Good morning!  I hope you have all had a good week and ready to celebrate the weekend.  I, unfortunately, have to work the weekend so all work no play for me.  Oh well, it will work out in the end.

This story was inspired by my friend Melinda.  I asked her for a random sentence and voila!  A story has appeared.  So thanks Melinda for the inspiration!

Also, this story is the last one story before I partake in the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  This will be a long continuous story for the whole month of April, So if you want to follow along, feel free to start on the 1st and visit everyday for the month.  Except for Sundays, there will be no post then.  So enjoy this little feel good story and be prepared for a long story in April.


“I drove by a field of cows while on my way to school.  That’s how exciting my day was.  Yours?”  Mattie sighed.  She was so bored that day, nothing crazy had happened.

Oliver shrugged.  “Mine was about the same.  Nothing crazy.  Just work like normal.”  He cut his steak, took a bite, and frowned.  “I didn’t season this enough.  It’s kinda bland.”

Mattie chewed a piece of asparagus.  “Yeah…the asparagus is pretty terrible too.  How about we just get pizza instead?”

“We just had pizza 2 nights ago.  Plus…we need to get better at cooking and we don’t have much extra spending money.  So we might as well just suffer.”  Oliver swallowed some asparagus and shuddered.  “Ugh…but pizza does sound fantastic.”

The two of them somehow managed to get through their meal and Oliver went to clean up the dishes.  Mattie sat there and watched Oliver with a smile on her face.  They may have only been married for 6 months, but their whole relationship had been wonderful.

She thought about the first time that they met.  They were in a group project for a communications class and grew closer as they worked.  Oliver was the first one to make a move, asking her out to lunch.  They started dating shortly after and Mattie had never looked back.

Oliver was the sweetest man she had ever met.  He always made her feel special, almost like she was a queen.  But he was so caring and compassionate.  Mattie’s grandmother passed away shortly after they started dating and Oliver was there by her side as she mourned.  He comforted her and made sure she was okay and it was something that Mattie appreciated.

He also helped her when it came to her schooling.  Mattie remembered a time she called Oliver in complete tears and told him she wasn’t prepared for a test the next day.  He immediately left home and drove to her place to help her study.  They stayed up for hours as they studied and Mattie was so appreciative of him.  She ended up getting a B on the test which she was okay with.  But he was so supportive of her studying and getting a good grade.

So when he proposed to her a year ago, she obviously said yes.  She couldn’t imagine her life with a different person.  They planned a small wedding that was held in Oliver’s parent’s backyard.  It was beautiful.  It was perfect.

And now they were in their own house.  Oliver had saved quite a bit of money to get them into their own house.  It was small but it was perfect for the two of them.  And now they were living a perfect little life.  They didn’t spend too much money so they could still pay for their house.  But Mattie didn’t mind, she was happy.

Oliver looked over from the dishes and saw her smiling.  He smiled at her.  “What are you smiling about?  Do I look sexy while I’m washing the dishes?”

Mattie giggled.  “Oh nothing.  I’m just thinking about how happy we are.”

He walked over and kissed her.  “We are pretty happy aren’t we?”  He kissed her again.  “I love you.”

Mattie leaned into Oliver, wrapping her arms around his waist.  “I love you too.”





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