The Final Exam

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was a little busy, celebrating my sister’s birthday, celebrating my nephew’s birthday, and laughing so hard at Apples to Apples that I was crying.  It was a very fun weekend even though it was busy.

This story is the different take on something that I’m sure most people didn’t like.  Final exams.  I hated final exams even though it meant the end of the semester.  Especially the cumulative exams, those were the absolute worst!  But, I’m getting off track.  I’ll just let you read the story and see what you think!

This story is an Adventure, so enjoy!

The Final Exam

The Final Exam

Stanley sat behind his desk and watched.  He could see his students starting to sweat as they took their final exam.  It was interesting to see who was struggling, those who didn’t care, and those who knew exactly what was on the test.  It was always interesting to watch.

He looked at one of his students in the front row.  She was a very studious student, paid attention in every class, asked questions, and did very well on all of her tests.  She looked like she was doing very well on the test, taking each question very seriously as she read them.  Her pencil filled in every little bubble for the correct answers.  He knew that she would do great things once she graduated.

Then there was a student three seats behind and two seats over from her.  He was the class clown, he was always loud, and always trying to draw attention to himself.  He was a good student, he still did very well on his tests.  Stanley just wished that he wouldn’t have been so loud.  But it didn’t matter, Stanley knew this student would also do great things.

His eyes scanned the room to see one of his hardest working students.  This student paid very close attention and asked more questions than any other student.  She visited him in almost every office hour to ask even more questions because she needed the extra help.  Stanley smiled.  She was so sweet, bringing him a dozen cookies as a thank you for all of his help.  He knew that she would always struggle with her classes, but he also knew she would always work extra hard to do well in her classes.  He had told her that she was always welcome in his office and he hoped she would take him up on it.

Stanley continued to look around the room and his eyes landed on the biggest slacker in the class.  This student never showed up to class, didn’t do fantastic on tests, and actually…only showed up for the tests.  Stanley knew this student would have to take the class over again, but maybe with another teacher.

He continued to watch his students when one came up to the front with his scantron in his hand.  Stanley looked at him.  “Have you finished?”

The student nodded.  “Uh yes sir.  I have finished my test.  Have a nice summer.”  He handed Stanley the scantron and walked out of the classroom.

Stanley’s eyes fell upon a student who had managed to fall asleep.  How in the world does someone fall asleep in the middle of final exam?  Stanley stood up and he walked toward the student.  He gently tapped on the student’s shoulder and the student woke with a start.  There was a small puddle of drool on the desk and very few bubbles were filled in on the scantron.  “Sorry…”  Stanley walked back toward his desk and sat down.

The hour ticked by and all of the students turned in their exams, except for one.  One boy still sat in the back of the classroom, tears filling his eyes.  He knew that he had failed and he had taken every moment of the exam time to take the test.  The boy stood up and slowly walked to the front of the classroom.  His hand reached out and shakily handed Stanley the scantron.  “Here you go sir…”

Stanley gently took the scantron and placed it in the pile with all of the other student’s tests.  “Grades will be up tonight or early tomorrow.  I hope you have a wonderful summer.”  He smiled at the young student who nodded and walked out of the classroom.  Stanley felt bad but there was nothing he could do.  The test was over, the semester was over, it was time for summer.


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