U is for Uncapped

Hello!  Welcome back!  I hope you are ready for the next blog post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you missed the last blog post, definitely go read that one.  Click here, or you will be very confused in reading today’s installment.

For this story, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I felt that this was a really good opportunity for me to not only express my creativity, but challenge myself to building a very long story that could be cut up into multiple parts.  And for it all to make sense!  So if you want to follow along with other blog posts in the challenge, check the hashtag #AtoZchallenge to follow along.

This story would be categorized as Dark.  Thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow for the next installment.  Enjoy!

U is for Uncapped

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Tears started to trickled down Aspen’s cheeks.  She hated thinking about what was going to happen while she sat and rotted in the cell.  But she had to try to stay calm while she was here.  She didn’t want to lose her mind while sitting in her cell.

She sat there for quite some time before dinner was served.  She was given her tray of a bologna sandwich, a slice of chocolate cake, milk, and some vegetables.  She slowly ate it, trying to savor whatever flavor there was in the meal.  The officer came by shortly after and collected her tray.

But when Aspen turned around she heard something fall on the floor.  She turned back to the door to see a sharpie sitting on the floor.  How did that get there?  Did the officer drop it?  Aspen bent down and gently picked up the sharpie.  She opened the cap, it looked like a brand new pen.

She looked around the room and saw an empty canvas.  The walls were blank except for the window that someone else had drawn and the random words.  She uncapped the pen and drew a straight line on the wall.  A chill ran down her spine, she hadn’t drawn anything in a very long time.

Aspen’s hands moved back and forth as she drew leaves and flowers on the wall.  Large leaves covered the cinder block walls, creating the illusion of being in the jungle.  Giant flowers started to bloom around the leaves.  Aspen stood up on the bed and stretched as close to the ceiling to keep her drawing going.  She drew over the window, adding extra detail to make it more realistic.

The door to her cell slid open and Aspen pinned herself against the wall.  The officer walked into her cell and his eyes widened.  “What?  What is going on in here?”

Aspen swallowed.  “Uh…I found a sharpie in here and started drawing.  I…I know I shouldn’t but I just thought it was a good creative outlet.  I…I’m sorry.”

The officer stood in awe at the art that was on the wall.  “This…this is beautiful…I know I should be mad but this…this is stunning.”  He backed out of the room.  “Don’t do anything else until I get back.”  He quickly closed her door and she couldn’t see him anymore.

She sat down on the bed and twiddled her thumbs as she waited.  It felt like an eternity before the officer came back.  But this time he came back with the warden.  They both stepped in the cell.  “See sir.  I told you, I should be mad at this but I can’t be.  It’s beautiful.”

The warden’s eyes scanned the entire room.  “I can see we have a talented artist here.  Sergeant we are going to leave her here, feel free to get her more art utensils.  Not like she’s going to be living here much longer.”

“Wait?  What?”  Aspen stood up and looked at the officer and the warden.  “What do you mean I won’t be living here much longer?  Am I getting released?”

The warden laughed.  “No sweetheart.  The governor signed a letter early this morning sending you to lethal injection at the end of the week.  So I might as well let you have some fun before you die.”

“NO!”  Aspen screamed at the men.  This wasn’t what she wanted.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  Her whole life was falling apart and there was nothing she could do about it.  The men left Aspen screaming in her room, sliding the heavy door behind them.  Aspen fell onto the bed and cried into her pillow until she was cried herself to sleep.



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