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“I think I’m more confused now then when Shelly appeared on our doorstep this morning…”  Winchester ran his hands through his hair as his dad laid out the case in front of him. “So according to Shelly, her and Marcel have been online dating for almost two years but they haven’t met in person.  And recently Marcel just disappeared from the internet. And now she’s convinced that he is in trouble and we need to go find him?”

Anthony nodded.  “Yep.”

“He probably just deleted his Facebook because he didn’t want to talk to her.  Or, maybe this is his way of showing that he is breaking up with her. There are a ton of other solutions to this than he disappeared.”

Anthony leaned back in his chair.  “That’s what I tried to tell her. But she is absolutely convinced that something bad has happened to her internet boyfriend.  So we have to treat this like an actual case until told otherwise.”

West grabbed the file folder in front of him and started flipping through it.  “So Marcel supposedly lives in the next town over yet they have never met. Why wouldn’t she just drive over there to talk to him.  Or his family.”

“According to her, he lives with his family and they have no idea about her.”

West threw his arms in the air.  “This is ridiculous! You know what this sounds like?”


“You that TV show Catfish?  That’s what it sounds like. I have a feeling that this person isn’t real.”

Anthony shook his head.  “I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he is very real.”

“But!”  West pointed at his father.  “That’s what he wants you to believe.  And that’s what he wants Shelly to believe.  I can almost guarantee that she has never talked to him on the phone or video chatted with him because he is not real!  She has convinced herself that he is real because that’s what he wants her to believe. So she thinks that the relationship is totally real even though it’s just people talking online.  I am very sceptical that this person is even real.”

“Well way to ruin the magical moments.”  Anthony snickered. “Why are you so convinced that this guy isn’t real?”

“I have watched way too many episodes of Catfish to know when someone is lying.”

Anthony rolled his eyes.  “So it’s not because of you working at the police force huh?”

West laughed.  “It’s a little of both.  Detective work and watching TV.”  He started looking through the papers again.  “So she has never spoken to this guy but she is convinced that he is real.  Okay…I guess we need to look at this like a regular case, right?”

Anthony took the file from his son.  “Yeah. You know, there was something that kind of stuck out to me.  Shelly had mentioned something about them trying to meet at a restaurant in Tranton about a week ago.  He didn’t show which is why she thought something bad happened to him. She said that he has given him the apartment complex that he lives at.  She said she has gone to the complex but never saw him come out of an apartment. I guess management told her to leave because she was getting creepy.  Her words not mine.”

“Are you saying that we should go to the apartment for a stake out?  We haven’t done that before so that has potential to be fun.”

“No…I’m saying tomorrow we call the apartments to see if they have anyone who lives there with the name Marcel.  Much simpler and we don’t have to just sit in a car doing nothing.”

“Fine then…I guess we will just wait and see.”  West sighed. “Did Shelly say anything about Marcel having a job or anything?”

Anthony started flipping through the papers again.  “Uh…yeah…apparently he works at a bar as a bouncer.  So the reason that Shelly hasn’t been able to meet up with Marcel is because their schedules are so different.”

“Give me the number.  I’ll call them and see if they have someone that works there named Marcel.  It won’t be that difficult.” West watched his father look through the papers to find the name of the bar and he quickly searched the name of the bar on his phone to find the number.  His finger pressed the call button and he put the phone up to his ear. He tapped his finger nervously as the phone rang.

“Good evening, Samson’s Bar how I can help you?”

West immediately sat up, almost as if someone had walked into the room for an interview.  “Hi. My name is Winchester and I was wondering if you had someone that worked there by the name of Marcel.”

There was a moment of silence.  “May I ask what this is regarding?”

West bobbed his head from side to side, trying to decide how to go about this.  “Uh, yes. I work with the Northridge Police Department as a consultant and we are currently investigating the disappearance of a man named Marcel.  There was information at he worked as a bouncer for your establishment and I was wondering if I could get confirmation about his employment.”

There was another pause.  “Let me get my manager on the phone.”  

The phone was put on a hold and a jazzy song came.  It threw West a little off guard, he wasn’t expecting that sort of music on the phone.  There was a brief pause before a new voice came on the line. “Hello this is Brad. I understand you are looking for employment confirmation?

