A Journal of My Thought (Part 2)

Good morning!  How has everyone’s week gone so far?  Mine’s been pretty slow, but nothing too serious.  But I am ready for the weekend!  I am taking photos in my Halloween costume (which is awesome if I do say so myself) so that will be a lot of fun!

We are continuing on our story.  I really like how this story is turning out especially because it isn’t my typical writing style.  This has been a really fun story to explore a new writing style and a new form of storytelling.  It’s been challenging but it’s been fun as well.  I hope you enjoy this Adventure story!

December 12, 20–

I’m writing this at 3:27 am.  I couldn’t sleep because I have been so caught up in James’ case.  I think I just need to write it all out and see if I notice any inconsistencies.  So here goes nothing.

His client, Mr. Neasvelle, is being charged for robbery at his ex-wife’s store.  She owned one of those DIY stores where she basically took furniture and repainted it and changed it up to resell.  She also taught classes there. Actually, come to think of it, I think Rose went to one of her classes to paint that cool shadowbox in our hallway.  That’s off topic.

Mrs. Neasvelle is claiming that her husband broke into her store in the very early hours of the morning to take the money that he still owed her for child support, and then pay it to her the next day.  She claims that when they were married that he lied and he cheated her out of money and wasn’t the best dad, which is why she left him. She filed for divorce and got full custody of their children because he wasn’t deemed as a safe and good father.

Shortly after the divorce papers were served, Mr. Neasvelle lost his job at the local factory where he had been employed for 10 years.  They claimed he wasn’t able to work at the same capacity he had when he started and they let him go. His friends said he was very down and didn’t leave his apartment very often.  He got a job at the local Taco Bell and McDonald’s just to make ends meet. Mr. Neasvelle was trying to stay in his apartment along with pay for the child support for his 3 kids. It was tough for him.

He lost his job at McDonald’s for threatening another employee and his manager at Taco Bell made him go to anger management classes just to be safe.  But, according to the new evidence, he went but never got the therapist to sign the form saying he completed the class. And even though he was taking those classes, Mrs. Neasvelle said she still didn’t feel safe from him.  He would drive by their house and sit across the street for a long time before leaving. She never figured out why, but according to her she changed all the locks on the house just to be safe.

In a statement from the prosecuting side, one of Mr. Neasvelle’s friends noticed that he had collected many different kinds of locks and seemed to be practicing picking them.  He asked Mr. Neasvelle about it and Mr. Neasvelle shrugged it off and said not to worry about it. It was just a random fun hobby he liked to do, but his friend wasn’t so sure about it.

According to Mrs. Neavelle, she had left her store at 5:13 pm, 13 minutes after closing.  In those 13 minutes she made sure all the doors and windows were locked and counted up her cash drawer which sat at $500 altogether: 1 $50 bill, 12 $20 bills, 13 $10 bills, 12 $5 bills, and 20 $1 bills.  She said this was what her cash drawer looked like every night and she had extra cash stored in a safe in case she needed it. She locked up her cash drawer in the safe in her office before locking her office and setting the alarm near the back door.  Once she left she went home to her kids for the night and didn’t worry about the store.

When she came in the next day, she noticed that the alarm wasn’t set.  She thought maybe she had accidentally forgot to turn it on, but that was unlikely.  Then she walked into her office and saw the safe was open ajar and that’s when she called 911.

When the police came she gave them the security camera footage which showed a man break into the back door and turn off the alarm.  He was about 6 feet tall and a thin build. He was wearing all black and had a black mask over his face. The burglar walked over to the office and picked the lock before swiftly entering and going to the safe.  They broke into the safe without any problems and grabbed the cash out of the safe before running out of the store.

The first person who was questioned was Mr. Neasvelle who showed up at the crime scene almost an hour after the police showed up.  They questioned him on why he was there and he told them that he was there to pay Mrs. Neasvelle the child support he owed her, $500.  The police immediately arrested him and took him to the precinct to question him.

Now this is where I get a bit confused.  The police said that $500 was taken from the safe and they arrested Mr. Neasvelle because that’s how much he paid his ex-wife for child support.  But, the police never said how the money was given to Mrs. Neavelle. Yes, the $500 was the same amount as the cash drawer, but it was never stated that she was given the same bills.  According to James’ client, he paid her in all small bills which is why it seemed suspicious to the police.

Also, there weren’t any fingerprints at the crime scene.  So how did all of this get pinned on James’ client? The prosecuting side is trying to claim that Mr. Neasvelle did this is a fit of anger against his ex-wife for doing this to him.  He broke in, stole her money, and gave it right back to her.

But according to Mr. Neasvelle he didn’t leave his apartment all night.  He was at home and went to bed around midnight because he had to be at work at 10 am.  But he had to be up early enough to go to his ex-wife’s store to pay his child support before going to work.  He told us over and over again that he would never do anything like this to his ex-wife. He told us that he was mad at her, but he wouldn’t break into her store to steal money just to give it back to her.  According to him, he paid her with all cash tips from his newest waiter job. He collected all of the tips to pay her child support. Unfortunately, there’s not really a way to support that.

I’m still very confused.  I still don’t really know what to make of this.  But for now, I’m going to try to get a couple more hours of sleep before having to go to work.  So for now, g’ night.



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