Good morning!  It is Wednesday and it is time for another Winchester Wednesday.  Question: do you guys like these openings?  Or would you rather just start the story and have no opening?  Let me know in the comments!


Buzz buzz…buzz buzz…buzz buzz

Winchester reached out from under his sheets and picked up his phone.  He swiped up to answer the call. “Hmmmmello?”

“Bug?  I thought you would be awake by now.  I’m sorry for waking you up but I need your help on a case.  Would you be able to come down to the station as soon as possible?”

He looked at his alarm clock to see it was almost 11 am.  He groaned. “Uh…yeah dad. I can be down there soon. Do you want me to pick up some lunch for you?”

There was a slight pause.  “Sure. Why don’t you get some burgers from Mike’s.  You know what I like right?”

Winchester slowly stretched.  “Uh yeah. The California burger with extra avocado and onion rings with ranch and barbeque sauce and a Pepsi?”

“You got it.  And get whatever you want.  I’ll give you money to cover it when you get here.”

He slowly turned and rolled out of his bed.  “Thanks dad. I will be there as soon as I can.  Bye.” He hung up the phone and started to get ready for the day ahead.  West got dressed and combed through his blonde hair before grabbing his wallet and newly acquired keycard and walking out the door.  He got in his Camry and drove to Mike’s Burgers to get breakfast for him and lunch for his dad.

As he parked and walked inside, he noticed a couple of people talking very hushed in the restaurant.  It seemed a little odd but it wasn’t his business. He stepped up to the counter, ordered, and waited off to the side for his food.  He leaned against the counter and pulled his phone out of his pocket to check Twitter while waiting for his food.

“Did you hear about that teenager who’s been helping the police with different cases?”  West’s ears perked up. He tried to look like he wasn’t paying attention but of course he had to listen.  What were these people saying about him?

“Yeah I heard that he actually solved the missing girl case from last year.  Like…how could this teenager actually solve a case that the police can’t? Are the police that dumb?”  Winchester felt his heart sink a little. He was only trying to help.

“I heard something totally different.  I heard that he is actually from a different town and want to work with the police force as part of the Make A Wish Foundation.  The police in the town he’s from wouldn’t let him help so he had to come over here. So realistically he probably just happened to quote unquote help with a case.”

“Why would the police want help from a teenager?  All teens want to do these days are drink, get high, and get pregnant.  Teenagers are not that smart nowadays.”

“You’re right.  I doubt the police would ever ask for help from a teenager.  Besides, it’s probably a liability issue to get help from someone who isn’t actually on the police force.”

“West?”  He looked up to see the waitress behind the counter bringing him two bags of food.  “Here you go.”

He smiled.  “Thanks. Have a good day.”  He took the food and his drinks and got back in his car.  The harsh words from the people in the restaurant filled his head as he drove.  No matter how hard he tried, he could not get the words out of his thoughts. It hurt his feelings.  Maybe he wasn’t supposed to be helping his father with cases.

Winchester pulled up to the precinct and parked in the parking lot.  He grabbed all the food and drinks and walked up to the front door, trying very hard to not drop anything on his way inside.  He slid his keycard through the card slot and let himself into the pool of desks that contained officers. His feet lead him to his father’s desk where he placed the bags of food.  Anthony smiled. “Hey Bug. Let’s go over to the conference room. I have some of the info in there for you to look at.”

West let out a sigh.  “Okay. Yeah, I’ll look at it.”  They picked up their food and waltzed toward the conference room where there were 3 files sitting on the table along with a box labeled ‘EVIDENCE’.  West set down his food and looked at everything. “Dad…can I ask you something?”

Anthony started pulling food out of the bag and setting it on the table in front of him.  “Of course Bug. What’s wrong?”

“Do you like having me work with you?”

West could tell that his father was taken aback by the question.  “What do you mean? Of course I like having you work with me. Why wouldn’t I?”

He shrugged.  “I don’t know.  When I was at Mike’s there were some people talking about me and they were saying things like the police shouldn’t have me on board and that I was a liability.  It just…I don’t know if I should be doing this. Like, why is Chief Dyner actually letting me do this? Shouldn’t this be like…against the rules?”

Anthony put his hand on his son’s shoulder.  “Winchester. If you weren’t allowed to help us with cases, then why would we let you?  You aren’t an official officer, you are a…consultant. We have consultants help us on cases all the time so you are no different from them.  And you are NOT a liability. You have helped us solve 2 cases and you are going to help solve a 3rd. Plus…” He let out a sigh. “Plus I really like having you here.  It’s a nice way to spend time with you before you have to go back to school. I don’t care what people think of you working on the police force with us. You have become a huge help and that’s what should matter.”

Winchester nodded.  “Yeah…I just don’t want people to think that I am a burden to the force or that I am actually harming your work.  You would let me know if I was doing something wrong, right?”

His father wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulders.  “Of course I would Bug. I know you don’t like to be doing something wrong.  But for now…we need to work on this case.”

Winchester nodded.  “Yeah, of course dad.  What is this case?”

Anthony reached across the table and grabbed the first case file.  “It’s another murder, unfortunately. But this one is an unusual one.  It looked like an apparent suicide of the victim, Marcus Fueler. Some of the clues make it look like a suicide and other clues make it look like a murder.  I have talked to all of the victim’s family and they think it had to have been his girlfriend Ana but so far she’s checked out. I’m stuck at a dead end so I need another set of eyes on it.”

West grabbed the file and flipped it open.  “Give me a couple hours and I will see what I can find.”


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