him all by himself once again.




“Ready or not!  Here I come!” Stratford went flying around the corner of the castle to look for the rabbits.  They always beat him at hide and seek. They also kind of cheated. He swore up and down that the rabbits purposely hid from him until he got bored and gave up.

But that was the point of hide and seek.

Stratford searched high and low for these rabbits.  He searched behind every rock, inside of every bush, and looked down every hole.  He groaned. “This is ridiculous. You guys do this every single time we play.” He turned around and saw a tree with a small hole in the bottom.

He put his hand up to his chin and floated over to the tree.  He leaned up against it. “You know…it would be quite a shame if you were all hiding…here!”  Stratford bent down to see the three rabbits all hiding in the hole in the tree. He laughed. “See!  I told you I would win this time.”

The rabbits scurried away quickly and raced into the closest rabbit hole.  Stratford threw his hands in the air. “Oh come on! Seriously guys! I told you that it was possible that I would actually find you!”  They disappeared into the hole, leaving Stratford by himself. He pouted. “Fine. I’ll go find other animals to play with.”

Stratford floated around the garden hoping to find someone else to play with but there were no other animals willing to play.  He made his way back into the castle, hoping that the suit of armor would be willing to play some checkers.


The King is Dead (Part 1)

Good morning!  This story was written as a much longer story, so I didn’t want overwhelm you with a huge long story.  So this will be either 2 or 3 parts, I’m actually not sure how long it will be.  But this is part one.

This story is in the Paranormal category.  I hope you enjoy!

The King is Dead

Stratford was bored.  Nothing was happening.  No one had come to visit him lately and it was sad.  All he did was roam around the castle and hope that something interesting happened.  But it was all for nothing. Nothing ever happened.

He roamed down the hall past all the knight’s in shining armor.  He ran up to one of them and bowed. “Good day good sir.” Stratford snickered.  “I’m such a child. I think that’s what the kids say nowadays.”

He continued down the hall toward the throne room.  The hall was long and narrow. Banners hung down from the ceiling, symbolizing what the country traded and grew.  There was an ocean surrounding the castle so the country always traded fish. Blue banners with golden fish filled the hallway.  Stratford looked out the pane less window to see the water. It was calm and clear, not even a single boat in sight. It was relaxing.

Stratford entered the throne room and it was empty.  There was a throne but it was in shambles. He spun around.  The whole room was in shambles. “Guards! What happened here?”  Stratford yelled into the emptiness. He waited but no one came. He frowned and sat on the floor, his head in the palm of his hand.  “It’s no fun around here when no one is here.” He looked around at the room to see the destruction that was around him.

The throne was broken into multiple pieces.  There was an arm and a leg missing and it was turned on it side.  A lot of the jewels were missing, leaving multiple holes in the edges of the throne.  The floor was cracked and tiles were missing. Pieces were missing from the small staircase that led from the floor to the throne.  There were no banners hanging from the ceiling, making the room seem much larger than it actually was. There were no guards to watch over the room, no people here to see Stratford, no life left in the room.

Stratford let out a sigh.  “There used to be so much life in the building.  We used to have the best parties and have so many people who ruled the country here.  So many people ruled the country from this very castle. Why did this happen?”

The large doors opened, filling the entire room with light.  Stratford covered his face with his hand. When he looked over his hand he saw 3 people walk in.  Stratford immediately stood up and dusted himself off. He started walking toward the guests and reached out his hand.  “Hello! I am King Stratford and welcome to my kingdom!” As he walked toward them, he completely walked through them. He turned around to look at the people.

He shrugged.   “Oh yeah…that’s what happened.”

The two guys and the girl stood in the middle of the room.  The blonde guy started to point. “Look! I bet that’s the throne that King Stratford sat on.  It’s too bad people have ransacked the place already. I hope we can still talk to him.”

The girl shrugged.  “Shawn…I don’t think that will change anything.  We can still talk to the King.”

The redhead seemed like he was going to wet himself.  “Shawn…Kira…I wanna leave. I don’t want to talk to a ghost.”