“Yes sir that would be fantastic.”

“We do have a bouncer by the name of Marcel who has worked with us for about a year.  He’s a very nice kid but why is the Northridge Police Department looking to get information on him?”

“We had someone report him missing.  When was the last time he was at work?”

“He’s here right now.  Would you like to talk to him?”

West’s eyes widened.  “Don’t let him leave for the evening.  I am on my way to ask him some questions in person.”


Soul Mates (Part 5)

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Soul Mates

To My Zac

How could you go to the police?  We are a couple. You and I are the king and queen of the world.  Nothing could ever come between us, except for that blonde chick. If you try to stop me, you will find your blonde chick covered in her own blood.  She is not the right match for you. It is me. I am your perfect match. I will make you happy every day. I will give you everything that you could need.  I love you more than anyone ever could.



“So how long have you been receiving these letters?”

Zac pondered for a moment.  “I think it’s only been a month.  But it feels like it’s been much longer than that.”

The boys sat in a small office in the local police station.  Officer Marsh, the officer who was helping them, seemed very keen on catching M.  He looked at everything and was taking notes. “So you have no idea who this is?”

“No…but she knows which dorm is mine.  That’s what gets me. I don’t know how she knows.”  He sighed. “I think she’s gotten in my apartment as well.  Some of my belongings have gone missing and I know for a fact that none of my roommates have taken them.”

The officer’s eyes widened.  “Things have gone missing? Like what?”

Zac had to think.  “Uh…I know for a fact some clothing items.  2 shirts and a pair of basketball shorts. And she could’ve taken some small items that I don’t know about but I know for a fact that the clothing is missing.”  He slightly pouted. “One of the shirts was one that I wore for every presentation.”

Officer Marsh wrote down a couple notes in his notepad before looking up at the boys.  His eyes looked determined, like he had a solid plan. “What I would like to do, if you are okay with this, is set an officer up, or myself, to watch your door at all times.  Dress him up like a student and act like he’s your friend. How does that sound?”

Zac nodded.  “That sounds great!  Please, I want this to be over.”

They quickly made plans for where the lookout could keep watch from and get him started that day.  They all prayed that this would be the plan that would stop M. Zac was ready for all of this to be over so he could continue on with his life.


“I have to stop her.  I have to stop her. I have to stop her.”  Melanie frantically paced around her room trying to come up with a plan.  She was the good guy. The blonde chick was the bad guy. The blonde girl was keeping her and Zac apart.  She had to be stopped.

Melanie whipped her desk chair away from the desk and sat down.  She drummed her fingers on the desk, trying to decide if it would be better to poison the blonde girl or slit her throat.  She had to die. There was no other option. If Zac was going to be with one woman, it would be Melanie.

She stood up and paced around her room.  She kept muttering to herself, repeating the same sentence over and over.  “I have to stop her. I have to stop her. I have to stop her.” A knock on her door made her pause her thinking.  “What!”

The door slightly opened.  “Are you okay? I hear you stomping around in here and…”

“Shut up Amanda!  Nobody asked you!”  Melanie walked to the door and slammed it shut.  She locked her door to make sure no one disturbed her again.  She was so angry that nothing could get in her way. She had to find a way to stop the blonde chick from keeping Zac away from her.  “I am the only one who can marry Zac. Not her. Me!”

Melanie walked back to her desk and fell into the uncomfortable chair.  She grabbed the drawer of the desk and ripped it open. She grabbed a plain white piece of paper and started scratching her letter.  It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t nice.
But it was her last chance.  If Zac didn’t break up with the blonde girl after this letter, she would have to take drastic measures.  

Measures that she didn’t want to take, but would if she had to.



This is your last chance.  I have given you plenty of chances and I will not give you another.  This is your last chance to break up with the blonde chick. She is not your future wife.  I am. Me. I AM. She IS NOT. Break up with her or she dies. Your choice. If she dies the blood is on your hands.  It will be your fault. I don’t think you want her blood covering your hands.



“Step back.”

Zac, Damian, and Officer Marsh all stopped outside of their dorm room.  Outside the door was a bloody piece of paper. There wasn’t even an envelope on it.  Just a piece of paper covered in blood. They all stood there looking at it.

