I Am Free

Good morning!  It’s Monday and we are here with another short story for Grammy’s Grid.  That’s right, another one!  This time, the opening line is:

The summer breeze blew through my hair as I…

Now, this is a second part to Secretive and Haunted, so you may want to go read that one before reading this one.  So click here if you want to go back and read the other short story.  This story is a Paranormal story and I hope you enjoy!

I Am Free

I Am Free.png

The summer breeze blew through my hair as I stood there staring at the house.  It was late afternoon and the sun was coming down toward the horizon. I was just about to head around the house to do my nightly patrol but something seemed off.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something seemed different.

I heard a noise coming from within the house.  I didn’t recognize the noise, it definitely wasn’t one of the new owners of the house.  It was an annoying clicking noise that didn’t seem like it was stopping anytime soon.

“Hello? My name is Ty.  Can you hear me?”

I flew into the house.  Who was Ty? I saw a young man wearing all black clothes standing there.  Who was this guy that was standing in the middle of the living room? I had never seen him before, so what was he doing here?

He stood in the middle of the room with a small device in his hand.  The device seemed to be where the noise was coming from but he seemed very concentrated on it.  Ty looked up toward the ceiling. “If there is someone here, can you state your name?”

I opened my mouth and tried to say something.  I stayed quiet most of the time because I didn’t want to scare the people who were living in the house.  But this Ty guy seemed to be wanting to talk to me. “Fr…Fran…Franklin…”

I watched Ty’s body freeze.  Did I do something wrong? He wanted me to state my name and now he seemed like he was frozen in fear.  Maybe he wasn’t actually expecting me to say anything.

“Okay…can you tell me what you are doing here?”

Honestly, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing in the house.  All I knew was that one day I was working and the next day I was floating around the house as a ghost.  I didn’t know what had happened but all I knew was that I was dead. So I guess that was the answer that he was looking for.


I could see Ty start to panic a little.  I really hoped that I hadn’t scared him into not helping me.  “Did you die inside the house? Or did you die outside somewhere?  And did someone kill you or did you kill yourself?” I felt myself starting to sink closer to the floor, reaching the same height as Ty.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to answer. I knew that I hadn’t killed myself but I still couldn’t be 100% sure. I had been dead for so many years I couldn’t really remember what happened.  I was brought back to reality by Ty clearing his throat. “I can’t help you if you don’t give me any information. So how can I help you?”

I knew where the bodies were.  I knew that I wasn’t the only one who had died, but I was the only ghost who was here.  I took a deep breath and opened my mouth to reveal our secret. 


I felt ashamed that I couldn’t say any more but Ty seemed satisfied with my answer.  “Okay…so I need to go into the basement. Is the basement inside or outside?” I sat there a bit puzzled.  I just floated through the floors so I wasn’t exactly sure if the entrance to the basement was inside or out.  But I saw Ty nod his head. ““Okay. I will go find this basement and talk to you there.”

I followed Ty through the entire house, curious about what he was going to find.  I wasn’t sure where the basement was but I felt like a little puppy following his master.  I just followed Ty through every room until he walked outside and started stomping around. What was he doing?

Suddenly he stopped.  Ty stomped around in a small around and then started tearing the weeds away from the ground.  He found a door. Was this the entrance to the basement where my body was hidden? Ty gripped the handles of the door and started pulling on the door.  It didn’t budge.

I flew under the doors and pushed the doors open so that Ty could get in.  But I didn’t realize how powerful I was. Once I stopped I saw Ty laying on his back in the grass.  Oops.  I must’ve knocked him over.

Ty slowly stood up and made his way into the basement.  I followed him again. Once he saw the bodies, I felt something rising up inside of me.  I wasn’t sure what it was but I felt myself scream. I let out a blood curdling scream and I felt myself rocketing toward the sky.  I didn’t know what was happening but when I stopped I was in the clouds. I tried to go back toward the house but I couldn’t. I was free.  Ty had saved me.

And I was never going to be able to thank him.


5 thoughts on “I Am Free

  1. Oh a part 2, love it!! So Ty unknowingly released Franklin’s spirit/soul when he found the bodies, huh? Thanks so much Lauren for linking up at the #ShortStoryPromptLinkParty 8! Shared ♥


  2. We have just begun watching Stranger Things, and bits of your story reminded me of that show. If you aren’t familiar with it, although I bet you have watched it since you seem interested in the paranormal, a child disappears and returns through the electricity in his mother’s home. All of this stuff kind of gives me the creeps but who knows what is possible!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh Leslie, I was so anticipating season 3 of Stranger Things that I binge watched it as soon as it came out on July 4th. Now I’m waiting for season 4.


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