WW-Finding Answers

Good morning!  How is everyone doing today?  It’s Wednesday, it’s the middle of the week, but that means that the week is almost over!  It’s almost like the week is over before it starts.  No?  Okay.

We are back with more Winchester Wednesday!  Is everyone enjoying these?  I hope so because I have had so much fun writing these.  If you have any suggestions for what kind of cases that you want Winchester to solve let me know.  I would love to work with your ideas to see what we can come up with together!

But without further ado, let move onto our Adventure!  Enjoy!

Finding Answers

Winchester ran into the police precinct and went straight to the front desk.  He smiled at the receptionist. “Hi. I’m Winchester West my dad is detective Anthony West.  I need to speak to him immediately.”

The girl rolled her eyes.  “What is this regarding?”

He felt his face starting to turn red.  Why was this girl being so difficult? “Please.  I need to talk to him about a case that I am helping him with.  I know where is desk is, I just need to be buzzed in the back so I can go see him.”  He felt his finger start tapping nervously on the desk.

She sighed.  “Yeah sure whatever.”  She pressed a button and there was a buzzing noise.  West walked over to the door and walked through it. He quickly walked through the precinct toward his father’s desk.  Anthony was sitting at his desk staring at the computer.

Winchester walked up and placed his hands on the desk in front of his dad.  “I need your help to get a warrant.”

Anthony looked up to see West and his eyes widened.  “Did you find something?”

West sat down and pulled out the folder with the information he needed.  “So…I’m assuming you saw me asleep at the table this morning in the middle of all the papers.  That’s besides the point, but when I woke up I saw this.” He pointed at the school name. “Forester Elementary School.  The younger son, Devon, was 10 and in 4th grade when Gemma disappeared. He is just about to finish 5th grade in like…a week when school gets out for the summer.  But I had this thought to call the school to see how many kids the Hanaway family had enrolled in the school.” He shook his head. “So that what I tried. But when I called, they got super defensive.  Like…I introduced myself and told them why I was calling but they asked for a warrant. Honestly, I didn’t even tell them the last name of the family and they immediately asked for a warrant. So…I think I need a warrant for the admissions.”

Anthony sat back.  “I hate to tell you this, but we checked their school records when the school year started.  There was only one student with the last name Hanaway and it was Devon. So we already tried it.”  He sighed. “Sorry Bug. I know you were so sure you got something.”

“But what if they had Gemma there under a fake name?  Look.” Winchester flipped through the folder for a very specific paper.  “From what I understand from this piece of evidence, Brad and Melissa Hanaway used to be foster parents meaning that a school wouldn’t find it strange that they suddenly had another child that wasn’t theirs.  So it’s very possible that Gemma was actually attending the school but it was under a different name.”

He sat back and let out a long breath.  “That poor girl could have easily been tortured over the course of the entire summer to make her believe her name wasn’t Gemma Edwards.  Apparently it only take a couple days of intense torture to make an adult believe something totally different than reality. Can you imagine how easy it would be to change the mind of a 6 year old?  If it takes a couple days for an adult to believe something different, how easy would it be to change the mind of a child?” Winchester shrugged. “It’s just a thought.”

Chief Dyner walked by as West stopped talking.  He smiled and smacked West on the back. “Hey West.  Helping your dad on another case?”

West nodded.  “Yeah. But it’s a cold case from a missing child last year.  Gemma Edwards, I don’t know if you remember. But I was here because I was trying to see if we could get a search warrant.  I have reason to believe that one of the major suspects actually has little Gemma. There are a lot of holes in one of the families stories that make me believe that they had something to do with it.  I just want to get a warrant for the admission records for the school that the youngest son goes to. I want to see if there is another child with their last name.”

“And what makes you believe this family has Gemma?”  Chief Dyner seemed genuinely concerned and interested.

“Well…”  Winchester looked at his dad, who nodded as if he was giving the go ahead.  “I was thinking that they might have enrolled her in the school under a different name.  The school was defensive after I had told them who I was. And the evidence says that the family used to be a foster family.  I think that Gemma might be at the elementary school that the youngest son goes to under a different name.”

Chief Dyner nodded and looked at Anthony.  “Well that seems very circumstantial. But…”  He paused and shrugged. “Anthony, let’s see what we can do.  We have gotten search warrants on less information.”

Anthony turned to his computer and started typing things out as the chief walked away.  He cleared his throat. “If you are so sure about this then I am going to need your help to write this warrant.  And I hope you are right about this because I really want to make sure that Gemma gets home safely.”

West walked around the desk to stand behind his father.  “Me too dad. I just want to make sure she gets to go back to her family.”

They took a short time to write out their search warrant.  And when they were done, they rushed out of the building and headed toward the courthouse to have a judge sign off on it.  West still wasn’t one hundred percent sure what was actually happening or if was even right about this. But he was hoping that even if he was wrong about his hunch, this search warrant would somehow help find Gemma.


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