WW-The Crime Scene

Good morning!  How is everyone doing today?  I know it’s Wednesday and we are all looking forward to Friday, but it’s only a couple days away!  You can do it!  I believe in you!

We are into probably my favorite part of the Winchester Wednesday story.  I took a long time on this crime and it was a lot of fun to write.  I did ask some of my friends for some help with the story, but mostly they just supported me writing.  I hope you are continuing to enjoy the Adventure and I hope you enjoy this part!

The Crime Scene

It was late on a Friday night.  Winchester was sitting on the couch watching reruns of Supernatural on Netflix.  His mom Sarah came downstairs. “You know…I heard the TV but for some reason I thought you were with your dad.  Silly me.” She walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to her son. “Haven’t you watched every episode of this?”

He nodded.  “Yeah, but I enjoy watching watching it.  Plus I like their last name.”

Sarah rolled her eyes.  “I did not name you Winchester after the show or the gun.  Supernatural wasn’t a thing when you were born, remember?”

He smiled.  “I know. I just like to tease you.”  He scooted over and snuggled into his mom’s arms.  “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course honey.  What’s going on?”

“Do you like me working with dad?”

Sarah let out a sigh.  “Well…yes and no. I like that you are working and making some money before going off to college next year.  And I like that you are actually doing something and not sitting on your butt watching Supernatural all summer.”  They snickered at the thought of Winchester binge watching every season of the show over the entirety of the summer.  “But, I’m always worried for you. I just don’t want you to get hurt. And I don’t want you to get so involved in the work that you won’t be able to focus on your school work.”

West nodded.  “I understand.  But you have to also understand that dad would never put me in harms way.  He doesn’t let me do any interrogations or anything stupid. Yes, I have gone with him to talk to people about the crime, but I dad wouldn’t let me get hurt.  I think he would be devastated if I got hurt.”

“Yeah your father is very sensitive about those things and especially about you.”  She smirked. “Do you remember when you were 10 and you and your dad got in a car accident?”

“Uh…yeah…they hit the trunk of the SUV and spun us off the road.  Why?”

She giggled.  “Well neither of you got hurt and it wasn’t your fault, but your dad apologized to me for probably a month straight because you were in the car during the accident.  He felt so guilty even though it wasn’t his fault. He doesn’t want you to get hurt ever so he just super sensitive about that kinda thing. I am still kind of surprised that he lets you help him now.”

West frowned.  “Does he still worry about me when I work with him?”

“No.  He knows you won’t get yourself in trouble.  I think he was still a little nervous during the first case but he hasn’t said anything to me since.”

Their conversation was ended by the buzzing sound from West’s phone.  He picked it up off the table to see his dad calling him. He slid his finger across the screen and raised the phone up to his ear.  “Hey dad.”

“Hey Bug I need your help.  I need you help on this case but I need you to come out to the crime scene.  Would you feel comfortable driving to the crime scene?”

“Uh yeah that’s fine.  Send me the address and I will meet you there.”  He hung up the phone and stood up. “Well…work is calling.  I need to get over to a crime scene.” He ran up the stairs to put on some sneakers and grab his ID badge.  When he came back downstairs he walked into the living room and hugged his mom. “I will be safe mom, don’t worry.”

She smiled.  “I trust you.  I love you and tell you father I say I love him too.  Okay?”

“Of course.”  He raced out the door and got into his car.  His fingers turned the key to start the car so he could head over to the crime scene.  The address wasn’t too far away, maybe a 10 minute drive. 

On the way to the crime scene he began to think about what he may be encountering.  He had his ID badge so the officers should let him into the crime scene with no issues but he could never be too sure.  What he did know was the he was driving to a nicer part of town, somewhere he had never really been to but had driven through it a couple times.  He could see the red and blue flashing light from patrol cars up ahead so he knew he was in the right area. He saw the yellow caution tape up around the stop signs and a couple officers standing by the tape to make sure there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t supposed to be there.

West parked his car a couple of houses down from the intersection, locked it, and walked up to one of the officers.  The officer stopped him. “Sorry kid, this is a crime scene. I can’t let you enter.”

West pulled the ID badge out of his pocket.  “I’m Winchester West. I’m a consultant for the police department and I received a call from my father, Detective Anthony West, requesting me to come to the crime scene.”

The officer looked at his badge and cocked an eyebrow.  “There is no way you are an official officer. Hold up.”  He grabbed his walkie talkie off of his hip. “Detective West I have your son Winchester here saying that you asked him to come to the crime scene.”

There was a slight pause on the walkie talkie.  “Yes let him in. Bug I’m in the house come on in.”

The officer lifted the tape to let West go under and he made his way to a mini mansion with the doors wide open.  He walked in the front door and saw his dad standing in the middle of the room. “Hey dad.”

Anthony turned around.  “Bug! I’m glad you come.  This one is a doozy and I could really use another opinion.”

West shrugged.  “Okay. What happened?”

“Well…”  Anthony pointed to the body; a man wearing a full yellow suit wearing a tan safari hat.  There was an obvious knife sticking out of his back but a large puddle of blood around his head.  “Apparently Colonel Mustard was killed with the knife in the ballroom.”



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