Together Forever

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I did a whole lot of nothing…except for writing.  I did a whole lot of that this weekend.  So be ready!  It’s coming on the blog sooner than you know it!

Welcome to another blog post for Grammy’s Grid!  For this one, I had a little bit of a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to do.  But!  I made it work!  So the prompt for this link party goes as follows:

Who is the woman in that photo?  Is it…

So here it is!  Here is my addition to Grammy’s Grid Link Party 6.  This story is an Adventure.  Enjoy!

Together Forever

Together Forever

“Who is that woman in the photo? Is it someone I should know?”

Mitchell nodded his head.  “Yeah. That’s my new girlfriend Mikayla.  You should definitely introduce yourself if you see her.”

His roommate Joe picked up the photo frame and looked at the girl.  “How long have you two been together?”

“2 weeks.  It’s all still pretty new.”

Joe set the frame down on the desk and turned to walk out of the dorm room.  “Cool dude. Next time she comes over introduce us.”

“Yeah.  I will definitely do that.”  He heard the door lock as Joe had left the room.  He picked up the photo and flopped onto his bed and sighed.  “Mikayla. Why are you so perfect? And how did I get so lucky to fall in love with you and for you to fall in love with me?”

He rolled over and opened the drawer of his bedside table, revealing some of the things he had of Mikayla’s.  A notebook that she gave him in the library, a water bottle that she gave him in class, a small clipping of hair that he asked her for when she cut her hair shorter, and her tee shirt that she had worn to the pool but gave him instead.  They were all so personal and Mitchell felt like they were connected through their items. Each item was so perfect, just like their relationship.

As he lay on the bed he could only think about their relationship.  Like the time they met, when she purposely ran into him. She quickly apologized and kept walking; but Mitchell knew that it was fate for them to meet.  They sat in the dining hall together and he would stare at her the whole time, admiring her beauty and poise as she sat and talked. Then there was the time at the pool where they swam side by side and their hands brushed against each other’s.  It was all so exciting and new that Mitchell didn’t know what to do afterwards. They were meant to be together; they were meant to be a couple.

They were meant to be together forever.

Mitchell slowly stood up and looked out the window; Mikayla was walking out on the sidewalk going toward a class.  He immediately put on his shoes and ran out of the dorm room, keys in hand. He caught up to Mikayla and started to gain onto her head start.  As he approached her, his arm started to reach forward toward Mikayla’s body. Her body was perfect: every curve was just right, her red hair flew in the wind, and her step was bouncy and fun.  Mikayla was perfect. Mitchell’s fingers reached out and were mere inches away from Mikayla’s butt. His fingers spread out and with a quick motion, Mitchell grabbed and squeezed her right butt cheek.

He quickly passed Mikayla on her left to make it look like he wasn’t guilty.  His feet kept walking until Mitchell felt like he was far enough away that he was out of sight.  Mitchell found a bench where he sat down and pulled out his phone, making it look like he wasn’t paying attention to the world.  But in reality, he was watching to see Mikayla walk by. His phone camera was ready to record, ready for her to pass by at any moment.

And then she turned the corner.

Mikayla looked extremely disturbed, quickly looking over both of her shoulders as if she was still watching for Mitchell to show up.  His finger pressed the red record button and he started following her movements, making sure to catch every step that she took. She was absolutely stunning as she walked through the campus and Mitchell wanted to make sure that he caught every moment of it.  She was absolutely beautiful.

Mitchell slowly stood up and started to follow Mikayla again.  He continued to record her walking to class, smiling to himself knowing that he was now going to have a video of her.  He kept his distance even though he knew she would love for him to take this video.

As she continued to walk, Mitchell found himself falling even more in love with her.  She seemed to speed up as she walked almost as if she was afraid of something behind her.  Mitchell continued to follow her until she disappeared into a classroom. He stopped, it didn’t feel right to follow her into her class.  Her education was important after all.

He decided to head back to his dorm and try to relax before he had to go to his night class.  He was over the moon in love with Mikayla and he knew that she felt exactly the same way about him.  They were going to be together forever and he was going to make sure that happened. They were meant to be together and they were meant to get married one day.  Mitchell knew that Mikayla was the perfect match for him which is why they were so in love.

They were in love and that’s all that mattered.


6 thoughts on “Together Forever

  1. This one was difficult for me to. Be sure to linkup at prompt party 7 and I’ll share it onto social media!


  2. Ah, young love ♥ This one was difficult for me too! Had a hard time with it at first and my story wasn’t very long but hey, that’s the fun in it, right? Thanks Lauren for linking up at the #ShortStoryPromptLinkParty 7! Shared ♥


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