Soul Mates (Part 6)

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But what I am sad about is finishing this story.  It was fun (maybe?) to follow Zac and Melanie to see what would happen and how it all ends.  Now, I won’t give away any spoilers, but I will give you a warning that this last part is a bit dark.  So now that you have been warned, I hope you enjoy the last part of this Adventure.  Enjoy!

Soul Mates

Melanie sat outside of Zac’s dorm, waiting for that blonde chick to come out.  She wanted to follow her back to her dorm. Tonight was the night to kill her. Melanie had a knife in her bag, ready to slit her throat.

The door opened and Melanie snuck behind a bush.  She peeked around the branches and saw a large man leaving the dorm.  The man walked toward her and she had to hide. She plastered herself against the building hoping that the bush would cover her completely.  The man walked past her, not noticing her hiding spot. But he sat down on a bench and faced Zac’s door.

“No.”  Melanie whispered to herself, trying to not call attention to herself.  “No…he has to leave. I can’t watch if he’s sitting there. Go away.” She watched the man sitting there.  He didn’t seem like he was going anywhere. Melanie slowly moved away from the man, trying to slide closer to Zac’s room.

She started walking toward the dorm room to look in the window.  The man had disappeared. Good.  Now I have to find that dumb chick.  Melanie slowly snuck over to the dorm room and peeked in the window.  There was no one in the dorm common area. It wasn’t dark, but it seemed dead inside.

“Can I ask what you are doing?”

Melanie whipped around to see the man who was sitting on the bench.  He towered over her in height which made her feel even smaller. “I…I was trying to find a way to sneak in so I could surprise my boyfriend.  It’s his birthday today.” She hoped that her lie would convince this man that she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

He crossed his arms.  “What’s your name?”

“Melanie Charles.”  She was barely able to stammer out her name.

The man grabbed something and his hip and reached toward her.  “Please put your hands behind your back.”

Melanie took a step back.  “What are you doing? I haven’t done anything wrong!”

The man grabbed her shoulder.  “You are being arrested for threatening a fellow student and stalking another student.  Please remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…”

“ZAC IS MY BOYFRIEND!”  Melanie screamed at the top of her lungs.  This was wrong. “KNOCK ON HIS DOOR! HE WILL TELL YOU WE ARE TOGETHER!  YOU ARE WRONG!”

Some of the lights from the dorm rooms started to turn on.  People started poking their heads out of their doors to see what was going on.  Melanie turned bright red. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t the plan she had created.

“This is Officer Marsh, I need some backup over here.”

“THIS IS A MISTAKE!”  Melanie tried to scream over what the Officer was saying on his phone.  Zac’s roommate walked out of their dorm with a plastic bag and reached to handed it to the officer.  “YOU! TELL THIS MAN THAT HE IS WRONG AND THAT ZAC AND I ARE DATING!”

The roommate shook his head.  “No way. You are definitely not dating Zac.  You need to be locked up forever.”


The officer started leading Melanie away as she was still screaming.  “Okay miss we can all hear you. You can be as loud as you want but you are still coming with me.”  She dug her heels in, trying anything to get the officer to stop taking her away. He kept pulling her along all the way to his unmarked car.

The officer opened the back door and put her in the back seat.  As soon as he closed the door, Melanie started kicking the door.  She tried to kick it as hard as possible, trying to free herself from the vehicle.  The officer sat down in the front seat and started the car. Melanie kicked the window hoping for it to break, but nothing happened.  The car started moving and Melanie started to freak out even more. “HOW DARE YOU TAKE ME AWAY! ZAC WILL NEVER GET HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT!”

“You know that Zac came to us because you were terrorising his life.  You have been sending him letters and threatened to kill his girlfriend.  You aren’t really selling the idea that you and Zac are together.”


The officer snickered.  “Sure. I will never understand your relationship.”

Melanie kept slamming against the doors and windows for the entire ride to the station.  She was angry. How dare this man take her away from Zac. How dare he ruin the plans she had.  How could Zac do this to her?

When they arrived at the station, Melanie was escorted inside.  She was brought into a small room where she was handcuffed to the table.  It was dark except for one light above the table and two chairs. The officer sat down across from her with a pen and paper.  “Why were you torturing Zac Prescott?”

