Glimmer of Hope

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  I spend a lot of time lounging around and relaxing which was nice.  I unfortunately didn’t get as much writing done as I would’ve liked, but it happens.

This week is actually another story for Grammy’s Grid.  I got a little inspiration from writing the last story so I decided to do another story for the link party.  This story is a Feel Good Story and I hope you enjoy!

Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope.jpg

Erin sat on a rock in the middle of the desert and cried.  She had been walking for hours and hadn’t come across any other living beings.  She watched the sun go from the middle of the sky to down under the horizon. Her mind was racing with how to get out of the situation but nothing seemed to be working in her favor.

She still wasn’t sure how this happened.  One minute she was hanging out with friends at a party and the next moment she’s blacked out.  When she woke up, she was in the middle of the desert. Erin wasn’t sure how long she had been blacked out for but what she knew was that she needed to find a way to get home.  Her phone was missing and she wasn’t even sure she was walking in the right direction to find help.

After a good cry session, Erin stood up and looked around.  She saw something in the distance that looked like it could be some help.  Her feet begrudgingly moved forward towards the small glimmer of hope that was in the distance.  She tried to run toward the small oasis of hope but no matter what she didn’t seem to be moving faster.  

The sand seemed to make Erin’s feet drag a bit more even though she was trying to move quickly.  She had to pay attention to where she was running so she didn’t accidentally run into a cactus of some sort.  The stars started to twinkle a little brighter as she realized she was getting closer to her possible salvation.

She stopped at the top of the hill to look at her small hope.  There was a small tent sitting in the middle of a valley. A small fire smouldered next to the tent meaning that someone was nearby.  Erin wearily walked down the small hill of sand toward the tent, praying that the people would be willing to help her.

“Help…”  Erin tried to say something as loud as possible but it wasn’t super loud.  She took another step and fell in the sand. She was exhausted from walking for so long but she had to try to get their attention.  She lifted her head, cleared her throat, and tried again. “Help!”

There was a rustle in the tent and the front of the tent opened.  A man poked his head out of the tent and gasped. “Oh my…hey! Are you okay?”  He stepped out of the tent and rushed over toward Erin. He grabbed her shoulders and helped her to her feet.  “Are you okay? You look terrible…”

Erin coughed and brushed herself off.  “Uh…no…I woke up in the middle of the desert this afternoon.  I don’t really know what happened but I am completely lost. Can you help me?”

The man nodded and led her toward the tent.  “Of course. My family is camping out tonight and leaving in the morning.  We will get you to safety, don’t worry.” He led her toward the tent where she saw his wife and 2 kids in sleeping bags.  He gathered as many blankets as he could to make a bed of some sort.  

Erin laid down on the bed and felt herself relax.  She was safe and she was going to find her way home.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before drifting off to sleep.


Haunted Hunters

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  I had to work all weekend but I did get to do a Paint and Pour Fundraiser which was a lot of fun.  I, unfortunately, didn’t take many photos because we were so busy having fun!  But it was a lot of fun to do with my mom and some of our friends.

This week I bring to you a new story for Grammy’s Grid.  The last story I posted for Grammy’s Grid was The Retelling, and it was her featured post!  So if you want to go back and read it, click here.  This time, instead of having a story based off of an opening sentence, we are getting inspiration from a photograph.  I had a little difficulty deciding how I wanted to go about this story, but it all came together nicely.  I hope you enjoy this Adventure!

Haunted Hunters

Haunted Hunters.jpg

“This is making me feel worse than it did before.”

Luis rolled his eyes.  “Serious Janay. We’ve been hiking for the past couple days to get to the most haunted cave this side of the Mississippi.  Now you think you have a bad feeling?”

She shrugged.  “No…But we’re now here and of course I’m getting more nervous.  What if we see an actual ghost?”

Luis wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her closer to him.  “Babe..we’ll be fine. We won’t go into the cave until tomorrow when it’s light outside.  So tonight we can relax and stay in the tent and tomorrow we’ll go inside the cave. When it’s light outside.”  He kissed her on the side of her head. “Does that make you feel better?”

Janay giggled and snuggled closer to him.  “Yeah, I feel a little better. I don’t know how well I’ll sleep tonight with the cave being like, 500 yards away.”

Luis stood up and grabbed another log for the campfire.  He walked toward the flames before pausing and setting it down next to the fire.  He sighed. “I know what you mean. I’m pretty nervous as well. But I was afraid that if we camped too far away we wouldn’t find the cave again in the morning.”

He heard a sigh behind him.  “I don’t know about you, but I am getting kinda tired.  What about you?”

