G is for Grief

Hello!  Welcome back!  I hope you are ready for the next blog post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  If you missed the last blog post, definitely go read that one.  Click here, or you will be very confused in reading today’s installment.

For this story, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I felt that this was a really good opportunity for me to not only express my creativity, but challenge myself to building a very long story that could be cut up into multiple parts.  And for it all to make sense!  So if you want to follow along with other blog posts in the challenge, check the hashtag #AtoZchallenge to follow along.

This story would be categorized as Dark.  Thank you so much and I will see you tomorrow for the next installment.  Enjoy!

G is for Grief

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She sat there for 4 hours and made $100.  It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was something.  It could buy her a couple more pairs of clothes and some food.  But it gave her a base to start getting back on her feet.  It gave her something to give her a boost to starting her life over.

24 hours had passed and Aspen had made $250.  She went to the nearest Walmart and bought a large backpack and some extra clothes.  A nice person had also given her $20 in McDonald’s gift cards so she could at least get a couple meals.  Aspen was super appreciative of what people were giving her, even though she was technically a criminal according to the courts.

Aspen had found a small park where she was able to sleep behind some bushes.  It even had a small shower because there was a water park for kids.  She tried to discretely shower in the dark so she wouldn’t get in trouble in indecent exposure.  When she was clean and dressed she walked over to the swing set and sat down.  She felt her body start to swing in the darkness, almost like she was a kid again.

The squeak of the rusty chain against the play structure was one of the only noises that late at night.  There was a slight breeze, bringing a chill along Aspen’s body as she swayed back and forth.  A sweet smell came from a nearby house, they were obviously baking something and it smelled delicious.  It made Aspen realize how much she missed her home life.

As she sat on the swings she started to get a little teary eyed.  Her life had changed so much in the past few months.  She missed being able to talk to her friends and family on a daily basis because she knew that if she talked to them they would get in trouble.  She missed being able to live like a normal person.  It wasn’t easy.

The longer she sat there the more the grief came over her.  She felt so overwhelmed by the thoughts that plagued her mind that tears started streaming down her cheeks.  Her hands flew up to her face and she cried.  She hadn’t cried this hard since the guilty verdict in her trial.  She was filled with so much pain and regret even though she didn’t do anything wrong.

What if she didn’t buy the gun?  What if she had just broken up with Jacob?  What if she got something else to scare him, like a knife or a brick?  What if she had actually intended on killing him and was able to escape?  Aspen shook her head as the tears continued to flow down her face.  None of these were true.  She didn’t intend on killing him, she just wanted to scare him.  She still loved Jacob even if he was a terrible person.

Aspen slowly made her way to a row of bushes behind a small neighborhood.  She crawled into the dirt and laid down on a blanket she had purchased.  It definitely wasn’t comfortable, but it was a something.  And she was hidden, something that was needed now that she was on the run.  But all she needed to do was relax and hopefully get some much needed rest.



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