Melanie’s eyes didn’t leave the table.  “I wasn’t torturing him. I was expressing my love to him.  You wouldn’t understand.”

The officer pulled out the plastic bag that Zac’s roommate had handed to him.  “You call this, a letter that is covered in blood, an expression of love? I bet we would find your fingerprints all over this and your blood is the one splashed all over.”

“Yes I call that an expression of love and yes you will find my fingerprints and blood because it is from me.  It is a letter from ME to HIM!”

The officer gently pulled out the letter with a rubber glove and opened it.  “Let me read what this says: ‘Zac, This is your last chance. I have given you plenty of chances and I will not give you another.  This is your last chance to break up with the blonde chick. She is not your future wife. I am. Me. I AM. She IS NOT. Break up with her or she dies.  Your choice. If she dies the blood is on your hands. It will be your fault. I don’t think you want her blood covering your hands. Me’” The officer cocked one eyebrow up as he looked at Melanie.  “You want to tell me that this is an expression of love?”

Melanie tried to look scared.  “That wasn’t me sir…I didn’t write that letter.”

“Are you trying to look like a fool?  Because you are doing a really good job of it.  If I find your fingerprints on this letter, you better believe that you will be spending the rest of your life in prison for threatening someone and stalking them.  Do I make myself clear?”

Melanie shrugged.  “Well you won’t find my prints on it so why am I even sitting here?”

The officer stood up and left the room.  She sat in silence for mere moments before he came back with an ink pad and paper.  He fingerprinted every single finger before leaving the room completely. Melanie sat there in the cold and empty room.  Her hands were handcuffed to the table so she couldn’t move. She tried sawing the chain against the table but she didn’t get very far.

As she sat in the dark room, all she could think about is Zac.  His perfect hair, his piercing blue eyes, his perfect body, just everything about him was perfect.  Why would he do this to her? Why would he force her to suffer like this?

Not too long after the officer came in.  “Melanie Charles you are under arrest for threatening a fellow student and for stalking Zac Prescott.  You will now be escorted to county jail where you will spend some time before your trial. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  Do I make myself clear?”

Melanie nodded as she was stood up and escorted out of the room.  If Zac wasn’t willing to be with her, then there was no point in living.  As they were walking out of the building, she reached for the gun of the officer who was in front of her.  She grabbed it, flipped it around, flipped the safety and shot.

Her body fell to the floor in a pile of blood and bones.  She crumpled in a heap, not feeling anything from the shot to her head.  The officers ran to her side to see if they could revive her, but they couldn’t.  The bullet went straight in but didn’t come out. They tried to perform CPR but she was too far gone.  There was no heartbeat, no breathing, no will to live. She had taken her life without thinking of anyone but herself.  They sat back on their heels and had a moment of silence for the young life who was lost in their office space.  


To the only one that I will ever love

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know Zac how much I love you.  Please don’t take my sunshine away.




“I don’t think I want to take these back.  I think I’m going to throw this away.” Zac held up the clothes Melanie had taken from him and threw them in the trash bag.  He sighed. “Too bad, I really liked this black shirt.”

Talia wrapped her arm around his shoulders.  “You could always just wash them. Clothes are washable.”

“Yeah…I don’t really want to think about what she did with these clothes.  I’ll just always be thinking of that when I wear them.” He walked over to the bedside table where a photo of him sat.  He picked it up. “Do you have any photos like this in your dorm room?”

She giggled.  “Yeah but I don’t keep them on display like she did.  I keep them hidden until I need them.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”  As he set the photo down the back fell off of it, revealing another letter.  He cautiously picked it up. “What do you think?”

“It’s up to you babe.  No one will judge you if you don’t want to read it.”

Zac slowly opened the envelope and read the letter inside aloud.  “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” He kept reading. Talia came over and hugged him while he read.  “See, I wouldn’t have minded reading these kind of letters from her.”

Talia kissed him on the cheek.  “No, it still would’ve bothered you.  But now, it’s over. You don’t have to worry about her.”

