L is for Lost

Hello!  Welcome back!  I hope you are ready for the next blog post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you missed the last blog post, definitely go read that one.  Click here, or you will be very confused in reading today’s installment.

For this story, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I felt that this was a really good opportunity for me to not only express my creativity, but challenge myself to building a very long story that could be cut up into multiple parts.  And for it all to make sense!  So if you want to follow along with other blog posts in the challenge, check the hashtag #AtoZchallenge to follow along.

This story would be categorized as Dark.  Thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow for the next installment.  Enjoy!

L is for Lost

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Aspen woke up in the middle of the cemetery laying next to Jacob’s grave.  Her head hurt from all of her anger and crying that she had finally released.  She rubbed her forehead, trying to remember what she had said.  And she really hoped that no one had heard her.

She slowly stood up and dusted herself off.  She turned and looked at Jacob’s grave again and spat on it.  He deserved it.  She made her way to her park to try to clean up before wandering around the city again.  She rinsed off in the bathroom and brushed her hair before leaving.

But once she got outside she noticed something different.  The jungle gym wasn’t the same, there was no water fountain for the kids to play in, and no bouncy dinosaur toy.  There weren’t any hills for the kids to run around and roll down and there wasn’t a small dog park.  This park wasn’t the same park she normally stayed in.

She started to panic.  She had no idea where she was.  Did she turn a different direction out of the cemetery?  Did she actually walk so far as to enter another city?  Maybe she was going to be safer here, wherever here was.

Aspen slowly started walking around the park.  It was a lot quieter than the one she normally stayed in: no one was driving by, there were only birds chirping in the air and a slight breeze filling the air with noise.  There didn’t seem to be another single person in the world, it was only Aspen and her thoughts.  As she walked along the sidewalk path she tried to take in where she was.  But nothing seemed familiar.

Was she even in the same town, or had she managed to walk to a completely different city?  Was this really happening?  Aspen sat in the grass and looked up into the sky.  The sun was still rising but there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky leaving the sky to be absolutely picturesque.  It was perfect…maybe too perfect.

The sound of a siren pierced the quiet morning.  Aspen snapped out of her daze and looked around.  Where was it coming from?  She had to get out of there and had to get out of there fast.  But the park was so empty, there wasn’t a single bush that she could hide it, so she decided to just keep a low profile.  She stood up and started to walk toward the front of the park, hoping to pass by the police without them noticing.

She peered around the edge of her hoodie and saw the police running toward her.  “Aspen Thompson stop right there!  Get down on the ground!”

Aspen bolted.  She ran, somehow hoping that the police weren’t going to be able to follow her and she could hide.  She was running as fast as she could out of the park and made it to the street.  The sound of pounding footsteps running behind her was making Aspen push harder.  There was a crack and Aspen fell to the ground with pain in her shoulder.  Something hit her back and Aspen winced.  “The sheriff doesn’t care if you are dead or alive, so I might as well take you in dead.”

There was another crack and Aspen’s eyes flew open.  She was still in the cemetery laying next to Jacob’s grave.  Her head was pounding and she couldn’t think straight.  That dream was simultaneously the best and worst thing that could’ve happened.  But she was thankful that it wasn’t real.  She was thankful for being in a place that she knew.



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