Soul Mates (Part 5)

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We are getting close to the end of this story before we move on.  I’m curious what kind of story you guys want next!  Do you want to read something dark or something fun and happy?  Let me know in the comments if you want a specific kind of story!  But, we will continue on this Adventure story and I hope you enjoy!

Soul Mates

To My Zac

How could you go to the police?  We are a couple. You and I are the king and queen of the world.  Nothing could ever come between us, except for that blonde chick. If you try to stop me, you will find your blonde chick covered in her own blood.  She is not the right match for you. It is me. I am your perfect match. I will make you happy every day. I will give you everything that you could need.  I love you more than anyone ever could.



“So how long have you been receiving these letters?”

Zac pondered for a moment.  “I think it’s only been a month.  But it feels like it’s been much longer than that.”

The boys sat in a small office in the local police station.  Officer Marsh, the officer who was helping them, seemed very keen on catching M.  He looked at everything and was taking notes. “So you have no idea who this is?”

“No…but she knows which dorm is mine.  That’s what gets me. I don’t know how she knows.”  He sighed. “I think she’s gotten in my apartment as well.  Some of my belongings have gone missing and I know for a fact that none of my roommates have taken them.”

The officer’s eyes widened.  “Things have gone missing? Like what?”

Zac had to think.  “Uh…I know for a fact some clothing items.  2 shirts and a pair of basketball shorts. And she could’ve taken some small items that I don’t know about but I know for a fact that the clothing is missing.”  He slightly pouted. “One of the shirts was one that I wore for every presentation.”

Officer Marsh wrote down a couple notes in his notepad before looking up at the boys.  His eyes looked determined, like he had a solid plan. “What I would like to do, if you are okay with this, is set an officer up, or myself, to watch your door at all times.  Dress him up like a student and act like he’s your friend. How does that sound?”

Zac nodded.  “That sounds great!  Please, I want this to be over.”

They quickly made plans for where the lookout could keep watch from and get him started that day.  They all prayed that this would be the plan that would stop M. Zac was ready for all of this to be over so he could continue on with his life.


“I have to stop her.  I have to stop her. I have to stop her.”  Melanie frantically paced around her room trying to come up with a plan.  She was the good guy. The blonde chick was the bad guy. The blonde girl was keeping her and Zac apart.  She had to be stopped.

Melanie whipped her desk chair away from the desk and sat down.  She drummed her fingers on the desk, trying to decide if it would be better to poison the blonde girl or slit her throat.  She had to die. There was no other option. If Zac was going to be with one woman, it would be Melanie.

She stood up and paced around her room.  She kept muttering to herself, repeating the same sentence over and over.  “I have to stop her. I have to stop her. I have to stop her.” A knock on her door made her pause her thinking.  “What!”

The door slightly opened.  “Are you okay? I hear you stomping around in here and…”

“Shut up Amanda!  Nobody asked you!”  Melanie walked to the door and slammed it shut.  She locked her door to make sure no one disturbed her again.  She was so angry that nothing could get in her way. She had to find a way to stop the blonde chick from keeping Zac away from her.  “I am the only one who can marry Zac. Not her. Me!”

Melanie walked back to her desk and fell into the uncomfortable chair.  She grabbed the drawer of the desk and ripped it open. She grabbed a plain white piece of paper and started scratching her letter.  It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t nice.
But it was her last chance.  If Zac didn’t break up with the blonde girl after this letter, she would have to take drastic measures.  

Measures that she didn’t want to take, but would if she had to.



This is your last chance.  I have given you plenty of chances and I will not give you another.  This is your last chance to break up with the blonde chick. She is not your future wife.  I am. Me. I AM. She IS NOT. Break up with her or she dies. Your choice. If she dies the blood is on your hands.  It will be your fault. I don’t think you want her blood covering your hands.



“Step back.”

Zac, Damian, and Officer Marsh all stopped outside of their dorm room.  Outside the door was a bloody piece of paper. There wasn’t even an envelope on it.  Just a piece of paper covered in blood. They all stood there looking at it.

Officer Marsh pulled out a plastic bag and gently picked it up.  They all walked inside to examine it further. Zac read the letter and felt a tear start to form in his eyes.  “I can’t. I can’t do this. I am not going to break up with Talia and date this psycho. I just want this to stop.”

The officer put his hand on Zac’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry son. We will make sure you and your girlfriend are safe.  I’m going to get another officer with your girlfriend so she is safe as well.”

Zac nodded.  “Okay. She’s out of town until tomorrow night.  So she should be safe.”

“Actually…tell her to stay there.  I will contact the school and let them know that for her safety she will not be attending classes until further notice.  Unfortunately, I need you to still attend because we need M to think that you are still here.”

A small tear slid down Zac cheek.  He quickly wiped it away before pulling out his phone and calling Talia.  She didn’t answer so he left her a brief message. “Hey babe…uh…so I received a letter from M that said she was going to hurt you.  So…stay home. The police officer I am working with told me to tell you to stay home and you would be excused from classes until further notice.  Call me if you need anything. I love you.”

Zac looked at Officer Marsh with a worried look in his eye.  “Please. Catch this girl. I don’t want to be tortured any longer.”



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