“Did you just ask me the same question twice?”

Janay groaned.  “You know what I meant!  I’m tired okay…”

With a chuckle, Luis walked over to Janay and kissed her.  “I know babe, I’m tired too. How about you get ready and I’ll get the fire to die down.”  Janay slowly stood up and stretched her arms above her head. Luis watched her walk into their small tent and zip up the entry shut.  

He sat down on the mildly uncomfortable camping chair and looked toward the cave entrance.  It was huge, the top of the entrance was almost at the top of the mountain. They had looked into the cave entrance when they arrived, but decided to set up camp and settle in for the night instead.  It was probably better to go in during the day anyway.

Luis turned toward the tent to see if Janay was ready but he couldn’t tell.  “How’s it going in there?”

“How about I just give you your pajamas and a fresh pair of boxers and you can change outside?”

Luis laughed.  “You’re crazy. I ain’t changing out here when there is a haunted cave not too far away.  Nice try.”

There was a giggle inside the tent.  “What? You don’t want to change near a haunted cave?  That seems like something you would do.”

“Oh heck no.  Let me in to change.”  Luis unzipped the tent and quickly stepped in their tiny traveling home.  He grabbed his suitcase and unzipped it to change his clothes. There was low growl coming from outside the tent.  Luis froze. “What was that?”

Janay sat on the air matress and pulled the blanket closer to her.  “I don’t know, but you should go look.”

Luis slowly stood up and peeked out of the tent entrance.  He scanned the area but didn’t see anything that they should be worried about.  “I don’t see anything babe. That was weird.”

“It’s probably because we are staying near the haunted cave.”  

He ducked back into the tent and zipped the tent closed.  “Maybe. But…we’ve encountered spookier things than just a low growl coming from outside the tent.”  He took his shirt off and threw it into his suitcase. “Do you remember that supposedly haunted bridge in Arizona that we went to?”

Janay giggled and snuggled into the blankets.  “Yeah. According to the legend, if you mocked the bridge it would throw you off into the river below.  But no matter how much we mocked it we never got thrown in the river. I think that one is safe to say it wasn’t haunted.”

“And what about the Henrick’s Haunted House?”

“Pfft.  Please. That was a mistake on our part thinking that we were going to encounter a house that was haunted.  Not a legitimate haunted house attraction.”

Luis laid down on the air mattress and covered his body with the blankets.  “Yeah that was definitely a mistake on our part. But it was a fun thing to do.”  He kissed Janay. “Let’s try to relax a little tonight so we are well prepared for tomorrow.”

In one swift motion, Janay flung her arm off the bed and hit the switch on their solar lamp.  The tent went dark and it was quiet. The only sound that filled the air was the crickets that flew around the solo tent.  There was a slight breeze but it wasn’t strong enough to cause any issues with the tent blowing away.  

The two began to finally relax when that low growl sounded again.  Janay’s eyes flew open. “Do you think there’s wolves out here?”

Luis rolled over to face her.  “I don’t think that wolves would be interested in us.  But a mountain lion might.” He grabbed her hand and squeezed it.  “But there isn’t anything in this part of the woods. I checked with the ranger station before we left.”

Janay sighed a sigh of relief.  “Well that makes me feel better.  Though I am still concerned what that growl is.”

“Maybe it’s the ghost’s dog.  Maybe the dog is trying to warn us to not go in.”  He snickered. “Unfortunately that’s not going to work.”

And with that the two of them were finally able to relax.  The low growl never returned to disturb them yet again. The crickets continued to chirp and the breeze kept the tent cool throughout the night.  Luis drifted off to sleep first and Janay followed shortly after, dreaming of what they would experience the next day.


The Retelling

Good morning!  It’s October!  It’s getting close to Halloween and I am getting excited!  I have a fun costume that I am working on so I can’t wait to show you.

We are doing something exciting for the month of October.  Each Monday will feature a new Spooky Story, perfect for the spooky season.  Today’s story is no different.  Though, it is also a submission for the newest link party on Grammy’s Grid.  The writing prompt for this story is:

It started raining just as I…

So here is my submission for the link party.  I hope you enjoy this spooky Adventure!

The Retelling

The Retelling

“It started raining just as I started driving.  I haven’t driven in the rain that much so it made me a little worried but I decided to go anyway.  I was just going to a friends house after all. I had driven the 60 minutes there multiple times so why would the rain make anything different, right?

