Peace and Noise

Good morning!  Did everyone have a good weekend?  I spent a lot of time with friends and did a lot of walking.  But it was a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Also, this story was written a while ago but I felt like now was a good time to share it.  This was fun to write and I hope that you enjoy!  This is a cross between an Adventure and a Feel Good story, but I am categorizing this as an Adventure.  Enjoy!

Peace and Noise

Peace and Noise (1)

There was a horrific noise coming from my kitchen.  It was so loud and annoying, something that I wish that I could stop sooner rather than later.  I sat in the living room, trying to relax a little, even though the noise was grinding in the next room over.

My hands rose up to my face and rubbed my temples.  I could feel a headache coming on from the noise that was constantly ringing through the house.  It wasn’t a nice purr or hum, it was horrendous and loud and obnoxious and constant. There was nothing I could really do about it.  Unfortunately.

I turned the TV volume up a few more clicks.  I didn’t normally have the TV this loud but I was trying to drown out the awful noise.  Anything would help me to not go crazy. The only problem was that I didn’t think that I would be able to escape the noise no matter where I went in the house.

My body slowly stood up out of my divot on the couch and started wandering closer to the noise.  It was even louder once I stepped inside the kitchen, making my head start to pound more than it had earlier when the noise started.  My hand reached toward an outlet and unplugged the old fashioned ice cream maker from the wall.


I leaned against the counter and I breathed a sigh of relief.  I was so thankful that the grinding of the ice against the metal ice cream bucket was done and I didn’t have to listen to it for a while.  My hand reached for the motor of the ice cream maker and lifted it off the bucket. Inside was creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream. It was beautiful and it looked delicious.

My fingers gripped the handle of the drawer to my left.  I pulled the drawer open and grabbed a spoon from the silverware.  In one swift motion, I dipped my spoon in the homemade ice cream and stuck the spoon in my mouth.  It was some of the best ice cream that I had eaten in a while. It was so smooth it pretty much melted in my mouth.

I was in heaven.

As I stood there enjoying the ice cream I looked at the ice cream maker.  I had such a love hate relationship with the gosh darn ice cream machine. I loved the product that came out of the machine but I hated the sound that came from it.  But, I guess I have to suffer through something to be able to get something that I loved.

I reached into the ice and found the bottom of the ice cream bucket.  My fingers reached under the bucket and lifted the freshly made ice cream out of the ice.  I moved the ice cream to the freezer to let the ice cream fully freeze. I closed the freezer door, moved back to the sink, and dumped all of the ice out of the machine’s bucket.  And with that it was over. The noise was gone, the ice cream was in the freezer, and everything was done.

I finally got my peace and quiet.


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