That’s What Friends Are For

Hello!  Is everyone ready for a new week to start?  Or are we all still hoping that it’s the weekend?  For me, I’m ready for the week to be over because there are exciting things for me this weekend.  So, let’s get this week started!

This story is different from what I normally write.  I guess I was just looking for something a little different and this is what I came up with.  And it isn’t a dark story!  It’s actually a Feel Good Story so I hope you enjoy!

That’s What Friends Are For

That's What Friends Are Fod

“Uh…”  Being put on the spot made Ariel draw a blank.  She wasn’t expecting the professor to call on her and she wasn’t paying attention.  Her eyes widened as she scanned the board, trying to cling onto any information that would possibly help her.  “Uh…c=2?”

The professor smiled.  “Good job.  Now…can you please tell the class how you got that?”

Ariel felt her face turning red.  “Um…I took the whole equation and I saw that every number was divisible by 4, so that left me with 12+(4×3)/48.  So once I got that I calculated the top half which equals 24.  And then I divided, which means that c=2.”

The professor’s smile widened.  “Very good.  Did everyone understand how we got there?”  He continued to answer other student’s questions about the equation as Ariel was able to relax.

She hated school.  Okay…maybe not hate school, but she strongly disliked it.  She didn’t like going to school, she felt like it was a waste of time.  She was 16 and a freshman in college; she didn’t really fit in with anyone on campus.  She wished she wasn’t as smart as she was, maybe she wouldn’t be in college.

“Class dismissed.  I will see all of you on Thursday.”  Everyone quickly got up and left the classroom, racing off to their next class.

Ariel slowly got up and walked out of the classroom.  She was on her way to her next math class where she was going to bored out of her mind.  Math was her strong suit so she didn’t need to pay much attention in those classes, but she unfortunately still had to attend for points.

She turned the corner and immediately hit a wall.  She was knocked off her feet and fell on her back, leaving her dazed.  “Oh my gosh!  I’m so sorry.”  Ariel looked up to see a giant guy standing in front of her.  He looked like a giant football player, or a brick wall depending on how you looked at him.  He got down on his knee and reached out his hand.  “Are you hurt?  I’m so sorry again.  Please, let me help you.”

Ariel started to gather her papers as this guy started to gather her other belongings that started to scatter.  He came back and helped her to her feet.  “I’m Damien.”

She felt her face starting to turn red.  “I’m Ariel.  It’s nice to meet you.”

He smiled.  “I’m so sorry again.  I just…I don’t always know my own strength haha.”  He nervously ran his hand through his hair.  “I…uh…better get to my calculus class.  I have to really pay attention to somewhat understand it…so…I’m sorry again.  I hope to see you around.”

Damien started to walk away toward his classroom.  Ariel spun around.  “Hey!”  He turned back to her, an eyebrow cocked.  “I…uh…I could help you with your calculus if you want…math is kinda my strong suit.”

“Really?”  Damien’s eyes started to light up.  “That would be great.  I really…really don’t understand most of it so any help would be great.  Here.”  He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down his number.  “Text me later and we can meet up.”  He tore the paper out of his notebook and gave it to Ariel.

She smiled.  “Yeah.  I’ll text you after my next class and set up a time so I can help you.”  They went their separate ways and Ariel ended up in her classroom just in time.  She sat at her desk and looked at Damien’s number, not really sure when she would have time.  But he seemed like a genuine guy who really needed the help.  She pulled out her phone and punched in his number.

Hey Damien, it’s Ariel.  I have a three hour break after this class if you want some help.  Let me know!

Her phone buzzed shortly after.  I have a hour break but I could use the help.  Thanks again!

Ariel smiled as she text him back.  No problem.  That’s what friends are for.



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