The Parking Space

Good morning!  Is everyone ready for this week?  I am looking forward to having the weekend off, so only 5 more days of work until the weekend!  Not that I have anything exciting planned, but I always look forward to having a weekend off.

This story is based off of a true story from my life.  It is kind of silly but honestly, I am still confused by what happened.  But, why not write a story about it and maybe you guys can figure out what happened.  Either way, this story is an Adventure, enjoy!

The Parking Space

The Parking Space.png

The sun was brighter than Ariel thought it would be and she wasn’t a big fan of it.  “Ugh…how could I forget my sunglasses!  Today of all days…”  She flipped down the sun visor of her car and continued to drive.  She was meeting a couple friends for dinner and she wasn’t exactly sure where she was going.  She knew the area of the restaurant but she wasn’t sure which restaurant was the one she was looking for.

Ariel pulled into the parking lot that housed multiple restaurants.  She had a 1 in 3 chance of getting the right one and she hoped she got it right on the first try.  Her hands turned the steering wheel, turning her car into a smaller parking lot behind two of the restaurants.  Ariel slowly cruised through the parking lot until she found a single parking space available.

“Wow!  How lucky am I today?”  Ariel swung her car into the parking space and slowly straightened her car.  As she pulled forward her car tapped something.  Ariel frowned.  “Huh…what did I hit?”  She parked the car, turned it off, and stepped out of the driver’s seat.

Nothing was there.

Ariel raised an eyebrow.  “That’s weird…maybe I imagined it.”  She looked at the front of her car and realized she was still very far away from the curb.  “I guess I’ll move forward a bit.”  She slid back into the driver’s seat, started the car, and pulled it forward in the parking space.

But as she did so, the car hit something again.  Ariel parked the car, turned it off again, and got out of the car to check to see what she hit.  But there was nothing.  She didn’t even hit the curb, her car’s bumper was sitting 2 inches above the curb.  This was baffling to Ariel, what in the world was going on?

She stood outside her car just staring at the front bumper.  There was nothing there.  There was no parking stop, nothing random that she hadn’t seen, and she still wasn’t hitting the curb around the parking lot.  “There’s nothing here!  I don’t understand!”  She turned to look at the restaurants that were behind her.  Neither one was the one she needed to go to.  “Ugh!  Seriously!  Of course I need to go to the restaurant that I’m not parked at.”

Ariel got back into her car and pulled out of the parking space.  As she backed out she looked at the parking space to see if there was anything suspicious.  But the parking space was completely empty.  As Ariel drove away toward the correct restaurant she was still completely confused.  She had no idea what she hit or what happened in that parking space.  But it was haunted, or possessed, or something.  Something was wrong with that parking space and Ariel should’ve listened when the car first hit something.  She should’ve left right away and gone somewhere else.



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