A Blast from the Past Stories

Good morning!  This is a little bit of a different blog post so apologies in advance if you expecting a brand new story.  But because we have some new people following the blog, I wanted to take a look back to show off some of my past stories.  Some of these will be the beginning of series and others will be single stories.  Each photo will take you to the story, so feel free to click around and check out the other stories on the blog.  Enjoy!

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Good morning!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  I know I did!  It was crazy busy but it a lot of fun as well.  My parents and I planned my sister’s college graduation party so that was a lot of fun.  You can see a couple pictures of it over on my Instagram @2catsandalaptop.

This story was a lot of fun to write so I won’t give too much away before you get reading.  This is an Adventure story.  Enjoy!



It was an absolutely stunning day.  The sun was high up in the sky and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.  The birds were singing, filling the air with their tune.  There was a gentle breeze that kept the air cool on the warm day.  It was perfect.  Perfect for an adventure.

Lizzy walked down the street and stared at the big buildings.  They were so tall and beautiful but they were daunting as well.  She wasn’t exactly sure where she was, but all she knew was that she was adventuring.  She loved to explore and see what was in the world around her.

She crossed the street to a park that was filled with people.  There was a large fountain in the middle of the park, keeping some of the people cool from the mist.  Many of the people walked around minding their own business while others were talking amongst their friends.  Lizzy walked through the people not exactly sure where she was going.  But it was fun and exciting, that’s all that mattered.

As she walked through the park she came across some people playing chess.  Lizzy didn’t have the faintest idea how to play chess, but maybe someday she would learn.  She wandered over to the closest table and watched the two gentlemen playing.  After watching for a couple minutes, Lizzy continued on her way to her adventure.

The more she wandered around the city, the more she enjoyed seeing everything.  The architecture, the city life, the busy people.  Everything seemed so much bigger than she was expecting.  She didn’t know anyone and she felt like she could meet some awesome new people.

“Lizzy!”  She turned around to see her parents running toward her.  They picked her up and held in their arms.  “Where did you think you were going young lady?  We have been so worried about you!”

“I went exploring mama.  I was seeing the city.”

“The city is not somewhere for a 5 year old girl like you!  You need to stay with us and not run away, do you hear us?”

Lizzy nodded.  “I hear you mama.  I love you.”

Her parents hugged her tighter.  “We love you too baby.  Let’s go home.”