“So I drove out of the neighborhood and I headed out towards the country.  It was easier to reach her house by going through all the back roads instead of the freeway.  The freeway was just too out of the way. So I started driving, turned on some music, and made my way to Samantha’s house to have fun together.

“But I noticed something sounded funny on my car as I was driving.  It was this like weird clanking noise, it’s hard to explain. It sounded as if someone had tied empty tin cans to the bottom of my engine.  And like, 10 empty cans, it was loud. So I pulled over and I decided to see if I could figure out what it was. I pulled over on the side of the road and parked my car to try to find out what was making the noise.

“I remember getting out of my car and noticing that I had parked under an apple tree.  I don’t know why that was so important to me at the time, but I remember seeing the orchards all around me.  Actually…I think it was because I wanted to take some photos for Instagram or something. They would look all cool and moody for fall.  But I decided to take photos after I took a look at my car.

“I bent down to see if I could spot anything under the car but I didn’t see anything.  It just looked like a normal car engine. I decided to lift the hood of the car just to humor myself but I still didn’t see anything.  It still looked like a normal car engine. I don’t know much about cars but I didn’t notice anything that looked weird when I looked at the engine.  That’s besides the point, but everything looked like it belonged there in the engine.

“I grabbed the hood of the car and slammed it down and that’s when I noticed him.  There was this guy standing about 50 feet behind my car. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit and his face was completely white.  His eyes looked wild, almost like he wanted to do something crazy but was trying to decide if he was actually going to do it or not.  And what was really strange was that he looked completely dry. Like…I was standing out in the rain for 10 minutes and I was soaked while he was perfectly dry.  It was weird.

“We both stood there for a second before I slowly got back into my car.  I didn’t want to lose track of him because I didn’t know what he would do to me.  I immediately put my keys into the ignition and tried to start the car but it wouldn’t start.  I was able to lock the doors and I reached to grab my phone but I had no service. I tried to start my car again and that’s when I heard something hit my car.

“I turned around saw that man hitting the back of my car with a baseball bat.  I screamed and tried to get my car or my phone to work, but neither of them did.  I just kept screaming, thinking that I was going to die that day. I prayed to God, hoping that I would be able to live for another day.  I looked in my rear view mirror to see the man moving toward my driver’s side door. I had to think quickly and decided to get over the middle console and run into the orchard.

“As soon as he reached my driver’s side door, I hit the unlock button and sprinted out of the car.  I had my keys with me and that was it. If he wanted to steal my money and my driver’s license, he was allowed to.  I didn’t care I was just terrified.

“I looked over my shoulder to see he coming after me.  He wasn’t running, but he was walking quickly to try to keep up with me.  I just kept running and praying that he would never catch up to me. I ran through the entire orchard and then came to the edge of a corn field.  I kept running. My legs were getting tired but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop because I didn’t want to die.

“The further I ran into the corn, the more safe I felt.  But I knew that I wasn’t fully safe until I knew that guy couldn’t get me anymore.  I kept sprinting until I reached the other end of the corn field and stumbled onto this house.  I ran up the driveway and started pounding on the door until Mr. Somers answered. I think he saw how terrified I was and let me inside and I am forever grateful.”

“So can you tell me again what the man looked like?”

“He was taller than me, maybe like 5 foot 10 or 6 feet.  He was wearing a blue jumpsuit. His face was completely white and he had blonde hair.  And he had wild eyes.”

“If you saw him in a lineup do you think you would be able to pick him out.”

“Probably.  I didn’t get a real good look at all of his features but I would recognize his eyes.  I will never forget what those eyes looked like.”

“We will keep a lookout for this wild eyed man.  Once we get a professional sketch artist to draw him out we will have you confirm that the artist drew the man.  But for now, I’m just glad that you are safe. Now let’s get you back to your car and see if we can figure out what happened to it.”

“Yeah…as long as it’s still there.”

Together Forever

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I did a whole lot of nothing…except for writing.  I did a whole lot of that this weekend.  So be ready!  It’s coming on the blog sooner than you know it!

Welcome to another blog post for Grammy’s Grid!  For this one, I had a little bit of a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to do.  But!  I made it work!  So the prompt for this link party goes as follows:

Who is the woman in that photo?  Is it…

So here it is!  Here is my addition to Grammy’s Grid Link Party 6.  This story is an Adventure.  Enjoy!

Together Forever

Together Forever

“Who is that woman in the photo? Is it someone I should know?”

Mitchell nodded his head.  “Yeah. That’s my new girlfriend Mikayla.  You should definitely introduce yourself if you see her.”

His roommate Joe picked up the photo frame and looked at the girl.  “How long have you two been together?”