Zac nodded as he threw his picture and the letter into the trash.  He spun around, making sure he got everything. “Okay…I think that’s everything.  Everything that I want to throw away at least.” He took Talia’s hand and walked out of the dorm room.  Officer Marsh was waiting for them. “Okay. I got everything that I wanted destroyed. Her family can come in now.”  The officer nodded and shook Zac’s hand before letting them leave.

As they walked out the door, he felt empowered.  This was a fresh start. Everything was behind him and he was okay with that.  Zac was able to move on with his life. He could go back to his classes. He could continue dating Talia.  Everything was good in the world and Zac was happy with that.



Soul Mates (Part 5)

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Soul Mates

To My Zac

How could you go to the police?  We are a couple. You and I are the king and queen of the world.  Nothing could ever come between us, except for that blonde chick. If you try to stop me, you will find your blonde chick covered in her own blood.  She is not the right match for you. It is me. I am your perfect match. I will make you happy every day. I will give you everything that you could need.  I love you more than anyone ever could.



“So how long have you been receiving these letters?”

Zac pondered for a moment.  “I think it’s only been a month.  But it feels like it’s been much longer than that.”

The boys sat in a small office in the local police station.  Officer Marsh, the officer who was helping them, seemed very keen on catching M.  He looked at everything and was taking notes. “So you have no idea who this is?”

“No…but she knows which dorm is mine.  That’s what gets me. I don’t know how she knows.”  He sighed. “I think she’s gotten in my apartment as well.  Some of my belongings have gone missing and I know for a fact that none of my roommates have taken them.”

The officer’s eyes widened.  “Things have gone missing? Like what?”

Zac had to think.  “Uh…I know for a fact some clothing items.  2 shirts and a pair of basketball shorts. And she could’ve taken some small items that I don’t know about but I know for a fact that the clothing is missing.”  He slightly pouted. “One of the shirts was one that I wore for every presentation.”

Officer Marsh wrote down a couple notes in his notepad before looking up at the boys.  His eyes looked determined, like he had a solid plan. “What I would like to do, if you are okay with this, is set an officer up, or myself, to watch your door at all times.  Dress him up like a student and act like he’s your friend. How does that sound?”

Zac nodded.  “That sounds great!  Please, I want this to be over.”

They quickly made plans for where the lookout could keep watch from and get him started that day.  They all prayed that this would be the plan that would stop M. Zac was ready for all of this to be over so he could continue on with his life.


“I have to stop her.  I have to stop her. I have to stop her.”  Melanie frantically paced around her room trying to come up with a plan.  She was the good guy. The blonde chick was the bad guy. The blonde girl was keeping her and Zac apart.  She had to be stopped.

Melanie whipped her desk chair away from the desk and sat down.  She drummed her fingers on the desk, trying to decide if it would be better to poison the blonde girl or slit her throat.  She had to die. There was no other option. If Zac was going to be with one woman, it would be Melanie.

She stood up and paced around her room.  She kept muttering to herself, repeating the same sentence over and over.  “I have to stop her. I have to stop her. I have to stop her.” A knock on her door made her pause her thinking.  “What!”

The door slightly opened.  “Are you okay? I hear you stomping around in here and…”

“Shut up Amanda!  Nobody asked you!”  Melanie walked to the door and slammed it shut.  She locked her door to make sure no one disturbed her again.  She was so angry that nothing could get in her way. She had to find a way to stop the blonde chick from keeping Zac away from her.  “I am the only one who can marry Zac. Not her. Me!”

Melanie walked back to her desk and fell into the uncomfortable chair.  She grabbed the drawer of the desk and ripped it open. She grabbed a plain white piece of paper and started scratching her letter.  It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t nice.
But it was her last chance.  If Zac didn’t break up with the blonde girl after this letter, she would have to take drastic measures.  

Measures that she didn’t want to take, but would if she had to.



This is your last chance.  I have given you plenty of chances and I will not give you another.  This is your last chance to break up with the blonde chick. She is not your future wife.  I am. Me. I AM. She IS NOT. Break up with her or she dies. Your choice. If she dies the blood is on your hands.  It will be your fault. I don’t think you want her blood covering your hands.



“Step back.”

Zac, Damian, and Officer Marsh all stopped outside of their dorm room.  Outside the door was a bloody piece of paper. There wasn’t even an envelope on it.  Just a piece of paper covered in blood. They all stood there looking at it.

