Station One Do You Copy?

Good morning! It’s a Monday today, it’s the beginning of a new week, and it’s a wonderful time for a new story. Is everyone ready?

This story is another one for Grammy’s Grid’s Short Story Link Party. I had a lot of fun writing the last one and I definitely wanted to participate in this one. If you want to read My Secret, which is the story that I wrote for the last link party, click here. And just like the last story, there was a writing prompt which goes as follows:

One flashlight flash meant danger, two flashes meant safe, but then she saw three flashes that night from beyond the swamp. They had never talked about what three flashes meant and now she…

So this story is in the Dark theme. I had a lot of fun writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it!

Station One Do You Copy?


One flashlight flash meant danger, two flashes meant safe, but then she saw three flashes that night from beyond the swamp. They had never talked about what three flashes meant and now she started to worry. What if Jeremy was in trouble and the only way he would get out was if Mollie went after him? She picked up her own flashlight and flashed it twice, hoping that Jeremy would respond. But there was nothing.

She sat on her stool and felt her heart starting to race. She knew she would have to go after Jeremy and help him, but thinking about the possible danger made her panic. Mollie knew Jeremy was self sufficient, but she was still mystified by the three flashes in the middle of the swamp. Her hand flew to the wall and picked up a set of keys for the spare airboat and raced out of the small ranger station.

Mollie jumped into the spare airboat and put the keys into the ignition. The boat roared to life, the large fan slowly starting to turn as it warmed up. Mollie untied the boat from the dock and made her way out into the swamp.

She knew where Jeremy was supposed to go, but she didn’t know exactly where the flashlight flashes came from. She slowed the boat down and flashed her flashlight twice toward the direction Jeremy was in. This time three flashes came from the middle of the swamp. Mollie raced toward the light, hoping to get there in time.

Mollie brought her airboat to a halt when she saw Jeremy’s boat. Jeremy’s body was sitting on the boat, motionless. She slowly brought her airboat up to the side of Jeremy’s boat, trying to prepare herself for anything.

But what she wasn’t prepared for was what she saw on the boat.

Jeremy had a single bullet wound in his head, execution style. It looked like it was close range, the perpetrator possibly standing in the airboat to commit the crime. The fan behind Jeremy’s body was covered in blood spatter. It didn’t look like he had suffered, which was probably a good thing.

The boats slowly drifted together and Mollie tied them together. She grabbed the radio off her hip and pressed the call button. “Station 1, this is Ranger Eckhardt. I am out and I have found the body of Ranger Ambross in his airboat. I require assistance. Over.” She waited for a response but there was nothing. She pressed the call button again. “Hello, station 1 do you copy?” She continued to wait but the only thing she heard were the crickets and a couple owls that were out this late at night. It was spooky.

Suddenly a roar came up out of the silence. Mollie turned toward the sound and saw a light flash three times. She scrambled onto Jeremy’s airboat and jumped to shore. She started to sprint. Whatever happened to Jeremy, she didn’t want it to happen to her as well.

As Mollie ran she did everything in her power to get away from whatever was following her. She turned corners, jumped over logs, and swung from branches to help her change directions. She was losing energy from running, but the adrenaline kept her going. As she kept running she jumped over a log but her foot caught on it. She face-planted and laid on the ground in pain and exhaustion.

The noise that was following her came closer and closer before coming to a stop. Mollie peeked up to see a large ATV idling near her feet. There was a crunch, like someone was sneaking up behind her. “Please…please…if you’re going to kill me, at least make it fast. I don’t want to suffer.”

Mollie felt a hand grab her legs and she was dragged a little further before being lifted by her legs. She felt the blood rushing to her head as she was hung by her legs from a tree. Her eyes barely opened and she saw her captor.

When they turned around Mollie could see it was a man. He had a long beard, so long it was almost to his knees. He wielded two knives, one in each hand, and had a grin on his face. “I hope you people learn your lesson from this. This is sacred land. No one but the native people live here. You are all bad people.”

Mollie felt tears forming in her eyes. “Please…I don’t want to die. I understand why you’re upset but I haven’t done anything wrong. I…I just work here.” She started praying, knowing that this would be her last day on earth.

The man walked up to her and dragged the knife down her body. “Well…if you didn’t want to die, you shouldn’t have accepted this job.”

She closed her eyes thinking that she would be feeling the wrath of this man. But nothing happened. She slowly opened her eyes just in time to see a the man point a gun at her face and pull the trigger.


Mollie forced her eyes open one more time as the pain filled her body. The man made his way back to the ATV and started the engine. The last thing she saw was the headlights from the ATV flash three times before she faded into the eternal darkness.


The Take Down of a Monster

Hello!  I am here with another story!  This one isn’t for anything in particular, it’s just something I came up with.  One of my favorite things to do is to actually look up random prompt generators because those help get my creative juices flowing.

Before we go any further, this story is categorized as Dark.  I hope you enjoy!

The Take Down of a Monster

If Paisley could have changed one thing about the whole situation, she would have sharpened the knife.  She sat there on the floor of her dungeon with the bloody knife in her hands.  The monster lay dead on the floor in front of her, 16 stab wounds in their chest.

