WW-Take Down

Good morning!  It’s Wednesday which means that we are just a few days closer to Friday and the weekend.  Does anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?  Unfortunately I have to work, but I will be writing more so that’s a plus!

We are back with another Winchester Wednesday.  Is everyone ready for another installment of this story?  I hope so because I have really enjoyed writing this story so far.  I really like seeing what Winchester is going to do and if he is going to actually help the police force.

This story is Adventure, but it can be found in the Winchester Wednesday tab in the menu.  Enjoy!

Take Down

There was a silence in the car that was only filled with the music from the radio.  Winchester held the ID badge in his hands, reading what it said. It was just saying he was a consultant for the force and he didn’t have a key card to get into the station, but it was still kind of cool.  It was kind of surreal, he was 17 years old and working with the police force. He wasn’t even a real officer, he was just trying to help out.

Anthony cleared his throat.  “Are you nervous?”

West look at him.  “Nervous? About what?”

“Going on your first official case as a consultant?”

They chuckled.  “Thanks for the confidence dad.  Nah…I’m just hoping that we can get some information and find the person who killed Nancy.  She deserves justice.”

The car pulled into a parking lot with a large gymnasium.  It looked like it used to be something like a YMCA but it had been converted into a competitive fencing arena.  There was a large painted fencer on the side, thrusting his sword towards the door as if it was pointing potential fencers as to where to enter.  It had some large windows so people could watch fencers practice. There were a few cars in the parking lot but West couldn’t see anyone inside.

Anthony pulled the car into a parking space and parked the car.  The two of them exited the car and made their way to the front door, pausing for a brief second.  Anthony grabbed Winchester’s shoulder and pulled him back. “Stay behind me and let me do the talking.  Do you understand?”

West nodded.  “Yes dad. I understand.”

Anthony nodded and opened the door to the gym.  They were welcomed into a small lobby with a woman behind the desk.  She smiled. “Good afternoon. How I can help you?”

Anthony pulled out his badge.  “Good afternoon. I’m Detective West with the Northridge Police Department, and this is my partner.  We are here to speak to the owner of this facility.”

She smiled.  “Sure. Let me go get him.”  She stood up and walked out of the lobby into a little side room.  She was only there for a brief moment before looking out the door. “You can come inside.  Mr. Meanter will see you in his office.”

The West men walked into to small office to see a tall lanky gentleman wearing a tee shirt for the gym and sweatpants.  He reached out his hand. “Good afternoon gentlemen. Please have a seat and let’s talk.”

Winchester gently sat down in the chair and looked over at his father.  Anthony pulled out a small notebook. “Good afternoon sir…”

“Please, call me Mark.”

Anthony nodded.  “Okay, Mark. Do you have a student by the name of Nancy Crowler?”

Mark nodded.  “Yes I do. What happened to Nancy?”

“She was murdered a couple days ago.”

Mark looked like he was about to burst into tears.  “What? Nancy died? What happened?”

“She was stabbed in her back multiple times.  Do you know if she had enemies here?”

Mark shook his head, a tear streaming down his cheek.  “No…everyone loved Nancy. She was a strong girl who knew her way around fencing.  She was a new student but she picked up the sport very quickly. Like…I’ve never taught a student with so much potential.  And it is a huge shame too…she had a lot to add to the fencing community.”

“Did you and Miss Crowler have relations together Mark?”

Mark had picked up a pen and immediately dropped it.  “What? No. She was my student.” He gazed to the right side of his office.  “I would never have a relationship with a student.”

Winchester watched his face, trying to see if there was anything out of the ordinary with this guy.  He noticed that the owner kept looking toward the right when he was talking about Nancy. And he had tried to shake hands with his right hand, and picked up the pen with his right hand.  This guy was lying. Winchester cleared his throat. “Do you wanna try telling us the truth?”

“Uh…”  Mark was stunned.

“Bug…I told you to let me run this.”

“Yeah, but Mr. Meanter is obviously lying.  He keeps looking to the right when answering questions and he is right handed.  He tried to shake your hand with his right hand and picked up the pen that he dropped with his right hand.  I think you are ashamed that you had a relationship with Nancy and didn’t want to admit it because you are ashamed that she was a student.”  West sat back in his chair. “So…do you wanna try telling us the truth?”

Mark let out a long breath and nodded.  “Okay…yes. Nancy and I were kinda in a relationship.  But we didn’t do anything in public, everything was done here.  I don’t know where she lives…well…I know where she lives but I have never visited it…and we only had relations here.  Her family didn’t know about me and my family doesn’t know about her. Actually…she told me her family and friends didn’t know that she fenced.  She came here for fun and she thought they wouldn’t approve of her learning how to fence because she was studying to be a doctor. But she told me she was tired of school and didn’t want to be a doctor anymore, she was only doing it for her family.  We actually talked about making our relationship more public soon because she was going to announce to her family that she was dropping out of school.”

“Did anyone know about your relationship?”  Anthony leaned forward as he was becoming more invested.

Mark shook his head.  “No…It was just us. No one knew about…”  He paused before his eyes widened. “Wait…I think Kayla knew about us.”

“Who’s Kayla?”  Winchester and Anthony both spit out the sentence at the same time.

“The receptionist.  She…she walked in on us once.  It was…it was a complete accident.  She had left her purse in here and walked in on us making out in here.  She quickly left and never said anything, but she did see us together.” Mark shuddered.  “You don’t think Kayla could’ve killed Nancy. But if she did…I don’t know how she could’ve done it.”

Winchester looked around the room and saw a picture of Mark and Kayla standing by a trophy.  They both had a huge smile on their face and Kayla had a medal around her neck. Winchester stood up and walked over to the picture.  “This is Kayla right?”

Mark looked over and nodded.  “Yeah. She was one of my top students for a long time, but then she injured herself and was never able to get back into the sport without being in a lot of pain.  She didn’t want to leave the sport completely so I hired her as a part time receptionist and part time teacher.”

Anthony cleared his throat.  “Did you and Kayla have a relationship before she got hurt?”

The owner shook his head.  “No. Nancy was the first person that I broke my own rule with.  I have never had a relationship with a student before Nancy. And I know I will never have another one after this.  But Kayla….Kayla…” He stood up and started marching toward the door. “KAYLA!”

Anthony and West followed Mark out of his office to see him marching toward the front desk where Kayla was sitting.  She stood up and looked at March with a smirk on her face. “So you finally figured it out huh? You finally realized that I was the one that killed Nancy.  Took you long enough. Maybe if you would’ve paid more attention to me then we wouldn’t be here.”

West stayed back as Anthony walked up and handcuffed Kayla.  “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.  Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

Kayla smirked again as she looked Mark straight in the eye.  “I understand and I do not wish to be provided with a lawyer.”


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