The Journey Begins

Hello!  Thanks for joining me!  I am glad you have joined me on my tiny little blog.  My name is Lauren and I love writing.  I love creating stories and little worlds for you to be a part of.  So welcome!


Where does my name come from?  I have 2 cats, Target and Amelia, who I love to death.  Target is a 3 year old Tuxedo and Amelia is a 2 year old Calico.  They are both rescues and they are my fur babies.  They also always want to be on my keyboard as I am trying to type.  You know, as cats are.

But I like typing on my laptop.  Every once in a while I enjoy writing in a journal (I may also have an addiction to journals).  And my laptop is the perfect compact size that is lightweight and easy to carry around.  And without my laptop I wouldn’t be able to post here.

I hope you enjoy my little piece of creativity.  This is all new for me and I cannot wait to see where this takes us.  Please feel free to give me comments and suggestions in the comments section below!  Thanks for stopping by!



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