Officer Marsh pulled out a plastic bag and gently picked it up.  They all walked inside to examine it further. Zac read the letter and felt a tear start to form in his eyes.  “I can’t. I can’t do this. I am not going to break up with Talia and date this psycho. I just want this to stop.”

The officer put his hand on Zac’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry son. We will make sure you and your girlfriend are safe.  I’m going to get another officer with your girlfriend so she is safe as well.”

Zac nodded.  “Okay. She’s out of town until tomorrow night.  So she should be safe.”

“Actually…tell her to stay there.  I will contact the school and let them know that for her safety she will not be attending classes until further notice.  Unfortunately, I need you to still attend because we need M to think that you are still here.”

A small tear slid down Zac cheek.  He quickly wiped it away before pulling out his phone and calling Talia.  She didn’t answer so he left her a brief message. “Hey babe…uh…so I received a letter from M that said she was going to hurt you.  So…stay home. The police officer I am working with told me to tell you to stay home and you would be excused from classes until further notice.  Call me if you need anything. I love you.”

Zac looked at Officer Marsh with a worried look in his eye.  “Please. Catch this girl. I don’t want to be tortured any longer.”


Soul Mates (Part 4)

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Soul Mates

To the man of my dreams

You need to break up with that blonde chick.  She is not the one you love. I am the only one who loves you.  I am the only one who will marry you. You will not understand the amount of hatred I feel toward that chick.  Break up with her immediately so we can finally be together. You and I are meant to be. If you do not break up with her, I will kill her.



“Dude…how could you say that Breaking Bad is a bad show?  It was one of the best of it’s time. Seriously!”

Zac shook his head.  “Damian we can all have our own opinions.  I didn’t like Breaking Bad, you don’t like NCIS.  See I’m not mad at you for not liking NCIS. It’s your opinion.”

“Yeah but Breaking Bad is so good!”  Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door.  Damian looked at Zac, one eyebrow cocked. “Is Talia coming over tonight?”

Zac stood up.  “No…she’s at her parent’s house this weekend.  Her sister had a major dance recital that she wanted to go to.”  He walked to the door and looked through the peephole. No one was there.  He opened it and there was a letter sitting on the welcome mat. Zac looked around the courtyard but no one was there.  He bent down and cautiously picked up the letter.

He turned back inside and closed the door.  He slowly made his way back to the table where Damian was still sitting.  “Are you kidding me?”

“What’s wrong?”

Zac turned the envelope around, showing Damian what was written on the front.  “I know it’s been a month since they started and I haven’t received anything for a few days, but for some reason I thought this was over.”

Damian snickered.  “You don’t want to receive any fan mail from anyone but Talia?”

Zac rolled his eyes.  “I’m good thanks.” He carefully ripped the top of the envelope.  He pulled out the letter and something else fell onto the floor. Zac picked up the item that fell and was horrified.

Not only was there a letter in the envelope, but there was a photo.  But it wasn’t just a photo of Zac. It was a photo of Zac and Talia, but Talia’s face was blacked out. Zac immediately knew who sent this.

“Dude…that’s…creepy.  I don’t know what to say.”  Damian put his hand on Zac’s shoulder in comfort.  Even though it wasn’t much, it was still nice.

“You know what the sad thing is?  I saw the person who took this picture.  She was kinda creepy. I’m pretty sure she just stared at Talia and I the entire time she sat in the library.  She was weird.”

“Maybe you should go to campus police?  They might be able to help you out.”

Zac nodded.  “Maybe I should.  The only issue is that I have no idea what she looks like.  I know she had brown hair but that was about it.”

Damian shrugged.  “Well maybe they could have someone escort you around or watch the door to see if she leaves something.  I don’t know, but if you don’t feel safe you need to talk to someone.”

Zac knew Damian was right.  He didn’t feel super safe with this creep following him.  He agreed with Damian and they immediately left to find campus security.

It was a short walk across campus to find the police station.  The boys walked inside to find a single receptionist. She looked up at them over her glasses.  “Can I help you?”

“Yeah…”  Zac cautiously took a step forward.  “I would like to talk to someone about a possible stalker that I have.  I don’t really feel safe because she knows my dorm room.”

