Soul Mates (Part 3)

Good morning!  It’s Friday!  Does anyone have any awesome plans for this weekend?  I get to see my sister who I haven’t seen in a couple weeks, so that’s exciting!  I cannot wait to see what she has been up to lately!

But in other news, we continue with our Soul Mates series.  I won’t give too many details, so I’ll just end this here and let you read the next part of the Adventure story.  Enjoy!

Soul Mates

To my one and only Love,

You are the wind that pushes me through my day.  You are the reason I wake up in the morning. You are the last thing I think of when I fall asleep.  You are what I daydream of everyday.

You are my perfect partner.  I love you more than anything else.



“Where is that shirt?”  Zac flipped through everything in his closet.  He needed a black shirt to wear for his presentation and he couldn’t find a specific black shirt that he looked good in.  “I swear it was just here!”

Damian knocked on the door.  “Are you having problems in here?”

Zac frantically looked at every item in his closet.  “Yeah! I have one black shirt that I look good in for this presentation and I cannot for the love of God find it.  I swear it was in here last night.”

“Maybe Talia has it?”

Zac shook his head.  “No…she only has one of my shirts and it’s a green one because it looks good with her blonde hair.  Plus she would never take a black shirt, she says it’s too gothic for her.”

Damian laughed.  “Yeah I could see her saying that.  Just wear something else. How about grey?  You look good in grey too. It doesn’t make you black hair look as dark.”

Zac grabbed a grey shirt and ripped it off the hanger.  He quickly put it on and took a look in the mirror. “Eh…I guess it will have to do.  I wish I had that black shirt though…” He picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder.  He pushed past Damian and out the front door.

Zac walked toward his first class in a confused huff.  How did that black shirt disappear? Maybe it was in laundry.  Or maybe one of the guys took it without asking. Or maybe it was actually at Talia’s place and he didn’t remember.  It was so strange.

A hand grabbed onto his shoulder.  “Hey Mr. Grey Shirt. I thought you only wore black shirts on days that you did presentations?”

Zac planted a kiss on Talia’s lips.  “I normally do. But I cannot for the life of me find my favorite black shirt.  It isn’t at your dorm is it?”

She shook her head.  “No. I only have the one green shirt.  Is it in your laundry?”

“I have no idea.  I swear it was in my closet last night.”

“I couldn’t tell you.  We didn’t go into your dorm last night.”

He sighed.  “Yeah…I know.  I just have no idea.”  They continued on the way to his class.  They parted ways and Zac walked into the classroom and took his seat near the front.  He pulled out his laptop to prepare for his presentation on the history of ancient medicine.  It was hard to clear his head from what happened that morning. What was happening to him?


Melanie woke up and smiled.  She remembered that she had his shirts and bottoms from Zac’s room and she was excited.  It was almost like he wanted her to have this.

She reached in the drawer next to her bed and pulled out a photo of Zac from the pool.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt and his swim shorts were pulled down slightly. It was one of her favorite pictures of him.  His chiseled chest, the flat stomach that was starting to form into a 6 pack, his black hair that was messy from being wet, and his strong arm muscles.  He was so smart. He was going to be a doctor. He was going to be her doctor and her husband.

Why wouldn’t he just look at her?  Why wouldn’t he break up with that blonde chick that he was always with.  Maybe she needed to send him a message. But not yet. She needed to wait a while.  She couldn’t be that pushy when it came to love. She knew she was going to wait a while before giving him another letter.  She couldn’t push him away. And if she did, then her whole life would be over.



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