Her hands and clothes were covered in his blood.  Her heart was racing as she sat in the mess she had created.  Her hand dropped the knife, letting it clatter noisily to the floor.  Paisley slowly stood up and spat on his body.  The monster was dead and that was what mattered.

Paisley heard a siren in the distance.  She bolted up the stairs and ran toward the back door.  She knew she didn’t have time to change, she could just have to run.  Her eyes barely adjusted to the sunlight outside when something grabbed her arm.  She turned to see a police officer.  “No!  Please!  I did it out of self defense!  He was going to kill me!”

“We’ll see about that.”  The officer pulled Paisley into his cop car and took her to the station.  She was taken into an interrogation room and forced into a chair.  Her hands were chained to the metal table in front of her.  She sat under the single light, praying that the police would listen to her.

A woman walked in after quite some time.  Paisley had tried to prepare what she was planning on telling whoever would listen.  The woman sat down.  “Good afternoon.”

Paisley shifted uncomfortably in her chair.  “Hello.  What would you like to know?”

The woman eyed Paisley.  “Did you kill your father?”


The woman sat back.  “Why?”

“He hit me.  He cut me.  I can show you scars.  I can show you places where he has burned me.  He would cook dinner and then burn me with the pan.  You wanna know why?  I killed her too.  When I was born my mother died in labor.  I was the reason she died.  He hated me.  He hated that I took her away from him.  So he took it out on me.  My whole life he has hurt me.  And it was always in the basement so that way no one could hear me scream. Do you know how embarrassing it is to go to school in long sleeves every day because your arms are cut up?  And not from you doing it to yourself?  Look.”  Paisley lifted her sleeves as much as her handcuffed hands could, revealing the cuts, scars, and bruises left from the monster.  “I have zero friends because everyone thought I was some sort of freak.  Well I guess I am.  Because how many people can kill their mother and their father?  I’m sure not many.”

Paisley took a breath and sat back in her chair.  She sighed.  “My father was not a nice man.  He pushed his family away and none of them could help me.  I was the only piece of proof that my father was doing this to me, but he never let me out of his sight unless I was at school.  He told me that he was going to hurt me, but this time I was ready.  I took a knife down to that dungeon before he took me down there.  He saw it.  He knew what was going to happen.  He called 911 before I got the knife in him once.”

The woman stood up and un-cuffed Paisley from the table before sitting down again.  She looked Paisley in the eye.  “I believe you when you say this was self defense.  I don’t see you as a malicious person.  Just a girl who wants to be free from the pain she has been suffering.  But I do have one question.”

Paisley nodded.  “Thank you.  Thank you so much.  And yes…what is the question?”

“Do you regret any of this?”

Paisley shook her head.  “I regret not sharpening the knife before I stabbed him.  If it was sharp, he wouldn’t have suffered so much when he died.”


What Do I Write?

Hello to everyone.  I wanted to give a little summary of the different kinds of stories I like to write.  I like trying all different story styles, but I understand some people may not enjoy certain stories.  So here’s what I like.


I actually really enjoy writing dark stories.  One of my friends actually asked me one time if I had ever written a happy story (the answer is yes but I had only sent her dark stories to read).  These are stories that usually involves some sort of problem that may be a touchy subject to some people.  Do not worry, I will always forewarn you if there is a possible touchy subject in the story.  These also tend to be a little bit creepy so I suggest not reading these before going to bed!


I will come out and say right away that I do not believe in ghosts.  But, it is a lot of fun to write stories about ghosts.  Ghosts can do absolutely anything!  There’s nothing stopping them from floating through a wall and scaring someone.  And nothing can hurt them, they are already dead.  Most of my paranormal stories involve an investigation of some sort from another character.  Sometimes they can be creepy and spooky, other times they are fun and goofy.  It all depends on what the ghosts wants to do!

Feel Good

I usually don’t like happy stories.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for a happy ending.  But if it’s too happy, there’s something wrong.  Like…romantic stories put me to sleep.  I like adventure and mystery and everything has to have a problem (hence why I like dark stories).  But, I do try to write one of these every once in a while just to try my hand at it.  And even though some of these stories may have a bit of sadness in them they always make you feel warm and fuzzy at the end of it.


Who doesn’t like a good adventure?  Are they going to make it out of the forest?  Are the characters going to survive as the ship in sinking a mile away from shore?  Who knows!  These are the kinds of stories that keep you on the edge of your seat.  This story will take you on a journey from beginning to end.  It will have highs and low, twists and turns.  But it will always be a good read.  I enjoy adventure stories and these are sometimes the most fun to write.

Now, these are not the only types of stories that I write, but they are the main ones.  Sometimes I write something that just doesn’t fit into any of these categories.  I want to let you know that I will tell you what kind of story you are about to read at the beginning of each story.  That way you can prepare yourself for what you are about to read.  Each theme has it’s own themed header so you know right away.  And feel free to let me know if you have any concerns about a story.  I’m always open to comments and suggestions!