“2 weeks.  It’s all still pretty new.”

Joe set the frame down on the desk and turned to walk out of the dorm room.  “Cool dude. Next time she comes over introduce us.”

“Yeah.  I will definitely do that.”  He heard the door lock as Joe had left the room.  He picked up the photo and flopped onto his bed and sighed.  “Mikayla. Why are you so perfect? And how did I get so lucky to fall in love with you and for you to fall in love with me?”

He rolled over and opened the drawer of his bedside table, revealing some of the things he had of Mikayla’s.  A notebook that she gave him in the library, a water bottle that she gave him in class, a small clipping of hair that he asked her for when she cut her hair shorter, and her tee shirt that she had worn to the pool but gave him instead.  They were all so personal and Mitchell felt like they were connected through their items. Each item was so perfect, just like their relationship.

As he lay on the bed he could only think about their relationship.  Like the time they met, when she purposely ran into him. She quickly apologized and kept walking; but Mitchell knew that it was fate for them to meet.  They sat in the dining hall together and he would stare at her the whole time, admiring her beauty and poise as she sat and talked. Then there was the time at the pool where they swam side by side and their hands brushed against each other’s.  It was all so exciting and new that Mitchell didn’t know what to do afterwards. They were meant to be together; they were meant to be a couple.

They were meant to be together forever.

Mitchell slowly stood up and looked out the window; Mikayla was walking out on the sidewalk going toward a class.  He immediately put on his shoes and ran out of the dorm room, keys in hand. He caught up to Mikayla and started to gain onto her head start.  As he approached her, his arm started to reach forward toward Mikayla’s body. Her body was perfect: every curve was just right, her red hair flew in the wind, and her step was bouncy and fun.  Mikayla was perfect. Mitchell’s fingers reached out and were mere inches away from Mikayla’s butt. His fingers spread out and with a quick motion, Mitchell grabbed and squeezed her right butt cheek.

He quickly passed Mikayla on her left to make it look like he wasn’t guilty.  His feet kept walking until Mitchell felt like he was far enough away that he was out of sight.  Mitchell found a bench where he sat down and pulled out his phone, making it look like he wasn’t paying attention to the world.  But in reality, he was watching to see Mikayla walk by. His phone camera was ready to record, ready for her to pass by at any moment.

And then she turned the corner.

Mikayla looked extremely disturbed, quickly looking over both of her shoulders as if she was still watching for Mitchell to show up.  His finger pressed the red record button and he started following her movements, making sure to catch every step that she took. She was absolutely stunning as she walked through the campus and Mitchell wanted to make sure that he caught every moment of it.  She was absolutely beautiful.

Mitchell slowly stood up and started to follow Mikayla again.  He continued to record her walking to class, smiling to himself knowing that he was now going to have a video of her.  He kept his distance even though he knew she would love for him to take this video.

As she continued to walk, Mitchell found himself falling even more in love with her.  She seemed to speed up as she walked almost as if she was afraid of something behind her.  Mitchell continued to follow her until she disappeared into a classroom. He stopped, it didn’t feel right to follow her into her class.  Her education was important after all.

He decided to head back to his dorm and try to relax before he had to go to his night class.  He was over the moon in love with Mikayla and he knew that she felt exactly the same way about him.  They were going to be together forever and he was going to make sure that happened. They were meant to be together and they were meant to get married one day.  Mitchell knew that Mikayla was the perfect match for him which is why they were so in love.

They were in love and that’s all that mattered.

Secretive and Haunted

Good morning!  It’s almost the end of the month, how crazy is that?  Before you know it, it’s going to be Christmas!  And before we continue into the story, I want to announce that I have a Pinterest.  That’s the one social media that I didn’t have and now, I have it!  Click here and you will be whisked away to my Pinterest page.

This story is for Grammy’s Grid again!  I love writing these short stories because it can really get creative wheels turning.  This link party’s starting line is:

The old house, with its overgrown garden, was secretive and…

This story is a Paranormal story (I know…I haven’t done this in a while).  But I hope you enjoy!

Secretive and Haunted

Secretive and Haunted.png

The old house, with its overgrown garden, was secretive and haunted.  Ty stood on the gravel driveway and stared at the large farmhouse.  The house was daunting in the evening light, standing tall and powerful in front of Ty’s six foot tall body.  The farmhouse was still in decent shape but it really needed some love and attention from the current owners.  The wind picked up, making the atmosphere feel even more eerie as Ty stood there.

