WW-This Isn’t Fair

Good morning!  It’s another Wednesday and I hope everyone is doing well.  I am getting  ready for my weekend because I have exciting plans for early next week.  And I cannot wait!

We continue with Winchester as we finish out this case.  How do you think Shelly will react when she finds out she was Catfished by Marcel?  I hope she takes it well, but you will have to read to find out!  Get ready for more Adventure and I hope you enjoy!

This Isn’t Fair

Winchester and Anthony sat at their desk, waiting for Shelly to come by and talk to them.  Winchester shuddered. “I am really hoping that everything goes well today. I would really like to see tomorrow.”

Anthony snickered.  “You are in a police station.  I don’t think you will have to worry about that.”  They both jumped as the phone on the desk began to ring.  Anthony picked it up. “Officer West…uh huh…okay I’ll be right there.”  He hung up the phone and sighed, looking up at his son. “She’s here. Head over to the conference room and I’ll meet you there.”

They both stood up and went their respective ways.  West made his to the large conference room where they had already set up their evidence.  He sat down in one of the chairs and waited in the quiet room for his dad and Shelly to show up.

He started paging through the papers that were organized in the small file folder.  The evidence was clear that Shelly was slightly delusional and maybe a bit crazy, but they still had to ask her some questions and tell her she had met Marcel but didn’t believe it.  He hoped that everything would go well while they talked to her.

The door opened and Anthony and Shelly walked through the door.  Anthony motioned towards the chairs and smiled. “Go ahead and take a seat.  We just wanted to go over what we found and ask you a couple more questions if that’s okay.”

Shelly nodded as she sat down across from Winchester.  “Of course. Please tell me you have found my Marcel.”

Winchester shifted in his chair as his father sat down next to him.  “Uh…yes. We did find Marcel.”

“Where is he!  I want to see him.  He’s been gone for two weeks!  Is he okay? What happened to him?  Is he hurt?”

“Whoa whoa whoa slow down.”  Winchester lifted his hand, signally her to slow down.  “Marcel is at his home. But I want to let you know that you lied to us saying that you never met him.”

“What do you mean?  I haven’t met him before.  He told me where he worked and I went there one night and he wasn’t there.  There was another guy named Marcel who said he was the guy I had been talking to, but I know that wasn’t the guy.  He didn’t look anything like the pictures.”

Shelly looked extremely confused.  West had to try as hard as he could to not roll his eyes in front of Shelly.  “So we contacted the bar where Marcel works and we asked if there was a Marcel who worked there.  They confirmed that yes, there was a Marcel who worked there and we went right over there to talk to him.  The man who you talked to and who we talked to confirmed that he is the man you have been talking to online.”

“That’s not possible!”  Shelly stood up and slammed her hands on the table.  “He looked nothing like the Marcel I talked to. Why would he do something like that?”

The West’s looked at each other.  “Uh…well it’s thing called Catfishing where someone who isn’t super happy with how they look uses someone else’s photo to talk to people.  Sometimes they even use a different name and make up lies about their lives. But according to Marcel the only thing that was different was his photo.  And…” Winchester sighed. “According to Marcel the reason he stopped talking to you was because he had told you multiple times that he wanted to end the relationship and you didn’t listen.”

Shelly’s mouth dropped wide open.  “What do you mean? We were in a committed relationship.  He told me we were always going to be together.”

“I think what Winchester is trying to say is that Marcel wanted to end the relationship and voiced his opinion but it was reciprocated by both parties.”  Anthony looked over at Winchester who nodded in agreement. “Is that correct?”

“Yeah totally.  Marcel wanted to end the relationship but you didn’t.  He was getting frustrated by not being listened to and just stopped talking to you.  Marcel was trying to protect himself.”

“That’s not fair!”  Shelly was almost yelling at this point.  “He promised me that we would get married and we were always going to be together.  Why would he lie to me? That’s not fair!” She fell into her chair and started sobbing.  “He was all I had…”

West was not sure how to respond.  Anthony leaned forward and put his hand on Shelly’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry Shelly. But this is everything we have. Marcel is a real person who, unfortunately, does not wish to see you anymore.  I think the best course of action would be to put your feelings aside and move on. He does not wish to be contacted again.”

Shelly stood up and immediately left the room.  The officers watched her run out the building and down to her car.  West shook his head. “I feel bad. I know this isn’t what she wanted to hear, but it’s what she needed to hear, right?”

Anthony nodded and stood up to collect the few papers they had.  “Yeah…I know she wanted better news than that, but the news she got was what Marcel wanted her to hear.  She’ll get over it eventually.  Hopefully…”



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