She sighed and picked up the phone.  “Yeah…I have a young man here who says he isn’t feeling safe because he thinks someone is stalking him…uh huh…okay…thanks.”  She hung up the phone and stood up from her chair. “Follow me.”

The boys followed her back to a small office where an officer who didn’t look much older than them sat.  He stood up and shook their hands. “Hello guys. I’m Officer Kent. Please, have a seat.” All three of them sat down.  “So…what can I help you with?”

Zac cleared his throat.  “Well…I believe I have someone stalking me.  I have received multiple letters from them, I have items missing from my dorm room that aren’t at my girlfriend’s place, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen her following me.  But today I actually received a letter that had a picture of me and my girlfriend in it, but my girlfriend’s face was blacked out.” He pulled the photo out of the envelope and handed it to the officer.

Officer Kent looked at the photo and handed it back.  “Okay…do you know who it is?”

Zac shook his head.  “No…I know her name starts with an M because that’s how she ends every letter.  I also believe she’s got long brown hair, but I can’t be 100% sure about that.”

Officer Kent leaned back in his chair.  “Unfortunately we can’t do much. Unless we know the person’s name, we can’t really do anything.”

Damian smacked his fist on the desk.  “Really? You can’t have someone watch our dorm room?  Or someone escort him to class and watch out? Seriously?”

The officer sat forward, leaning both elbows on the desk in front of him.  “Unfortunately we don’t really have the manpower. It doesn’t seem that serious…”

“She threatened my girlfriend!”  Zac pulled out the letter and handed it to the officer.

Officer Kent read it and shrugged.  “I’m sorry. It’s still not that serious of a threat.  If you are that concerned about it, you should go to the actual police.”

Zac and Damian stood up in unison and stormed out of the campus police station.  On their way out they agreed to go to the local police because maybe they could actually help.


Melanie sat on a bench outside the campus police station and waited.  She had seen Zac and his roommate walking so she followed them. She sat on the bench behind a book, making her look less conspicuous as she waited for them.  They walked out and were talking about going to the police.

She followed them.  She stayed close enough where she could hear them, but far enough away where they wouldn’t notice her.  It was hard to not run up to them and tell them not to go to the police. She was harmless. There was nothing to worry about.

They talked about going to the police to stop her.  How dare they? How could Zac try to break them apart by going to the police?  They were meant to be together. How could he not realize that?

Melanie followed them all the way back to the dorms.  They made their way to the parking lot where she lost them.  She let out a huff before heading back into her dorm room. If he was going to the police, she might as well give them something to talk about.


Soul Mates (Part 3)

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Soul Mates

To my one and only Love,

You are the wind that pushes me through my day.  You are the reason I wake up in the morning. You are the last thing I think of when I fall asleep.  You are what I daydream of everyday.

You are my perfect partner.  I love you more than anything else.



“Where is that shirt?”  Zac flipped through everything in his closet.  He needed a black shirt to wear for his presentation and he couldn’t find a specific black shirt that he looked good in.  “I swear it was just here!”

Damian knocked on the door.  “Are you having problems in here?”

Zac frantically looked at every item in his closet.  “Yeah! I have one black shirt that I look good in for this presentation and I cannot for the love of God find it.  I swear it was in here last night.”

“Maybe Talia has it?”

Zac shook his head.  “No…she only has one of my shirts and it’s a green one because it looks good with her blonde hair.  Plus she would never take a black shirt, she says it’s too gothic for her.”

Damian laughed.  “Yeah I could see her saying that.  Just wear something else. How about grey?  You look good in grey too. It doesn’t make you black hair look as dark.”

Zac grabbed a grey shirt and ripped it off the hanger.  He quickly put it on and took a look in the mirror. “Eh…I guess it will have to do.  I wish I had that black shirt though…” He picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder.  He pushed past Damian and out the front door.

Zac walked toward his first class in a confused huff.  How did that black shirt disappear? Maybe it was in laundry.  Or maybe one of the guys took it without asking. Or maybe it was actually at Talia’s place and he didn’t remember.  It was so strange.

A hand grabbed onto his shoulder.  “Hey Mr. Grey Shirt. I thought you only wore black shirts on days that you did presentations?”