He slowly took a step forward, his step crunching the gravel beneath his boots.  He made his way to the front door and reached out for the doorknob.  The knob was cold to the touch, which was strange considering that it was the middle of June and still 90 degrees at 8 o’clock at night.  The chill made Ty feel uncomfortable.  He took a deep breath, turned the knob, and made his way inside the house.

The inside was just as cold as the doorknob.  It was eerie to find a fully furnished house that people live in, but no one was home.  Ty was used to going into empty houses or buildings that had been abandoned for years, not houses that were recently purchased by someone and felt that their new home was haunted.  He sat down on the couch and opened his back pack to pull out an EMF reader.  The reader was set on the coffee table and Ty hoped and prayed that he would somehow reach the ghost that was haunting the building.

“Hello?  My name is Ty.  Can you hear me?”  He waited to see if there was an answer from the ghost in the house, but there was nothing.  “If there is someone here, can you state you name?”


Ty felt himself become a little stiff; he wasn’t actually expecting an answer from someone inside the house.  He nodded.  “Okay…can you tell me what you are doing here?”


He froze.  Did the ghost mean that he was going to die or that the ghost had died?  “Did you die inside the house?  Or did you die outside somewhere?  And did someone kill you or did you kill yourself?”  There was no response, just the never ending clicking noise that came from the EMF reader.  Ty cleared his throat.  “I can’t help you if you don’t give me any information.  So how can I help you?”


“Okay…so I need to go into the basement.  Is the basement inside or outside?”  Nothing else came over the EMF reader.  Ty nodded.  “Okay.  I will go find this basement and talk to you there.”  Ty picked up the device and turned it off, making the entire room silent again.  He shivered.  He wasn’t sure what he was going to find in the basement but he knew he had to go down there.  Wherever there was.

He made a quick journey through the downstairs of the house to see if there was a basement, but there wasn’t anything.  So, Ty walked outside and started to make his way around the farmhouse.  He kept his eyes open for any sort of door that he could find and his steps became heavier with the hope that he would step on the door.  And that’s when he found it.  He took a couple steps on something that felt like wood but it was severely overgrown.  Ty got down on his hands and knees and tore the weeds and grass up out of the ground to find 2 handles and 2 wooden doors.

He sat back on his heels and took a deep breath.  He didn’t know what he was going to find but he couldn’t prepare himself.  His hands gripped the handles and he pulled with all of his might.  The doors were stuck.   But Ty tried pulling on them even harder and the doors flew open.  Ty laid on his back looking at the opening to the basement in awe and confusion.  What was down there?

After slowly standing up, Ty made his way toward the opening.  The smell that came out of the basement was unbearable; it smelled like something was rotting and he hoped that it wasn’t what he thought it would be.  He slowly approached the opening and cautiously walked down the rickety stairs.  Once Ty reached the floor, the smell was much more overwhelming.  And he knew exactly where the smell was coming from.

Laying on the floor were 6 sets of bones.  All of them were bare meaning that they had been down in the basement for a long time.  Ty wanted to vomit from the smell but somehow kept his composure while staring at the bones.  He had been hired by the family to find the ghost, not to find 6 sets of bones in the basement.

There was a scream that echoed through the entire building, almost as if the soul of Franklin had been released.  Ty covered his ears until the screaming was done, which was longer than he was expecting it to.  But when it was over, he immediately pulled out his phone and dialed the police.

“Hi.  My name is Ty and I am at a house to investigate some paranormal activity and I have found 6 bodies in the basement.  I need an officer to come here immediately.”


I Must Be Imagining

Good morning!  It is Monday!  Is everyone ready for the new week?  Any major plans for this coming work week?  Am I asking too many questions?  Probably.

This story is another one for Grammy’s Grid.  She gives us a writing prompt and we see what comes to mind.  The prompt for this story is:

As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back…

I did write another story for this link party called Runaway.  If you want to read that one, click here.  And if you want to check out the other stories from this link party, click here.  This story is categorized as Adventure, so enjoy!

I Must Be Imagining

I Must Be Imagining

As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back to see what she had been scared of.  There was nothing there.  Kiki was confused.  “What?  What was following me?”  She looked around the area to see if there was anything out of place.

Kiki took a deep breath and looked at her surroundings.  She was standing in front of her high school gymnasium and she was standing in the parking lot.  There were a couple cars sitting in their spaces but the lot was mostly empty.  There were the normal trees, all of the bushes, fun flowers lining the edges of the parking lot, and the creepy set of eyes hiding in the bushes.  Wait.  Were those supposed to be there? Kiki rubbed her eyes and looked for the mysterious eyes again.

But they were gone.

