Hello!  How is everyone doing?  Did you enjoy the Alphabet Series in all of April?  I hope so, I put a lot of time into it and really enjoyed writing it!  But this week we are getting back to a link party from Grammy’s Grid.  She has given us a new prompt to write a story with.  This time, the prompt goes as follows:

She closed the book she was reading and turned out the…

This story is in the Dark category.  Enjoy!



She closed the book she was reading and turned out the lamp that was sitting next to her.  Avery slowly stood up and made her way across the dark living room, being extra careful to not stub her toe on the edge of the furniture.  She slowly stepped into the hallway and made her way toward her bedroom.  It was close to midnight and she was exhausted.

Her hand reached out and gripped the doorknob.  She gently turned the knob and pushed the door to reveal her bedroom.  It was dark inside her room, she must’ve forgot to turn on her bedside lamp before she went to the living room to read.  Avery took a couple steps inside and turned the small dial on lamp.  It clicked once and the light didn’t turn on.

“Huh…the light bulb must’ve burned out.  I’ll get a new one in the morning.”  She stepped to the side of the room and flipped on the switch of her ensuite bathroom light.  When she turned around to look her room, something scurried under her bed.  Avery was taken aback, what was that?  She cautiously walked over to her bed and bent down onto the floor.

She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary under her bed.  Just a box of shoes, a tub of clothes, a file with past bills in it, and a box of mementos with a pair of eyes sitting on top of it.  Wait…those eyes weren’t supposed to be there.  Avery screamed and backed away from the bed.  What was that?

A loud thundering noise came down the hallway.  Avery’s roommate Lydia opened the bedroom door and looked inside, here eyes as wide as saucers.  “What happened?”

Avery pointed at her bed.  “There’s…there’s something under my bed.  I don’t know what it is but there’s something there.”

Lydia walked over to the bed and got down on her hands and knees.  She peered under the bed.  “What is it?”

“I don’t know but it was sitting on top of the blue tub.  You can see it’s eyes.”

Lydia turned and looked at Avery.  “There’s nothing there.  Everything under your bed is normal and there are definitely no eyes.  It’s probably just because you were up late and now you can’t see straight.  Just go to bed and relax.”  She got up off the floor and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Avery sat on the floor in confusion.  Maybe Lydia was right, she just needed to get some sleep.  Avery stood up, flipped off her bathroom light, and hurried over to her bed.  She quickly crawled under the covers and waited.

There was nothing.  She didn’t hear any noises coming from under her bed.  She was tired, there was nothing under her bed.  How old was she, two?  Avery rolled over and faced the wall, shutting her eyes to try to get some sleep.

Scratch Scratch Scratch

Avery’s eyes flew open.  “What was that?”  She flew out of her bed and grabbed her phone off the table.  Her fingers tapped the screen and clicked the flashlight icon.  She looked under the bed to see what she had been hearing.

A hand came out from under the bed and grabbed Avery.  She screamed as loud as she could, hoping that Lydia would hear her.  The hand dragged her under the bed and down a deep pit.  Where was this?  How had she never seen this under her bed?

She was dragged down a long tunnel.  Avery didn’t know where she was going but she felt like it wasn’t going to end well.  Her voice was going hoarse from all the screaming she was doing as she was dragged by the mysterious arm.

Her body stopped and Avery didn’t know if she wanted to look around her or not.  She rolled over to see a figure standing at her feet.  A hood covered his face and his coat was all the way to the ground.  He wielded a scythe that was the same height as he was.  Avery looked at him and screamed as the scythe swung toward her face.

“No!”  Avery covered her face with her arms and opened her eyes when nothing happened.  She was in her living room still sitting on the couch.  Her book still sat open on her lap and the lamp was still on next to her.  She looked around the room to see the wall clock.  “3:45?  I need to go to bed.”  She slowly stood up and turned off the lamp.

Her body made it to her bedroom, which was brightly lit from her bedside lamp.  She walked over to her bed and crawled under the covers.  She flipped off the light and rolled over.  This was reality, not a nightmare.



12 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Awesome, loved it, my kind of story!! Thanks Lauren for linking up at the #ShortStoryPromptLinkParty 4! Shared ♥


  2. Congrats Lauren! Your story is FEATURED at the #ShortStoryPromptLinkParty 5 ♥ Party opens on May 15 at 9pm central.


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