The House that was Abandoned

Good morning!  Can you believe that tomorrow is October 1st???  Where has this year gone?  Also, does anyone have their Halloween costume ready?  I don’t, but I have an idea of what I want to do.

This story is not for anything in particular and is not based off of anything, it was just for fun.  I haven’t written a Paranormal story for a little while so I wanted to get creative.  So I hope you enjoy this story as we get into the spooky season!

The House that was Abandoned

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Martin sat outside the abandoned house and watched the building.  It didn’t move, but maybe something would appear in the window. Nobody had lived in the house for almost 50 years.  Ever since the accident had happened where a child had drowned in the bathtub, the house was never able to sell. Martin heard about it when he asked his parents why the house was always empty.  

According to his parents, the family was very dysfunctional and the parents were on the verge of getting a divorce.  The father put the child in the bathtub and left the room to grab something when he and his wife started arguing. The argument wasn’t about anything important but in the middle of it the father remembered the child in the bathtub.  The parents ran into the bathroom to see the young child floating face down in the tub. They moved out a couple days later and the house went up for sale.

But the house was never able to sell.

The empty house had always interested Martin.  Was the child haunting the house? What ever happened to the family, did they move on?  Did they leave anything in the house or had it been ransacked by other people already? He wasn’t sure but there was a small part of him that wanted to explore.

As he sat there, something moved in the upper window.  He cocked his head, he hadn’t noticed anybody enter the house as he had been sitting there.  Maybe someone had entered in the back of the house? But that seemed impossible…right?

He slowly stood up and walked toward the house.  It wasn’t trespassing if someone else was in the house right?  There wasn’t another soul nearby so he felt like he was pretty safe.  For now.

Martin reached out his hand and gently gripped the doorknob.  It was cold, slightly odd for the middle of June. He turned the knob and gently pushed the door inward.  It wasn’t locked which made Martin a bit uneasy. Maybe this wasn’t the best decision…

The door swung open to a completely empty room.  It was just walls and windows, nothing else. There wasn’t even a ceiling fan, just a single space with an empty light socket.  The hardwood had a layer of dust covering it from no one occupying the house for so long. It was creepy.

Martin slowly walked through the living room and started to explore.  It just looked like a normal house apart from the dust that was covering every surface.  A couple windows were broken from people breaking and entering but other than that the house was still pretty intact.  He toured through the whole downstairs before finding the stairs to the second story. He took a deep breath and cautiously ascended up the stairs.

The second story was even creepier than the first floor.  Every step that Martin took seemed to make the floor creak and groan making him step even more lightly.  He opened every door to see what was inside, but was disappointed that each room was empty. He sighed, maybe the house wasn’t as good as he was expecting it to be.

His body made its way down the hallway and stopped at the last door.  There seemed to be a gust of wind blowing on the other side of the door.  That’s odd…I wonder why it’s so windy in there.  I don’t remember there being a lot of wind outside…  Martin reached out his hand and gripped the doorknob and quickly turned it.

Martin froze when he saw what was on the other side of the door.  There was a little girl standing there. She was wearing a long white dress that matched her white hair.  She stood with her back to Martin but she didn’t move.

He knelt down in the doorway.  “Hi…are you okay?” The little girl didn’t move.  Martin cleared his throat. “Hey…can you hear me?”  

The girl slowly turned around to look at Martin.  Her eyes were completely white and soulless. She screamed an ear piercing scream, making Martin cover his ears.  “You killed me!”

Martin was confused.  “What? No! I didn’t kill you!”

The little girl screamed again before flying straight into Martin.  Her ghostly presence knocked Martin over onto his back and knocked the wind out of him.  She came back and proceeded to smother Martin. He tried to grab her but his hands just grabbed empty air.  It was getting harder to breathe but he continued to struggle. He didn’t know ghosts could kill.

He continued to struggle when the ghost finally stopped.  Martin laid on the floor breathing heavily, realizing that he had almost been killed by a ghost.  He didn’t want to move until he had caught his breath but at the same time he felt like he needed to run so the ghost didn’t try to kill him again.  He really wasn’t sure what happened but he definitely didn’t want it to happen again.

And in a single motion Martin stood up and ran out of the house.  He kept running until he finally reached his house.  He ran in the front door and slammed it behind him.  Martin leaned against the door and slid down to the floor.  Whatever had happened in the abandoned house was odd and unexplainable.  He didn’t have an explanation for what happened, but he definitely didn’t see himself going back to the house.



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