She stood in the middle of the parking lot with a confused look on her face.  What was going on?  Was there something following her or not?  She turned toward the school buildings and walked onto campus to get ready for the day.

When the bell rang for the school day to start, Kiki made her way out of the library and toward her English classroom.  She walked around the corner and saw a man wearing a long trench coat and a fedora standing at the end of the building.  She stopped in her tracks and stood in place for a few moments. None of the other students seemed to notice this random man standing on the schools campus.

Someone hit her shoulder as she was standing in the walkway.  “Sorry.”  They kept walking as Kiki brought herself back to reality.  She shook her head and looked for the man that she had been staring at.

But he was gone.

Kiki bolted for the classroom and walked through the door just as the second bell rang.  She looked around the room at all of the students sitting in their desks.  Everyone was there in their appropriate seats and Kiki took her place as well.  She took a deep breath and tried to focus on her schoolwork.

The rest of the day without a hitch.  Kiki walked out of the campus and looked for anything suspicious.  But nothing seemed out of place.  Everyone was leaving campus to head home for the day and get ready for their weekends.  Kiki made her way home as well, checking over her shoulders every chance that she got.  But she didn’t stop looking until she got into the front door.

She leaned against the door and slid down to the floor.  She held her hands in her head for a while just trying to comprehend what had happened over the day.  Was there actually something there or was it all her imagination?  She prayed that it was all her imagination and that she didn’t have to worry about this happening again.  She hoped that she wouldn’t see that man again but she could never be sure that she was safe.  All Kiki knew was that she was safe for now.



Hello!  How is everyone doing?  Did you enjoy the Alphabet Series in all of April?  I hope so, I put a lot of time into it and really enjoyed writing it!  But this week we are getting back to a link party from Grammy’s Grid.  She has given us a new prompt to write a story with.  This time, the prompt goes as follows:

She closed the book she was reading and turned out the…

This story is in the Dark category.  Enjoy!



She closed the book she was reading and turned out the lamp that was sitting next to her.  Avery slowly stood up and made her way across the dark living room, being extra careful to not stub her toe on the edge of the furniture.  She slowly stepped into the hallway and made her way toward her bedroom.  It was close to midnight and she was exhausted.

Her hand reached out and gripped the doorknob.  She gently turned the knob and pushed the door to reveal her bedroom.  It was dark inside her room, she must’ve forgot to turn on her bedside lamp before she went to the living room to read.  Avery took a couple steps inside and turned the small dial on lamp.  It clicked once and the light didn’t turn on.

“Huh…the light bulb must’ve burned out.  I’ll get a new one in the morning.”  She stepped to the side of the room and flipped on the switch of her ensuite bathroom light.  When she turned around to look her room, something scurried under her bed.  Avery was taken aback, what was that?  She cautiously walked over to her bed and bent down onto the floor.

She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary under her bed.  Just a box of shoes, a tub of clothes, a file with past bills in it, and a box of mementos with a pair of eyes sitting on top of it.  Wait…those eyes weren’t supposed to be there.  Avery screamed and backed away from the bed.  What was that?

A loud thundering noise came down the hallway.  Avery’s roommate Lydia opened the bedroom door and looked inside, here eyes as wide as saucers.  “What happened?”

Avery pointed at her bed.  “There’s…there’s something under my bed.  I don’t know what it is but there’s something there.”

Lydia walked over to the bed and got down on her hands and knees.  She peered under the bed.  “What is it?”

“I don’t know but it was sitting on top of the blue tub.  You can see it’s eyes.”

Lydia turned and looked at Avery.  “There’s nothing there.  Everything under your bed is normal and there are definitely no eyes.  It’s probably just because you were up late and now you can’t see straight.  Just go to bed and relax.”  She got up off the floor and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Avery sat on the floor in confusion.  Maybe Lydia was right, she just needed to get some sleep.  Avery stood up, flipped off her bathroom light, and hurried over to her bed.  She quickly crawled under the covers and waited.

There was nothing.  She didn’t hear any noises coming from under her bed.  She was tired, there was nothing under her bed.  How old was she, two?  Avery rolled over and faced the wall, shutting her eyes to try to get some sleep.

Scratch Scratch Scratch

Avery’s eyes flew open.  “What was that?”  She flew out of her bed and grabbed her phone off the table.  Her fingers tapped the screen and clicked the flashlight icon.  She looked under the bed to see what she had been hearing.

A hand came out from under the bed and grabbed Avery.  She screamed as loud as she could, hoping that Lydia would hear her.  The hand dragged her under the bed and down a deep pit.  Where was this?  How had she never seen this under her bed?