Zac planted a kiss on Talia’s lips.  “I normally do. But I cannot for the life of me find my favorite black shirt.  It isn’t at your dorm is it?”

She shook her head.  “No. I only have the one green shirt.  Is it in your laundry?”

“I have no idea.  I swear it was in my closet last night.”

“I couldn’t tell you.  We didn’t go into your dorm last night.”

He sighed.  “Yeah…I know.  I just have no idea.”  They continued on the way to his class.  They parted ways and Zac walked into the classroom and took his seat near the front.  He pulled out his laptop to prepare for his presentation on the history of ancient medicine.  It was hard to clear his head from what happened that morning. What was happening to him?


Melanie woke up and smiled.  She remembered that she had his shirts and bottoms from Zac’s room and she was excited.  It was almost like he wanted her to have this.

She reached in the drawer next to her bed and pulled out a photo of Zac from the pool.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his swim shorts were pulled down slightly. It was one of her favorite pictures of him.  His chiseled chest, the flat stomach that was starting to form into a 6 pack, his black hair that was messy from being wet, and his strong arm muscles.  He was so smart. He was going to be a doctor. He was going to be her doctor and her husband.

Why wouldn’t he just look at her?  Why wouldn’t he break up with that blonde chick that he was always with.  Maybe she needed to send him a message. But not yet. She needed to wait a while.  She couldn’t be that pushy when it came to love. She knew she was going to wait a while before giving him another letter.  She couldn’t push him away. And if she did, then her whole life would be over.


Soul Mates (Part 2)

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We continue on our Adventure with Zac and Melanie.  Will they actually meet?  Will Zac break up with Talia?  Continue reading to find out!  Enjoy!

Soul Mates

“99…100…ugh.”  Zac laid on the floor of his room.  100 pushups was harder than he remembered.  “I have to work out more.” There was a knock on his door.  “Come…in.”

Talia cautiously came through the door.  “Oh good. I thought I was disturbing you.”

Zac rolled over on his back.  “Oh…yeah…no…I’m just very out of breath from pushups.

Talia closed and locked the door.  She walked over and sat down next to him on the floor, sitting on the floor facing Zac’s face.  “I found this taped to your door.”

Zac grabbed the envelope she was holding and saw the same writing as the previous one.  He groaned. “What is this?” He quickly read through it and threw it to the side. “At least they signed this one.”

Talia frowned.  “What’s her name?”

“Well…I don’t even know it’s a girl.  I’m just assuming it is because of the writing.  But this one is signed M. So maybe her name is something like Maddie or Madison.”

“Okay…so now you have a lover?”

Zac shook his head.  “Definitely not, but I’m not sure what to think.  It’s kinda worrying actually.”

Talia tilted her head.  “Why are you worried? This isn’t going to get between us is it?”

He sat up and put both hands on her shoulders.  “No! Of course this isn’t going to get between us.  We are a power couple. Nothing can get between us. Not these dumb letters.  Not our friends. Nothing. Do you understand?”

She smiled shyly.  “Of course I understand baby.  I just don’t want to see you hurt.  So let’s think about this reasonably and responsibly okay?”

He hugged her.  “Yes, definitely.  We will stay level headed about it.”  He stood up and kissed her on the top of her head.  “I’m gonna shower and then I need to work on my project.  I was going to go to the library again. You can join me if you want.”

“Maybe for a while.  I have dance practice at 3 so maybe I’ll come study and keep you company until 2.  Would that be okay?”

Zac smiled.  “It would be an honor to study next to you my lady.  Why don’t we meet in the library in 30 minutes. I’ll grab a pizza on the way for fuel.”

Talia slowly stood up.  “You know…for someone who is studying to be a doctor, you really don’t eat that great.”

“What can I say?  I’m a doctor, not a nutritionist.  So for now, pizza and soda.”

Talia left and Zac got ready.  He grabbed his backpack and all of his things and headed out the door.  After a quick pit stop at the campus Little Caesars, he headed to the library where he would probably spend the rest of the day.

After a couple hours of studying, Zac got up to take a break.  Talia was there to watch his belongings as he walked around. He walked up the stairs, around the top story, and the back down.  As he was walking back to his study space something caught his eye.

