Winchester Wednesday-It’s a Brand New Series!

Good morning! I know what you’re thinking ‘It’s Wednesday…you don’t normally post on Wednesday.’ And to that I would say, you dear reader are correct. But! We are starting a new series every Wednesday so you will have to come back each week to see what happens.

And before you start reading, this has nothing to the show Supernatural even though there is the name Winchester in the title. Winchester is our title character and he is an awesome character to write about. I have had so much fun writing this story and I cannot wait to see what all of you think about it.

So without further ado, this is the beginning of Winchester Wednesdays. These are in the Adventure but you will find them in the new Winchester Wednesday tab in the menu. These are also a little of a longer read so sit back and enjoy!

Day 1: The Beginning
Summer vacation had just started and all of the students couldn’t wait to get the fun activities started. Some of the kids were going on vacations with their families, kicking off the summer with some time away from home. Others were heading up to camps with their friends, ready to stay up all night and tell ghost stories. And others were staying home because it was hard for their families to get some time off from work.
Winchester West was a part of the last group. His parents both worked really hard at their jobs and they had a large family vacation planned in a couple weeks; but for the first month of summer vacation Winchester had to stay home. He didn’t have any plans with his friends because he didn’t have many friends. Or, the ones he had had left for vacation with their respective families. So he was left by himself in the large house.
He laid in bed and saw a small piece of paper that was taped on the wall next to him. ‘Thanks for an awesome school year West!’. He smiled. Most people called him by his last name, West, because Winchester was too long and complicated. Even his teachers called him West except for Mrs. Mayer, she refused to call him West because his legal name was Winchester. His best friend Cory was going to be away for a couple weeks with his family, but West didn’t mind. He knew he would see Cory again before school started.
He crawled out of bed at 10 am, thankful that he was able to finally sleep in and he didn’t have to think about writing another essay for a couple months. But he had promised his parents that he would look for scholarships and look at colleges for the next year. He only had one more year of high school before he could move out and live somewhere else for college. The only problem was that Winchester didn’t really know what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
His mom was a well known real estate agent in the town and she had encouraged him to get his real estate license when he turned 18. But Winchester wasn’t really sure if he wanted to do that. His sister Elizabeth had gotten her real estate license and was learning a lot from their mom. West didn’t think he would make that good of a salesman, he was too shy and liked to focus on school. Their dad was a detective for the local police department. This was something that he knew for a fact he couldn’t do: he was not a confrontational person and he knew he would burst into tears if he had to interrogate someone. Other than that, nothing else really interested him. Maybe he would just get a business degree.
Winchester waltzed down the stairs to get himself some breakfast. He reached into the cabinet and grabbed the box of Coco Pops. A bowl of cereal was quickly fixed and he went to sit at the kitchen table to eat it. But there was a folder sitting on the table near the spot where his father sat. It didn’t look like anything crazy, but it made Winchester curious what was inside. He set his bowl of cereal next to it and slowly opened the front of the folder.
Inside was a photo of a girl. She was laying on the ground, her arms and legs sprawled out to the sides. Her blonde hair was covered in blood and it covered her face. There were multiple stab wounds in her back so it was obvious how she died. Winchester felt sorry for her, she looked too young to die.
He started paging through the documents as he ate his cereal. He felt strange, he probably shouldn’t be looking through this file. It was most likely his dads that accidentally got left at home. But he couldn’t stop looking at the all of the evidence that they had collected. There was so much information that had been collected that it was hard to see everything.
He paged through the initial report and read about the crime scene and what the coroner found. But there was something that didn’t make sense. West looked at the photo and saw some slight bruising on her wrists. It wasn’t super obvious, it was actually pretty faint. But no matter how many reports he read, there wasn’t a single note about the bruising. It was bizarre.
Suddenly the front door opened, flooding the living room with sunlight. “Bug? Are you awake?”
Winchester turned. “I’m in the dining room dad.”
He heard the door close and heavy footsteps came toward the dining room. He looked over his shoulder to see his father standing behind him. His father snatched the folder off the table. “That is an ongoing investigation. I can’t have you looking at it.”
“Did you see the bruising that was on her wrists? I couldn’t find anything about it in the reports.”
His father sat down in the chair next to West. “Son. Why were you looking through the reports?”
Winchester shrugged. “I don’t know. I wasn’t sure what it was so I opened it and saw her picture. Look.” He took the folder from his father and opened it to the picture. He pointed to the bruising. “Here. Do you see this slight bruising? It’s not super noticeable, but I saw it. And so I looked through the reports and there was nothing about it. There also wasn’t any notes about the coroner looking under her fingernails for any DNA. Did that happen and I didn’t see it?”
His dad looked a little shocked. “How did you notice that? The coroner didn’t even see the bruising.”
“I think that maybe she had gotten the bruises a couple days before she died. Like, the bruising was about to go away hence why it’s so faint. It’s possible that the coroner didn’t see it because the bruising went away completely by the time he got to her body. Who knows, but I’m kinda surprised he didn’t look under her fingernails for DNA. Wouldn’t that be the first place to check for any evidence? Also, the stab wounds look like they came from a fencing sabre.”
Winchester looked up at his father who was sitting with his mouth wide open. “Uh…” He sputtered, trying to get some sort of language out. “How…how did you figure that out?”
He shrugged. “Just being observant. I knew the stab wounds couldn’t be from a regular knife because of the shape. Fencing sabres have a triangular shape, actually I guess it’s more of a Y shape. But you see how there’s kind of a weird shape on the edges of the wounds? I think that it came from someone quickly stabbing her in the back with the sabre and then gently pulling it out. I believe that if it was vice versa the wounds would look more like the sabre.”
His father stood up and pulled everything into the folder. He grabbed Winchester’s hand and pulled him toward the door. “You’re coming back to work with me. I need you to talk to the chief about what you saw.”
“Dad? Can I at least get dressed first?”


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