Hello!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  I spent some times with friends and family and I had a really good time with them.  Did anyone do anything fun?

We continue on a new story.  I won’t stall too long and let you read the Adventure story.  Enjoy!



Mina stood in front of the giant house and was frozen in fear.  The house was huge. It was barely 2 stories tall and looked like people hadn’t lived there for a while.  It was slightly run down and the door looked like it couldn’t fallen off at any moment.  There were a couple crows ominously sitting on the roof, cawing at Mina as she stared at the giant house.

She cautiously stepped up to her neighbor’s front door.  She wasn’t great friends with him, actually she didn’t really know him at all.  He was just their neighbor, but she hadn’t really interacted with him at all. He was kind of weird.

The reason she was there was her mom had asked her to to get some eggs for a batch of cookies she was baking and Mina still wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing.  She was a little hesitant to do so, but she really wanted cookies so she went. Now her heart was pounding out of her chest and she hadn’t even talked to him.

She didn’t even know his name.

Mina cautiously knocked on the door and patiently waited for him to answer.  And when he did, he barely opened the door. Mina looked up and saw two eyes peering out from between the door and the doorframe.  She nervously smiled. “Uh…hello. I’m Mina and I live next door to you. My mom needs two eggs for a recipe and she was wondering if you had a couple she could use.”

There was a slight pause and Mina could see her neighbor’s eyes shifting back and forth, almost as if he was deciding if he wanted to invite her in or not.  “Uh…sure. Come in.” He opened the door slightly more and Mina stepped inside. “Wait there.”

Her neighbor walked away and she stood in the living room.  It was dark and creepy. There were deer heads hanging from the walls and some birds hanging above them.  Mina could see spider webs in the corners of the walls, some of them could’ve been as big as she was. She could also see a layer of dust sitting on top of his TV stand like it hadn’t been cleaned in years.  The TV had a strange channel playing, it was just showing a man wearing some patterned green clothes and sitting in a tree. She wasn’t sure why they were filming him sitting in a tree.

The man walked back into the living room.  He handed her two eggs. “There you go…now get.”

Suddenly there was a bang.  Mina dropped the eggs and covered her ears, not sure what was going to happen.  “Really? I give you 2 eggs and you drop them? It’s just the TV…”

Mina looked up and saw the man who was previously sitting in the tree now standing on the ground next to a deer.  The deer didn’t appear to be alive and sat motionless while the man posed next to it. Her eyes widened as the show continued.

Her neighbor walked away and came back quickly with two more eggs.  “Here. Now don’t drop these and get! I don’t want to see you for any longer than I have to.”

Mina held the eggs close to her chest and turned toward the door.  And she ran. She ran all the way home with the eggs clutched close to her, making sure to not drop them.  She barely got in her front door when she stopped. At least now she was safe. Mina walked the eggs into the kitchen and handed them to her mom, thankful to be safe at last.



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