A girl.  She had long dark hair and was hiding behind a phone.  But she seemed odd. Almost like she was trying to take pictures of Zac.  Was she sitting there the entire time he was there?

Zac sat down.  “Hey…has that girl been sitting there the whole time we have?”

Talia looked up.  “Which one?”

“The one with the long dark hair.  She’s holding her phone up, it has a black phone case.”

Talia shook her head.  “Babe I couldn’t tell you.  I haven’t really been paying attention.”

“Okay.  I’m hoping she isn’t M and is taking pictures of me.”

“I think you might be overreacting.”

Zac sat back in his chair.  “Yeah…probably.”


Melanie sat eagerly at her printer.  She took so many photos of Zac in the library.  But he noticed her! That was the exciting part.  He saw her while he was studying. It was meant to be.

She pulled the 5 new pictures off the printer and put 4 of them in the photo album.  The fifth one was a photo of him and his “girlfriend”. She wasn’t his girlfriend. Melanie was.  They were meant to be together.

Melanie grabbed a sharpie and scribbled out the blonde chick’s face.  Melanie wasn’t concerned about what her name actually was. She didn’t matter.  It was Melanie. It was all about Melanie.

As she sat at her desk she looked out the window to see Zac walking.  She gasped and ran out the door. As soon as she got outside she went straight to the sidewalk and followed behind Zac.  He had no idea that she was following him. It was perfect. Melanie could feel the positive energy between them even though she followed from a distance.

Once Zac reached his dorm building she stayed further behind.  She knew which dorm was his, she just wasn’t sure which room. She watched the windows to see him inside.  And then it happened! She saw him in a window. He took his shirt off and grabbed another from the closet.  It was his room and she had to get in there.

Melanie decided to wait it out to see if Zac would leave.  She watched him put on a nice shirt and spray some cologne.  He walked out the bedroom door. Melanie hid behind a tree to make sure she could see him leave.  She saw him walk out of the building, kiss the blonde chick who had been waiting, and start walking toward the parking structure.

It was time.

Melanie climbed a tree that was close to his window.  She gingerly made her way out onto the branch that was closest to the window.  Without issue, she was able to take the screen off and slide the window open. And with one foul swoop, she was in Zac’s room.

It was perfect.  She laid down on his bed to take in all of his smell.  She looked at all of his belongings, taking note of everything.  Melanie opened the closet and found her favorite red shirt which she gladly took.  She then grabbed two more shirts, a blue one and a black one, both very simple shirts that smelled like Zac.   She took a pair of basketball shorts that were definitely too big for her, but she didn’t care. He left them there for her as gifts.  And she was finally able to appreciate them.

She picked up the cologne and sprayed her new gifts.  She folded everything and held it under her arm to take back to her dorm.  She put everything back the way it was and got down the tree. She made her way back to her dorm so she could dress herself in his gifts to her.

As soon as she arrived back, she locked herself in her room.  She quickly undressed and slowly slid into Zac’s clothes. She put on the red shirt and sighed.  It was too big for her but she didn’t care. She was planning on just sleeping in it and thinking of Zac in her dreams.  She slowly stepped into the basketball shorts and it just felt right.

She put another shirt over her pillow as a pillowcase.  She wanted to feel his shirt on her face as she slept, be able to smell him as she drifted off to sleep.  Melanie laid down in her bed and started to squeal. This was how everything was supposed to work. This is how her life was going to work out.


Soul Mates (Part 1)

Good morning everyone!  Did everyone have a good week?  I am so glad that today is Friday because I am totally ready for the weekend.

Today we start a new series here on the blog.  This one was different for me, it isn’t something that I would normally write.  But it was fun to see what I could come up with as I was trying something different.  I don’t want to give away too many details because I want you to see what the story is all about!  This story is an Adventure and I hope you enjoy!

Soul Mates

Zac sat in the library, his head in his hands.  He had been sitting there all day trying to get a project done but it felt like he had been there for years.  His laptop sat on the desk surrounded by fast food bags and Starbucks cups. Friends had come and gone while he sat there.

“Hey hot stuff.”

Zac turned to see his girlfriend Talia standing behind him.  He smiled before giving her a kiss. “Hey baby. How are you?”