Officer Marsh pulled out a plastic bag and gently picked it up.  They all walked inside to examine it further. Zac read the letter and felt a tear start to form in his eyes.  “I can’t. I can’t do this. I am not going to break up with Talia and date this psycho. I just want this to stop.”

The officer put his hand on Zac’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry son. We will make sure you and your girlfriend are safe.  I’m going to get another officer with your girlfriend so she is safe as well.”

Zac nodded.  “Okay. She’s out of town until tomorrow night.  So she should be safe.”

“Actually…tell her to stay there.  I will contact the school and let them know that for her safety she will not be attending classes until further notice.  Unfortunately, I need you to still attend because we need M to think that you are still here.”

A small tear slid down Zac cheek.  He quickly wiped it away before pulling out his phone and calling Talia.  She didn’t answer so he left her a brief message. “Hey babe…uh…so I received a letter from M that said she was going to hurt you.  So…stay home. The police officer I am working with told me to tell you to stay home and you would be excused from classes until further notice.  Call me if you need anything. I love you.”

Zac looked at Officer Marsh with a worried look in his eye.  “Please. Catch this girl. I don’t want to be tortured any longer.”


WW-Tell Me the Truth

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Tell Me the Truth

Winchester sat behind the glass of the interrogation room watching his father interrogate Melissa Hanaway.  This woman was an odd lady, constantly looking around the room to see if there was anything that could help her.  Her body shivered as she sat in the warm room, most likely from nervousness. West couldn’t tell if she was coming down from a high or was drunk but something really seemed off about her.  Anthony leaned back in his chair. “So…why did you decide to kidnap Gemma Edwards from her bedroom?”

Her eyes widened.  “We didn’t take Ginger…she came to us through the foster system.”

West let out a sigh, she was going to be a tough cookie to crack.  Anthony slammed his hand against the table causing her to jump. “No…she did not come through the foster system.  She has a family who has been missing her since she was kidnapped.” He pulled out the photo of Gemma before she went missing and placed it on the table.  “Isn’t this the little girl that you took before you changed her looks?”

A tear started to slide down Melissa’s cheek.  “We just wanted a little girl. We had out two boys but all we wanted was a little girl.  And Ginger was just perfect. She didn’t complain at all.”

“Are you sure she didn’t complain because she was good or because she was afraid to get hurt?  Or, maybe it was because you hurt her so badly she just decided that her life would become easier to just conform and follow what you told her to do.  This young girl was taken from her family, that lived 2 blocks away from you, and you just decided that she was going to be your daughter? Do you understand how crazy that sounds?”

Anthony stood up and did a quick lap around the room to cool off.  West could tell that he was angry and that his father wanted to just throw this woman into jail.  But he ended up sitting down across from Melissa and looking her in the eye. “Look, I don’t really believe your story.  But, if you tell me the truth then I can almost guarantee that you will get less of a sentence.” West knew his dad couldn’t guarantee anything but West hoped that it would cause Melissa to tell the truth.

She let out a sigh and tears started trickling down her face.  “Okay…it wasn’t my idea. I wanted a little girl but I was willing to adopt.  There are a lot of kids out there who need families and I was willing to give one of them a home.  My husband, not so much. He didn’t want to pay for an adoption fee and he knew it would be expensive.  And no matter how much I pleaded with him he wouldn’t budge. So when we met the Edwards family and saw their little girl, he knew immediately that she was going to be his daughter.  He planned the whole thing out, he bought the chloroform to knock her out, he was the one who actually broke into their house to take her, and he was the one who did most of the torture.  I just remember waking up to the news that she was in out basement.”

Winchester could feel the anger rising up inside of him and he saw his dad starting to get angry as well.  “So you just…went along with it? You just decided that it was a good idea to have a little girl in your house who wasn’t actually your daughter?”  Melissa nodded but didn’t say anything. Anthony let out a long breath and rubbed his hands over his face. “So how did you torture her?”