“Trevor stop being such a baby.  It’s not really talking to a ghost.  You just try to hear what they say.”

“OOOOOOOO I’m a spooooooooky ghost!!!”  Stratford waved his fingers around Trevor’s head.  He loved messing with the people who were afraid of ghosts.  He floated back and forth through Trevor’s body hoping to get a reaction.

Trevor flipped around, eyes super wide.  “What was that?”

The other two looked at each other and sighed.  “It was probably the wind.”

Trevor shook his head.  “No…no…I want to leave.  Let’s go. I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Shawn groaned.  “Are you serious?  We just got here.”

Stratford floated over to the overturned throne and shoved it over.  It made a huge ruckus and Trevor screamed. “This place is haunted! This place is haunted!  I’m leaving!” All three of them ran for the door, screaming the entire way.

Stratford chuckled.  “Goodbye now! I hope you had a wonderful time.  Please feel free to come back and visit!” The door slammed behind the three as they raced out the door.  Stratford yelled at them. “Be careful with those doors! They are very old!” He sat down on the overturned throne, sitting on the arm instead of the seat.  He let out a long sigh. “Scaring people is no fun anymore. Everyone is too afraid. No one is actually willing to talk to me.”

He stood up and floated toward the kitchen.  It wasn’t far away from throne room but he still had to do through 3 doors to get there.  He found the kitchen where there was nothing going on. The counter top was broken and taken apart.  Stratford had watched people come in and destroy the place. And there was nothing he could do about it.  He tried haunting them, but nothing happened.

Stratford opened the ice box and sighed.  “Well…it’s looks like I’m having air for dinner again.  Delicious…” He slammed the ice box shut and walked out of the kitchen.  He entered the hall and made his way up the broken staircase to the bedroom.  He apparated through the door and sat down on the edge of the four poster bed.

He let out a sigh.  “Well…another boring day.  Nothing interesting yet again.  Another day in this old castle and I’m still trapped in this horrific ghostly body.  Yeah…” He laid down on his back and closed his eyes. As he let out a long breath, he was ready to sleep.

Suddenly his eyes flew open.  “Oh yeah…I can’t sleep. I’m a ghost.”


Stratford spent the evening floating around the castle.  He raced against the squirrels in a footrace: he won. He practiced the magic that the wizard taught him years ago: nothing happened.  He walked down the hallway again, bowing to every single suit of armor. After everything was done he looked at the moon. “Gee…it’s only 10 pm.  What am I supposed to do with the rest of evening?”

The door started to open.  It was slow and careful, almost methodical.  Stratford turned around to see a young man walk through the door.  It wasn’t one of the boys who ran away screaming earlier in the day.  The young man carefully walked into the throne room and shone a flashlight around the room.  “Hello. My name is Jonah. I am not here to destroy the place. I am just here to talk to you King Stratford.”

Stratford was sitting on his overturned throne, staring at his fingernails.  “Sure…I don’t really believe you. Everyone says that but no one actually does that.”

Jonah turned around, shining the light right at the throne.  “Is that you King Stratford?”

Stratford shut his mouth quickly, his eyes were as wide as saucers.  This kid actually heard him? Or could Jonah actually see him sitting on the throne?

“It’s okay your majesty.  Like I said, I’m not here to hurt you.  I just want to find out what happened to you so you don’t have to haunt this castle anymore.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”  Stratford sat there, jaw agape.  This kid couldn’t be serious could he?  Stratford stood up and floated out of the room to the hallway.  He needed time to think.

He paced in the hallway, walking back in forth in front of the suits of armor.  “Is this kid serious? Is he actually going to figure out what happened to me? I don’t even know what happened to me!  I don’t even know how I died. All I know is that I was asleep and woke up as a ghost. I saw my own body laying in the bed and I was floating around the room.  I saw everyone from the court. I saw the preacher who proclaimed I was dead. I even saw my lovely lady who I had loved mourning my death. But I didn’t know who did it.  Does this Jonah kid actually think he could figure it out? I’ve been dead for 500 years! That will be impossible.”