She was dragged down a long tunnel.  Avery didn’t know where she was going but she felt like it wasn’t going to end well.  Her voice was going hoarse from all the screaming she was doing as she was dragged by the mysterious arm.

Her body stopped and Avery didn’t know if she wanted to look around her or not.  She rolled over to see a figure standing at her feet.  A hood covered his face and his coat was all the way to the ground.  He wielded a scythe that was the same height as he was.  Avery looked at him and screamed as the scythe swung toward her face.

“No!”  Avery covered her face with her arms and opened her eyes when nothing happened.  She was in her living room still sitting on the couch.  Her book still sat open on her lap and the lamp was still on next to her.  She looked around the room to see the wall clock.  “3:45?  I need to go to bed.”  She slowly stood up and turned off the lamp.

Her body made it to her bedroom, which was brightly lit from her bedside lamp.  She walked over to her bed and crawled under the covers.  She flipped off the light and rolled over.  This was reality, not a nightmare.


Station One Do You Copy?

Good morning! It’s a Monday today, it’s the beginning of a new week, and it’s a wonderful time for a new story. Is everyone ready?

This story is another one for Grammy’s Grid’s Short Story Link Party. I had a lot of fun writing the last one and I definitely wanted to participate in this one. If you want to read My Secret, which is the story that I wrote for the last link party, click here. And just like the last story, there was a writing prompt which goes as follows:

One flashlight flash meant danger, two flashes meant safe, but then she saw three flashes that night from beyond the swamp. They had never talked about what three flashes meant and now she…

So this story is in the Dark theme. I had a lot of fun writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Station One Do You Copy?


One flashlight flash meant danger, two flashes meant safe, but then she saw three flashes that night from beyond the swamp. They had never talked about what three flashes meant and now she started to worry. What if Jeremy was in trouble and the only way he would get out was if Mollie went after him? She picked up her own flashlight and flashed it twice, hoping that Jeremy would respond. But there was nothing.

She sat on her stool and felt her heart starting to race. She knew she would have to go after Jeremy and help him, but thinking about the possible danger made her panic. Mollie knew Jeremy was self sufficient, but she was still mystified by the three flashes in the middle of the swamp. Her hand flew to the wall and picked up a set of keys for the spare airboat and raced out of the small ranger station.

Mollie jumped into the spare airboat and put the keys into the ignition. The boat roared to life, the large fan slowly starting to turn as it warmed up. Mollie untied the boat from the dock and made her way out into the swamp.

She knew where Jeremy was supposed to go, but she didn’t know exactly where the flashlight flashes came from. She slowed the boat down and flashed her flashlight twice toward the direction Jeremy was in. This time three flashes came from the middle of the swamp. Mollie raced toward the light, hoping to get there in time.

Mollie brought her airboat to a halt when she saw Jeremy’s boat. Jeremy’s body was sitting on the boat, motionless. She slowly brought her airboat up to the side of Jeremy’s boat, trying to prepare herself for anything.

But what she wasn’t prepared for was what she saw on the boat.

Jeremy had a single bullet wound in his head, execution style. It looked like it was close range, the perpetrator possibly standing in the airboat to commit the crime. The fan behind Jeremy’s body was covered in blood spatter. It didn’t look like he had suffered, which was probably a good thing.

The boats slowly drifted together and Mollie tied them together. She grabbed the radio off her hip and pressed the call button. “Station 1, this is Ranger Eckhardt. I am out and I have found the body of Ranger Ambross in his airboat. I require assistance. Over.” She waited for a response but there was nothing. She pressed the call button again. “Hello, station 1 do you copy?” She continued to wait but the only thing she heard were the crickets and a couple owls that were out this late at night. It was spooky.

Suddenly a roar came up out of the silence. Mollie turned toward the sound and saw a light flash three times. She scrambled onto Jeremy’s airboat and jumped to shore. She started to sprint. Whatever happened to Jeremy, she didn’t want it to happen to her as well.

As Mollie ran she did everything in her power to get away from whatever was following her. She turned corners, jumped over logs, and swung from branches to help her change directions. She was losing energy from running, but the adrenaline kept her going. As she kept running she jumped over a log but her foot caught on it. She face-planted and laid on the ground in pain and exhaustion.

The noise that was following her came closer and closer before coming to a stop. Mollie peeked up to see a large ATV idling near her feet. There was a crunch, like someone was sneaking up behind her. “Please…please…if you’re going to kill me, at least make it fast. I don’t want to suffer.”