Melissa wiped a tear away from her eyes.  “Well…it was mostly my husband. But…we kept her in the basement and would spend hours with her just convincing her that he name was Ginger.  It took a long time but after some sleepless nights for her she finally started saying that her name was Ginger. We dyed her hair once a week to keep it dark and not show the red and she slept with curlers in almost every night to keep her hair so springy.  But we did glue her window shut when we thought the police were finally off our tails and locked her in her bedroom every night. We actually had a crib with a top on it for the first month that she lived with us so that way she knew she was ours and she was staying with us.  Once she finally started giving in, then she got her own bed. She knew what the rules were and by the time she had been here for a couple months she started abiding by the rules. We didn’t have to lock her door at night and she actually stayed in her room all night. She was such a sweet girl.”

Her eyes started to drift toward the corner of the room.  West could tell that they were close to losing Melissa. Anthony cleared his throat to bring her attention back to him.  “So…how long did you plan on keeping this a secret? What would’ve happened if she decided to go to the police when she was old enough?  Then what would you have done?”

She shrugged.  “We didn’t plan that far ahead.  We just thought that maybe as she got older she would forget what happened and just be happy with her life with us.  We wanted to give her the best life that she could have and that’s what we were doing.”

“Then maybe you should’ve left her with her family.  I think that’s what she would’ve wanted.” Anthony stood up and walked out of the room leaving Melissa to her own thoughts.  He walked into the side room and joined West. He let out a sigh. “This one’s tough.”

West nodded.  “Do you believe her?”

His father shrugged.  “I don’t know if I believe that it was all her husband’s idea.  I think that some of this was definitely her idea but she doesn’t want to admit it.  Honestly you see a lot of people turn on their significant other and throw them under the bus if that means that they don’t have to spend so much time in jail.  But I do believe that they didn’t plan that far ahead in their plan. I think they were just thinking about the present and that the case never got reopened.”

The room was slowly filled with light as the door opened.  Both men looked toward the door to see Chief Dyner standing in the doorway.  “There are some people here that would like to meet both of you. Could you come with me?”

Anthony and West followed Chief Dyner down the hallway to the lobby where the Edwards family was waiting.  Mrs. Edwards ran over to them and hugged both Anthony and West. “Thank you! Thank you for bringing my daughter home.  You do not understand how happy we are.”

Both Anthony and West took a step back and smiled.  Anthony smiled and looked over at his son. “He’s the one you need to thank.  Winchester looked at all the information from the case and found the one thing we needed to find Gemma.  We are just glad she is home.”

The family thanked them a couple more times before leaving with their daughter.  Anthony put his arm around Winchester. “This is why I do my job. I want to see families together and happy.”

Winchester smiled.  “I totally get it dad.  I hope I can help you more in the future.”


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It was an absolutely stunning day.  The sun was high up in the sky and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.  The birds were singing, filling the air with their tune.  There was a gentle breeze that kept the air cool on the warm day.  It was perfect.  Perfect for an adventure.

Lizzy walked down the street and stared at the big buildings.  They were so tall and beautiful but they were daunting as well.  She wasn’t exactly sure where she was, but all she knew was that she was adventuring.  She loved to explore and see what was in the world around her.

She crossed the street to a park that was filled with people.  There was a large fountain in the middle of the park, keeping some of the people cool from the mist.  Many of the people walked around minding their own business while others were talking amongst their friends.  Lizzy walked through the people not exactly sure where she was going.  But it was fun and exciting, that’s all that mattered.

As she walked through the park she came across some people playing chess.  Lizzy didn’t have the faintest idea how to play chess, but maybe someday she would learn.  She wandered over to the closest table and watched the two gentlemen playing.  After watching for a couple minutes, Lizzy continued on her way to her adventure.

The more she wandered around the city, the more she enjoyed seeing everything.  The architecture, the city life, the busy people.  Everything seemed so much bigger than she was expecting.  She didn’t know anyone and she felt like she could meet some awesome new people.

“Lizzy!”  She turned around to see her parents running toward her.  They picked her up and held in their arms.  “Where did you think you were going young lady?  We have been so worried about you!”

“I went exploring mama.  I was seeing the city.”

“The city is not somewhere for a 5 year old girl like you!  You need to stay with us and not run away, do you hear us?”

Lizzy nodded.  “I hear you mama.  I love you.”

Her parents hugged her tighter.  “We love you too baby.  Let’s go home.”