S is for Solitary

Hello!  Welcome back!  I hope you are ready for the next blog post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you missed the last blog post, definitely go read that one.  Click here, or you will be very confused in reading today’s installment.

For this story, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I felt that this was a really good opportunity for me to not only express my creativity, but challenge myself to building a very long story that could be cut up into multiple parts.  And for it all to make sense!  So if you want to follow along with other blog posts in the challenge, check the hashtag #AtoZchallenge to follow along.

This story would be categorized as Dark.  Thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow for the next installment.  Enjoy!

S is for Solitary

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The officer turned back to the door and exited the room, leaving Aspen to her own thoughts.  Aspen thought it was kind of strange that the officer was asking her all of these questions, but she wasn’t ready for what was to come.  She knew that she was heading back to jail, but she wasn’t sure what was going to happen while she was there.

She sat by herself for what felt like hours.  It was very quiet in the room: no music, no people to talk to, no anything.  She was all by herself just like the past month.

Suddenly 2 officers barged into the small room and grabbed Aspen.  She was dragged out of the interrogation room and forced into a police car.  She felt like she was an animal being forced to go to the slaughterhouse.  It was humiliating.

The drive to the their destination was long and uneventful.  All Aspen could do was look out of the window and try to watch the world through the bars of the cop car.  She tried to pretend that she was in a racecar and they were racing against the other cars on the freeway.  She was also able to listen into the officers talking about their favorite fast food places.  The driver liked McDonald’s while the passenger liked Sonic.  Aspen preferred Taco Bell.

The arrived at the prison where Aspen was once again dragged out of the police car.  The building seemed so much bigger than she remembered.  The doors to booking seemed much more daunting now that she was coming in again.  But then again, the first time she was crying so hard that she didn’t have time to notice.

She was pulled into booking and forced to change into her inmate jumpsuit.  The red color made her shiver as the bad memories started to flood into her brain.  The officers yelled at her to quickly get dressed.  She did so, hoping to not get into any more trouble before she got past booking.  When Aspen finished dressing, her hands were cuffed and she was led down a long hallway.  They passed through a couple doors before the officers stopped at a single door and opened it.

Inside was nothing.  There was a single toilet and a single metal bed set with a thin mattress.  There wasn’t a window, making the room even darker and seem smaller than it actually was.  It wasn’t pleasant.  And all that Aspen had was the small box that she was given in booking.  Inside the box was a single sheet, blanket, toilet paper, and a small pillow.  She was excited to have her own room, but she wasn’t excited for what it meant.

“Welcome to solitary.  Your new home for the next however many days you are here.  I hope you can get comfortable and enjoy your new home.”  Aspen was spun around, handcuffs removed, and she was pushed into the tiny cell.  The door slowly rolled shut, closing with a loud thud.  All that was left was just Aspen and her thoughts.



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