A light shone through the archway going into the hallway.  Stratford plastered himself against the wall as he was now paranoid about this kid being here.  He didn’t dare move a muscle. Do ghosts even have muscles?

Jonah sat down on the floor and placed the flashlight in front of his legs.  He cleared his throat. “King Stratford. If you are here in this room, can you please say something?  I would love to talk to you.” Stratford kept his lips sealed shut. Jonah nodded. “I know you probably don’t trust anyone who comes into this castle after everything that has happened.  You were murdered and then your kingdom ransacked your castle. They took everything from you. You were their king and they didn’t respect you. I am so sorry for your loss.”

Jonah sat in silence for a moment.  Stratford still stood pressed against the wall, but now he was curious about Jonah.  Jonah took a deep breath and grabbed the flashlight. “If you don’t mind King Stratford, I want to take a walk through your castle.  I want to understand what happened.”

Stratford nodded before smacking himself in the forehead.  Of course Jonah couldn’t see him nod his head yes. “Idiot.”  He muttered to himself under his breath. Jonah started to make his way to the kitchen and Stratford slowly followed behind him.  He felt like a dog following his master.

Jonah stood in the middle of the kitchen and looked around.  He walked over to the icebox and opened it. “You know Stratford, I forgot how old the castle is.  I was totally expecting a fridge, not an icebox.”

Stratford was laying on the counter, his head in one hand and one foot on the counter.  He still wasn’t completely sure if he should trust Jonah or not. Jonah slowly moved the icebox away from the wall to see if there was anything behind it.  He methodically looked through all the cupboards to see if there was anything hidden inside of them. Stratford just watched as Jonah made his way through the kitchen.

As Jonah was leaned down into a cupboard, he started to get up and hit his head on the counter.  “Ow! Dang it. Why are these cupboards to hard?”

“Because they are made of wood.”

Jonah rubbed the back of his head.  “Thanks King Stratford. I didn’t realized that’s what they were made of.”  He reached into the cupboard and grabbed a small scroll. “What’s this?”

Stratford immediately flew over to Jonah and peered over Jonah’s shoulder.  It was a recipe for something, but Stratford didn’t know what for. But it was very badly written.  Leave it to Charles to write a recipe that no one could read.  Typical chef.

“Do you mind if I take this with me?  I want to investigate what these materials would make if mixed together.  If it’s a recipe for poison, then that helps us know what killed you.”

As Jonah put the recipe in his back pocket Stratford shrugged.  He didn’t really care if the kid took the scroll. He was dead, what could he do.  Jonah walked out of the kitchen and started to make his way up the stairs. Stratford continued to follow him like a puppy.

They arrived in Stratford’s room and Jonah sat down on the bed.  Stratford scoffed. “Sure…you can sit on the bed. Be my guest.”

“I’m sorry sir.  I didn’t mean to.”  Jonah stood up and walked to the other side of the room.  Stratford smacked himself again. Why did he keep saying things out loud that Jonah could hear?

The kid moved around the room, trying to see if he could find anything.  Stratford floated up to the top of the four poster bed, stretching his ghostly body across the square on the top.  He watched Jonah move around the room trying to find anything that could help in his investigation.

As Jonah looked around at things, Stratford became more bored.  Jonah didn’t find anything and sat down on the floor. He looked up toward the ceiling.  “King Stratford. I couldn’t find anything in here. If you can hear me, or if you are still in the room, I would love to come back tomorrow to see if I can find anything.  I want to do some investigating at home and come back tomorrow. Is that okay?”

Stratford hung upside down from the banister on the bed.  He shrugged, purposely not saying anything. He couldn’t do much in the castle anyway.  And he probably couldn’t stop Jonah anyway.

Jonah stood up and made his way toward the door.  Stratford followed Jonah as he walked out of the building.  Before leaving through the front door Jonah turned back into the throne room.  “Goodbye King Stratford. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. I will see you tomorrow night and hopefully I have more information for you.”

He walked out the door and Stratford waved goodbye.  He watched Jonah get in his car and drive off into the distance.  “Goodbye kid. Please…release me from this castle.”