Mollie felt a hand grab her legs and she was dragged a little further before being lifted by her legs. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she was hung by her legs from a tree. Her eyes barely opened and she saw her captor.

When they turned around Mollie could see it was a man. He had a long beard, so long it was almost to his knees. He wielded two knives, one in each hand, and had a grin on his face. “I hope you people learn your lesson from this. This is sacred land. No one but the native people live here. You are all bad people.”

Mollie felt tears forming in her eyes. “Please…I don’t want to die. I understand why you’re upset but I haven’t done anything wrong. I…I just work here.” She started praying, knowing that this would be her last day on earth.

The man walked up to her and dragged the knife down her body. “Well…if you didn’t want to die, you shouldn’t have accepted this job.”

She closed her eyes thinking that she would be feeling the wrath of this man. But nothing happened. She slowly opened her eyes just in time to see a the man point a gun at her face and pull the trigger.


Mollie forced her eyes open one more time as the pain filled her body. The man made his way back to the ATV and started the engine. The last thing she saw was the headlights from the ATV flash three times before she faded into the eternal darkness.

My Secret

Hello! This is a story that I am writing as a part of the Short Story Prompt Link Party on Grammy’s Grid. Go check out her blog to see the other stories.

The premise of this link party is to get a prompt and write a short story to go with it. The writing prompt for this link party is as follows:

As I stood in the shower with the warm water running down…

I hope you enjoy my contribution to the link party. This story is categorized Feel Good. Here is ‘My Secret’. Enjoy!

shower head

As I stood in the shower with the warm water running down my body, I started to panic. No one knew my secret, I had wanted it to be that way. But I had decided a few days earlier that today was going to be the day.

There wasn’t much I could do anymore to hide it; every day that went by made me hope that no one would notice. My clothes could only do so much to keep my secret at bay. My lifestyle was starting to change and close family and friends were starting to take notice. I could only do so much before the whole world would know.

I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked exhausted. No matter how warm the shower was and how much makeup I plastered on my face it never changed. It looked like I was in a perpetual state of tired. My cheeks were red from the warm water but they looked slimmer than normal. Dang it.  Now they will all know.

My body made it’s way out of the bathroom and into my small bedroom. I had already picked out an outfit for the day: a cute black baby doll top and jeans. I smiled, that shirt was one of my favorites. If it wasn’t frowned upon, I would definitely wear it everyday of the week. My hands reached for the clothes and I quickly dressed for the day.

As I reached for the doorknob I felt the panic start to sink in again. What if my family didn’t accept what I was going to tell them? What if they were embarrassed by my secret and disowned me? What if I had to move out immediately and I became homeless? I put both of my hands on my head and shook it. Don’t think like that. Try to be positive.   Try to think positive.

I took a deep breath and opened my door. My body made it’s way to the kitchen table where my family sat. My mom walked over and kissed me on the cheek. “Reese! Good morning. I was just about to serve pancakes.”

I smiled. “Thanks mom. I will take two.” I took a deep breath as I sat down. Breathe.  Relax.  It’s your mom and dad.  They will still love you.

“Reese? Are you okay?” I looked up from the table to see my father looking at me. He looked concerned. “You look pale. Is everything okay?”

“Uh…” I took a shaky breath and closed my eyes. “Uh…no…everything is not okay…I…uh…I have something to tell you.”

My mother rushed over and sat down. She took my hand and squeezed it. “What’s wrong sweetheart? Please tell us.”

I felt tears starting to form in my eyes. “I…I have been feeling very depressed. I have had people at school making fun of me and no matter what I do it doesn’t help. I have tried toning them out and walking away. I have talked to them and told them how I feel. But nothing has worked. I stopped eating my lunch at school because so many people were calling me fat. I just…I don’t know what to do anymore. I…I thought high school was supposed to be better than junior high but it’s just as bad. Is there something wrong with me?”

I barely finished my sentence when I broke down in tears. I heard the screech of the chairs on the laminate floor and my body was engulfed in the arms of both of my parents. They held me tight, making me feel safe and warm. I felt a kiss on the top of my head. “Oh Reese. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect no matter what other people say. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“Your mother is right. Don’t let those bullies get to your head. No matter what they say you are perfect just the way you are. And you can always come to one of us if you are ever feeling sad. We can always get a therapist if you if you are feeling very depressed.

“That’s right sweetheart. We want you to be happy. We don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

I smiled as the tears cascaded down my cheeks. I don’t know why I was so worried. They were there to help her and they understood. She smiled. “Thank you. I love you both so much.”