She sat down in the chair next to his.  “Not bad. I was wondering if you were going to come stay at my dorm tonight.  Or if you were going to be here for all hours.”

Zac stretched and looked at the time.  “Geez! It’s almost midnight! I didn’t realize I was here for so long.”  He rubbed his face. “Uh…no. I think I’m gonna stay at my place. Sorry.  I really need to sleep and work on this tomorrow. This project is taking way too long to finish.”

Talia wrapped her arms around Zac and rested her head on his shoulder.  She sighed. “Too bad. We could’ve had some fun.”

“I know babe.  But this project is worth half of my grade for this class and I really need to get a head start on it.”

She kissed his cheek.  “I know. You’re always so studious.  I love that about you.” She stood up and picked up some of Zac’s trash to throw away on her way out of the library.  “We need to get a hotel room when this semester is over. It would be much more fun.”

Zac started packing up his things.  “Yeah maybe. Maybe after finals. But for now I will walk you to your dorm room before heading to mine.”

They quickly packed up and started toward the door.  They walked hand and hand through the darkness toward the dorms.  The school wasn’t that big so the dorms weren’t too far away from the library.  The air had a chill in it from the early October night. Not many students were still awake at this hour so campus was very quiet, eerily quiet.  The few light posts that led the way to the dorms were bright, giving the sidewalk small little spotlights showing them the way.

Once they arrived at the dorms, Zac walked Talia to her room.  They kissed outside the door before going their separate ways. Zac walked in silence to his dorm, a room he shared with 3 other boys.  He had his own separate room which was nice, but it was nice to see his friends also.

He walked in the door to find one other guy awake.  Damian was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.  Damian waved. “Hey bro. You up late studying again?”

Zac nodded.  “Yeah. I’m going to bed.  G’night.”

“Hey before you go to bed, this letter was under the door.  It’s addressed to you but I have no idea what it is.” Damian handed Zac an envelope with a nicely written ‘Zac’ on the front.

Zac frowned.  “Huh…I wonder if Talia left this for me.  But I just saw her and she didn’t say anything.”  He walked toward his room. “Thanks man. Have a good night.”

He threw his backpack on the bed and sat next to it.  He carefully opened the letter and read it.

To my love
You are the light that shines in the morning.  You are the brightest part of my day. You mean more to me than you will ever know.  I love you more than I love anything else. I love you.

Zac snickered.  He pulled out his phone and text Talia.  Thanks for the cheesy love letter!

He didn’t have to wait long when his phone buzzed.  I didn’t send you anything…what are you talking about?

Zac froze.  If Talia didn’t leave the love letter, then who is it from?


Melanie sat in her dorm room and sighed.  Zac was perfect. He was the perfect guy. No one could say anything different.  She was going to marry him one day. Maybe not soon, but someday.

She had a small photo album of photos of Zac.  The time he came out of the library wearing her favorite red shirt.  The time he was paying attention in class and she was waiting outside for him.  The time he was with some of his friends in his sexy lab coat. The time he was sitting on a bench talking on the phone to his mom, letting him know how awesome school was.

She had a cup that he drank from, a pair of sunglasses he had left behind, and a small cut of hair she collected from his head.  It was all so special and he always left things for her to find.

Was she in love?  Definitely. After all, they were meant to be together.  She left him a letter under his door showing her affection for him.  He would surely leave one for her too.

Melanie laid on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.  She had been lying there for a while but the thought of Zac was keeping her awake.  Maybe if she wrote Zac another letter and left it for him, maybe that would help her sleep.

“Yeah…that should work.”

She rolled on her side and turned on her lamp.  She slowly rolled off the bed and walked over to her desk.  As she sat in the chair, Melanie pulled out some of her favorite stationary and her favorite pen to write.

Maybe she would be able to relax after expressing her love to him.


To Zac

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I will do anything for you. Anything to make you happy.  You deserve to be happier than ever. You deserve to be the happiest person ever.  No one will ever make you as happy as I can.

I want to kiss you.  I want to hold your hand.  I want to walk next to you as we take a long walk through the town.  I want to eat and drink with you. I want to feel your warmth as we embrace.  You are my everything and I want you to know that.

I love you more than I love myself.  I will never let anything stand between you and me.  We are destined to be together forever.