A Tale of Two Brothers

Good morning!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Can I just say that I live in central California and I had to turn on my heater yesterday?  THIS IS VERY ABNORMAL FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR IN CALIFORNIA!  I don’t think I turned on my heater until November last year.  So yeah…I’m still very unsure about what the weather is wanting to do.  Do I wear long sleeves and sweaters or do I wear my short sleeves?  I’m still unsure.

We continue on our journey with Winchester.  Will he find out what happened or will this be the first case that he can’t solve?  Will there ever be a case that he can’t solve?  I guess you will have to keep reading to find out!  Enjoy the Adventure!

A Tale of Two Brothers

The car came to a stop outside a large house in the middle of a wealthy neighborhood.  Winchester felt his jaw dropping as he looked at his former principal’s house. “This…this is where Mr. Faurnet lived?  How did he make so much money as a principal?”

“That’s what we are here to find out.  Because I’m in the same boat as you, there is no way a school principal could make this much money.”  Anthony parked the car and the two of them exited, still in awe of the large house that stood before them.

The house reminded West of a smaller version of the white house, but black.  There were large columns along the front, stretching from the ground up to the top of second story.  The door was tall and daunting with a large half circle window above the doorframe. Every window was perfectly spaced apart with black shutters on the outside.  It was an odd house in the middle of the neighborhood but it seemed even more strange that it belonged to a high school principal.

Winchester and Anthony walked in unison up to the front door where they both flashed their badges and walked inside.  Winchester stopped in his tracks. “Dad? Are you sure we are in the right house? There is absolutely no way this house belongs to Mr. Faurnet.”

“That’s because it’s not.”

West and Anthony turned around to see a man wearing a very expensive suit walking toward them.  Anthony held up his hand, telling the man to stop. “Please sir. This is a crime scene.”

“And this is my house and my brother is dead.”  He reached out his hand toward Anthony. “Joseph Faurnet, partner at Faurnet and Notters Law Offices.  My brother was living with me because he fell onto some…hard times. I couldn’t let my brother live on the streets so I brought him into my home to live with me until he could get back on his feet.”

Anthony shook Joseph’s hand and nodded.  “I’m Detective Anthony West, this is my son and a consultant for the force, Winchester.”

West stuck out his hand and shook Joseph’s hand as well.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir. That was very kind of you to take your brother while he was getting his life together.  What happened?”

Joseph waved his hand toward another door.  “I would rather talk about this in my office if you don’t mind.  I would rather not let rumors swirl regarding my brother.”

Anthony shrugged and nodded.  “Sure. Winchester, let’s go.”  The two of them followed Joseph into a pristine office.  Anthony whisteled. “This is an impressive office Mr. Faurnet.  Does your law office look the same?”

Joseph snickered as he sat down behind his desk.  “Yes it does. I like the look. So…” He leaned forward and rested his elbows on the large oak desk.  “My brother, James, he lived for his job. He loved being a principal and he loved coming into work to see all of the kids learning and encouraging them to be better.  He wanted every student to have the opportunity to go to college and…he was willing to help them go even if they couldn’t afford it.” He shook his head. “My brother had a huge heart, probably too big for his own good.  He dipped into his retirement fund to help pay for someone’s college. Like…who does that?”

He leaned back in his chair.  “My brother came to me about 5 years ago asking for some help.  I told him that he could help me at the law office and I would pay him.  And I did. I hired him to help us with some of our cleaning on the weekends and he always did a fantastic job.  But it wasn’t enough. He sold his house and moved into a small apartment. He sold his nice car and bought a cheaper used car.  All because he wanted to help his students. But then after 2 years he came to me saying that he couldn’t help as many students as he wanted to.  I felt bad because I knew how much he cared. So I let him move into my house and live rent free so he could help more students.”

“Mr. Faurnet, if I may ask.  What were you doing this morning?”  West looked at his dad. He knew the question had to be asked, but West didn’t want to think about it.

Joseph nodded his head.  “I knew you would ask me that.  I had a 6 am meeting with my partner Mr. Alexander Netters and a possible new partner Miss Emilee Sanders.  We were discussing possibly adding Miss Sanders to the company and 6 am was the only time we could all meet.  I came home after the meeting around 7:30 and saw my brother’s car was still here. I honestly thought that maybe I had the date that school started wrong.  But I walked in the door and found my brother dead in the middle of the hallway.” He paused, looking out the window. West could see a tear forming in his eye.  “All my brother wanted to do was help people, and now he’s dead. And I want to know what happened.”

West brought his body forward in the chair, sitting right on the edge.  “Mr. Faurnet. I knew your brother, he was actually my principal and I can confirm that he was one of the most generous and amazing men I have ever met.  But I couldn’t help but notice that he always seemed a little…” He paused, trying to decide what word would be the best to use. “Paranoid? Maybe that isn’t the right word, but I couldn’t help but notice that he was always looking over his shoulder.  Did your brother have any enemies?”

Joseph slowly turned to look West in the eyes.  “No. My brother was a very kind man who cared very much about his students.  He would leave the school and come home and help me at the office. James wouldn’t do anything illegal if that is what you are suggesting.”

West shook his head.  “No sir I’m not insinuating anything.  I’m just trying to get all of the information that I can to help figure out what happened to your brother.”  He stood up and stretched out his hand toward Joseph. “I want to figure out what happened to Mr. Faurnet just as much as you do sir.  But for now, I need to move on to gather more information.”

With a slide of the chair, Joseph stood up and firmly shook West’s hand.  West turned and walked out of the office and toward his dad’s car. Either Joseph was hiding something or James had hidden information from his brother.  Either way, West wanted to figure out what happened to the beloved principal. It was the right thing to do.



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