Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and I hope you were able to spend some extra time with your loved ones.  I was able to spend some time out in nature with a friend and then spend some time with family.  So all in all, it was a great Labor Day!

We are continuing our series with Winchester as we see if he can help solve another murder.  What happened to Colonel Mustard?  Was he actually stabbed in the ballroom?  Keep reading this Adventure story to find all the answers.  Enjoy!


“Wait?  Is his name actually Colonel Mustard like from the game Clue?”  Winchester was very confused. What were the odds of his name actually being Colonel Mustard?

“His name is Brian Everhart and he was playing Colonel Mustard tonight at the murder mystery dinner party.”  Anthony pointed to 5 other people who were dressed up like the other title characters from Clue. He shook his head.  “It was 3 couples who were all dressed up as separate characters. Brad’s wife Amelia is Mrs. Peacock over there.”

West nodded.  “Okay…who’s everyone else?”

Anthony pointed.  “Uh Miss Scarlett and Professor Plum are Pamela and Stephen Jones.  And Mrs. White and Mr. Green are Amy and Mark Busch. This house belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Jones and all three of the husbands are business buddies.  The Jones’ set up this party as a fun get together where there was a fake murder, played by the Jones’ daughter Ella. But after they started doing their investigating, they started to notice that Mr. Everhart was not present and they found him here in the ballroom with the knife in his back.”

“But there’s so much blood by his head.  He wouldn’t have bled out of his head if he was killed by stabbing.  What did Lacey say?”

“Lacey says that it was actually blunt force trauma to his head.”  West and Anthony turned around to see Lacey walking up to them. “He was hit in the back of the head with something and it was covered up with his hat.  The murderer then stabbed him with a knife after he died to make it look like a stabbing. Unfortunately the large puddle of blood from the victims head says different from a stab wound.”

Anthony wrote that down in his notebook.  “Can you tell what did the damage?”

Lacey shook her head.  “Not yet. I would need to see if I could pull any fibers out of the wound.”

“Well…if it’s like Clue, they would’ve used a candlestick, a leadpipe, or a wrench.  Those are all weapons in the game.” Winchester looked over at the body. “They also used the knife but I’m surprised that they didn’t use the rope or the gun.  I guess the blunt force could’ve come from the butt of the gun as well.”

“Objection!”  Anthony and West looked at Lacey as if she was crazy.  “Sorry. I just feel like we are in the game. It wasn’t from a gun.  The wound is long so it’s most likely from the candlestick or the lead pipe.  But we will need to examine all of the items.”

Anthony led West over to the people the officer who had taken statements from the people who were in attendance.  Anthony smiled. “Anything unusual?”

The officer nodded.  “Yeah…the wife, Mrs. Peacock over there, seemed a little, uh…overdramatic?  Like, I understand that you husband died but she seemed so hysterical. I kind of got a feeling that she was putting on an act.  Everyone else seemed pretty shocked about the whole situation.”

West looked over at Mrs. Peacock, who was sitting on the floor in a pile of tears.  She was very hysterical, just as the officer had described. West walked over to her and squatted down next to her.  “Excuse me ma’am. Are you okay?”

She lowered her hands from her face, revealing her tearstained face.  She sniffled. “No I’m not okay. My husband was murdered during a dinner party where we were supposed to have fun.  And now I have to go home and tell our kids that their dad is never coming home.” She covered her face again as the tears started flowing again.

West put his hand on her shoulder.  “It’s okay. We will figure out who killed your husband.”  He sat down on the floor next to her so they were on the same level.  “Do you have any idea who would’ve wanted to hurt your husband?”

She shook her head fervently.  “No…everyone loved Brad. He was the CEO of his own company with Stephen and Mark were buddies of his.  We have all spent so much time together that their kids were like our kids. We were basically one big happy family.”

Winchester nodded.  “So who found your husband?”

“Me and Mark.  We both walked into the ballroom at the same time and saw Brad laying in the middle of the floor with a knife in his back.  We both screamed and everyone came running. That’s when we called the police.”

“So where did you come from?  Like which entrance did you enter through to get to the ballroom?”

Amelia pointed to the door behind her.  “I came from the library.”

He mentally took a note of that.  “Was anyone else in the library with you at that time?”

She shook her head.  “No. I was there by myself trying to find a clue for our murder mystery party.  But I didn’t find anything.”

“Thank you, that’s all I need for now.  I’m so sorry for your loss again.” He stood up and walked over back over to his dad and Lacey.  “She is obviously distraught and I don’t think she has something to do with it.”

Another officer walked over to the group.  “I think I found the murder weapon, you may want to come see it.”  They all walked into the kitchen to see a candlestick sitting in the kitchen sink.  It looked like it had been washed off but there was still some blood on the top of it.  The officer pointed at it. “I’m not sure if that’s the victim’s blood or fake blood. But it’s very conspicuous that it’s in the sink.”

Anthony nodded.  “Bag it. We will need to look at it closer at the office.  Especially to decide if it has something to do with the murder.”



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